DRONE QUICK TIP #6 – Battery charge rotationBattery Life

Do you will have multiple battery? Do you make sure you cost every battery an equal variety of instances? Si no se, this video provides you with recommendations on how to make sure every battery will get used an equal variety of instances.

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  1. Sí, I find this advice useful. You are the captain, again at the height of thoughts!

    Muchas gracias !

  2. Is it safe to store 4 big batteries in that box? I store my LiPo's in a fireproof bag.

  3. Thank's Captain, the music festival filming was flawless w/ the Typhoon H. Five hitch free flights. Video quality w/ Polar-pro filter's was great. low light filer was outstanding. Thank's again for all the tip's.

  4. Gran idea! I also record the number of charge's as well. One way to judge a lipo , how many cycles it stay's at peak or near peak level's. Thank's again for great advice.

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