DRONE PHOTOGRAPYLow Light Filming – Yuneec tifón H & DJI Phantom

My little sister Pat and I take a fast have a look at how the Yuneec Storm H and DJI Phantom carry out in low gentle. Can you utilize these drones to movie after the solar has gone down? Is the digicam efficiency acceptable when there’s subsequent to no gentle?

Drones used: Yuneec Storm H Superior with the newest September 2016 firmware updates. DJI Phantom Skilled with the newest 2016 firmware updates. Observe: Our Phantom Four was within the store for restore so we used the Phantom three Skilled which has the identical digicam because the Phantom 4. Picture high quality between the Phantom Four and Phantom three Skilled are 99% equivalent, due to this fact the outcomes of this video could be utilized to the Phantom Four as properly.

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  1. What was the resolution set at?

  2. Gran video. Thanks for the settings info (iso and shutter info) I never know what to set.

  3. love what u did with your channel. and love the video. this will help me wile flying my phantom 3 profesional. you have my subscription and would like to have your support as well. mantener el buen trabajo. looking forward to catching up on your channel.

  4. I thought we cant fly at night in the US? Unless you're in "mexico"

  5. I have to ask you, do you prefer the Phantom or the Typhoon. personally i have a Typhoon Pro with the Real Sense. I feel the Phantom is the I Phone of Drones…… and i dont like I Phones. It would really be nice to see what someone who has both thinks. Although i dont think your Typhoon has real sense. if it doesn't i really recommend getting a model, even if it is just fr piece of mind ;D

  6. Gracias capitán! Thanks Pat! Fantástico!

  7. Hola
    Gran vid. I haven't delved into drones yet but do photos and video. I haven't seen that many cases where the typhoon H video looks clear and sharp. reading the comments are you suggesting that better quality footage is obtained shooting in Manual with a flat profile to grade in post?? any thoughts be great 🙂

  8. Thanks for doing this Captain and Pat. I'll weigh in on the results. In twilight, I think the Typhoon H looked much better than the Phantom. There was much less noise in the picture and colors looked better. In the totally dark, the Phantom appeared to gather more light but the result was still pretty useless. Best not record in the dark. I am running the early September firmware update on my Typhoon and am satisfied. Are you saying that the mid-September update improves the quality of the video, particularly in Gorgeous setting?

  9. Gran video !!' Gracias por compartir!
    Also I subscribe your channel too if you can come check it out my channel too 🙂

  10. Hei from Norway! Two fantastic drone. I have Phantom 4 myself and Im happy With this machine. Before I had Yuneec Q500-4K and Its same camera whoo are on H. Battery is not good enough on Yuneec. So quick finish maby Its better on H?. Picture is not good on Phantom 4 I think Yuneec Is better. Zize then Phantom 4 is best. But Its 2 Drone agradable.

  11. I've gotten great night shots on my Typhoon H. I think the Typhoon H wins !

  12. Buen trabajo…..thank you both

  13. Wow turning the lights off .. can u turn the back on during flight. I am looking to purchase one of these drones. I am leaning towards the typhoon h pro.

  14. is the camera the same as on the typhoon q500?

  15. I only recently found your channel and have found your videos extremely helpful. I have used my Typhoon for a while now and I am sad to say that I am just now learning how to use the camera properly. Your vids have been the best I've seen so far. How did you get the lights to turn off? I can't seem to figure it out.

  16. Bought A Typhoon H a few months ago! Id pick it over the Phantom any day. How did you get the landing lights to turn off on the Typhoon H?


  18. I went with the Typhoon H because it looks so much cooler, and now that I've seen this video, the difference between the two is present, but nothing worth losing sleep over.

  19. Gracias por tus videos. I just bought a Typhoon H in mid December and was trolling the videos to learn all I could. Your tips and vids are, para mí, Lo mejor. I subscribed to your channel and looking forward to more. Gracias de nuevo. 😀

  20. After the sun sets it will get darkCaptain Obvious!!

  21. How to turn on and off the landing light?

  22. The Typhoon H video looks better to me

  23. buenas noches, tengo un typhoon h en peru podrías ayudarme a configurar la cámara para vuelos nocturnos tanto el iso y el shutter speed, como lo configuras y que recomida para vuelos nocturnos gracias

  24. Pat is freezing can we get her a blanket captain?

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