FOTOGRAFÍA DRONE – Ice Fishing on the Frozen Ottawa River – DJI Phantom

Aerial images filmed with a DJI Phantom 2 Imaginative and prescient +. Drone footage of individuals ice fishing on the Ottawa River.

Filmed round Petrie Island utilizing a DJI Phantom

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  1. Trés beau plan de prises de vues

  2. Very nice Captain was the camera on the drone a gopro ? (slight fisheye) excuse the pun will be back in your great country on the 14th of september 2016 but sadly will not make it up to Ottawa this time (stayed at bear brook farm) have to settle with Toronto then on to Orlando great videos !

  3. Oh how drones have changed since then eh? I started with the Same unit. Alas it has the black screen of death now. I guess I should restore the video transmitter. Just bought the mavic 2 zoom. Me encanta!
    Been watching your vids for some time now but decided to go back to your beginning. I take it your in the Ottawa area. Toronto area here. Mantener el buen trabajo!

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