That i promised for the um us65 pro now. I have two batteries attached in there. Let me center them here first folks, but this will give us the 2s power i already got one of them plugged in, but i need to plug the other into the bridle and that'll power it up and then we'll flip it into uh acro and see what This can do with 2s punch so hold on folks. While i get this ready, Bien, we are ready to go here. Somos, let me put it into air it's, an air acro and adjusting my hood there and warming it and away we go yeah. You definitely notice the difference in power right away. It goes right into the air real fast, por lo que, Bien, what i want to do folks is: i want to get used to it first. This is my first flight with it in 2s, bring it by us now. It'S been a while a long while since i've flown uh acro outdoors folks because of the move so you're going to have to bear with me a bit i'm going to go over here. First off and see okay, we're down to 34, already so i'm, not going to go much farther than that in terms of rssi, but going up trying to flip over let's see what type of speed we can get here pretty good. Ahora otra vez, i don't have that camera tilted up very hard, very high, so we're not going to go too fast with this.

Just try it around just monkeying around with this. It actually flies quite nice folks for a little tiny whoop and the battery power is not too bad, either we're down at seven volts right now, so that means 3.5 voltios por célula, so it's doing nicely coming in let's, come in fast again fast and lower lower Going around these pits are nice they're, Lisa, smooth gentle, actually i'm, just messing around right now. It'S, Bien, i'll be a little more serious here: Bien, 56 48 i'm. Just trying to gauge what the uh rssi is: russian side's not too bad i'm, pretty high up right now, let's see if i can see the lake erie from up here. With this nice camera let's go up a bit higher there's lake erie off of the distance and coming back down from way up there with this tiny, tiny little thing did that my way up here? What happened there? I don't know folks, so just slow it down a bit, slowed it down a bit: Bien, speeding it up now so yeah! This is nice little drone, i'm gon na ride this there impressive for a little tiny, chillido de la, 65 millimeter tiny type of ranger. Bien, Aquí vamos 35 30. i'm right out at the edge of its range. There see that rssi going down real low, Me gusta. You don't really want to do that. 6.6 volts so much 3.3 volts per cell we're, getting kind of low 3.

5 volts i'm going to start thinking about bringing it in here shortly without hitting my dog, so um that's the 2s flight i'm just going to be general right now to get to nudge out A little bit more voltage with this thing a little more flight time. Con esto, i want to see what type of flight type you can get if you nudge it right now, we're about 3.25 voltios por célula, which is getting low 3.2. We got to land it coming in and there we go that's its flight with two s: um respectable flight time. I guess around five minutes total, so that's not too bad. So let me give you my final thoughts on this i'll. Take the hat cam for my wife. Sorry no tie dye today, it's a little too cold for tie dye, así que um yeah, it's, a nice little flyer, uh indoor or outdoor uh, all around great flyer, um nice camera on it. I really like that camera by the way so um overall yeah, these bridles do greatly reduce or not eliminate the sag or the voltage drop that you would see uh with the original us65, much better flyer than the original us65. So i kind of like this one. So i hope you enjoyed this flight it's quadcopter 101 from his new test facility, Quadcopter 101 firmando hi quadcopter 101. Aquí otra vez, Hey, si quieres conseguir tu propio grito en uno de mis futuros, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, simplemente vaya a mi página de canal y haga clic en que suscribirse y también asegúrese de hacer clic en el botón de campana derecha.

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