FOTOGRAFÍA DRONE – DJI Mavic Pro & Yuneec tifón H & Canadá Geese

On a chilly November morning I took the DJI Mavic Professional and the Storm H out for a fast digital camera comparability. The Mavic Professional ended up in a flock of Canada Geese.

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  1. Tutorial on how to hand catch the Mavic?

  2. Should be advertised as "Goose Avoidance System" 🙂 Btw I noticed at 2:25 when you do the flyover with both Typhoon H and Mavic that the H video has some minor lag compared to the Mavic?

  3. did you have the H on gorgeous mode? as the mavics colours looked a little flatter?

  4. Colours on the typhoon h do look sharper than the mavicI think the firmware updates from yuneec have addressed nearly all issues and added many great features,and for the money the typhoon h is a great buy….

  5. Nice one Captain ! you have the perfect setup there with both "H" y Mavic, im hoping Santa will compliment my "H" with the Mavicthanks again for sharing 🙂

  6. I'm quite surprised that the H video is much better than the DJI, on equal settings. This is the best video comparison I have ever seen on YouTube, straight on point and EPIC

  7. Buen video. Mind you more like chicken instead of goose.
    You dropped the Mavic pretty quick as they were flying at you.😜 Would have been interesting if they flew straight at it but then avoided it.
    Either way was a pretty special shot.

  8. Hola Señor, I have a Yuneec Q500, a nice quadcopter, but my problems is props in sight, or like shadows of the props when facing the sun.
    I was thinking lately to change for a Karma or a Mavic, that don't seem to have this problem. I also would prefer a drone that could be carry easily.
    Then today i came across your channel where you made a lots of video of the Typhoon H. I'm really interested in it and think to buy it instead of the others new foldable drones from DJI and GoPro.
    The Typhoon seems to make great videos, seems very safe, and with the help of all your settings help and tips, it might be nice to start well at using it properly. What would decide me is the fact that the props won't be in sight, Directamente, or their shadows.

    Thanks Mr, and keep the good work !!!

  9. Gran video!
    What's your opinion about the camera quality of both?

  10. Gracias por el video, pls let me know if the battery of mavic become hot after flying? did you remove it right away from the machine?

  11. Please make RAW Pictures from the same object. etcetera. Fine straight lines of a steel construction.

  12. Cool 🙂 If anyone here's looking to discover music, check out my SoundCloud where I curate drone and video soundtracks: Vuelo seguro!

  13. excelente video – I wish you a nice weekend from Serbia

  14. I'm still nervous about purchasing the H I hear too many stories about flyaways did they get more secure

  15. aahhh, Canadian geese. The largest migrant population of arse holes in north America.

  16. Hei from Norway! Nice video of 2 cool drone. I sold my Dji Phantom 4 and bouth Mavic Pro like I use now. Its a great drone. Before I also own a Yuneec Typhoon With 4K camera. My question to you. Is this H wourth the Money?. Camera on Yuneec H is better than Mavic Pro?. Its doubbel IMU and Compass on all New model from DJI now and Its Perfect. I feel Its mutch safer. What about Yuneec H?. I like this Yuneec H. But Im not sure about If I be happy With It and therfore some question. Its look awsome. What is Your opinion about H?.

  17. Didnt get the point of the video title to the video shown.. stay away from wildlife in my view and the mavic has not a edge in the camera

  18. Another great video captain , thank's.

  19. Do you think mavic pro is better than typhoon H??

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