Eachine E130 Principiantes Altitud Hold Helicóptero Examen de Vuelo

Michael was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's the ones this shot at. Así que felicitaciones buenos días, Quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine e130 helicopter. Ahora, what is the e130 helicopter? Well um? Those of you who've, been uh, seen my reviews recently i've been […]

Eachine E160 RTF Flybarless Brushless 6G 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test Review

Ahora, what is the e 160? Bien, the e 160 is actually i what i would consider at least i'm sure others might consider the same that this is an entry level hobby grade helicopter. Bien. This is not intended for beginners folks um, in my opinion at least it's not intended for beginners as […]

Eachine E119 Long Flying Flybarless Stabilized Helicopter Flight Test Review

Don't be fooled by its low worth. Este helicóptero estabilizado sin flybar es un volante simple y realmente maniobrable. Puede volar en interiores o exteriores. Discover it right here Execs – Helicóptero barato para lo que esto podría hacer. – Ligero, Únicamente 46 gramos. – Helicóptero Flybarless. All stabilization is finished via onboard 6G digital gyros and […]