DRONE HELPYUNEEC TYPHOON H Cold Weather FlyingTemperature Change

Will the Hurricane H freeze in chilly climate or will it warmth up? Watch the video to seek out out. Please ignore mytackymoustache, it was the month ofMovemberby which males will develop a moustache to assist out a trigger.

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  1. Another brilliant video! You have an excellent camera presence!

  2. Cold, hah! Here Finland, normal flying temp in winter is -20 grados Celsius, y puede volar hasta -30 celsius 🙂


  4. Hola!
    Greetings from Estonia. Buen video!
    I hold battery near my body before flight.
    I tested my Typhoon H first time at -4 celsius and made 360 panorama, all worked ok.

  5. Fantastic my friend, can you help me with a problemhow to use the HDMI signal for live streami´m starting do some works for TV and i can use the the Typhoon because the sinal that is going going out shows drone information and that for tv is not useful. can you help and thanks for your fantastic channel

  6. Fantástico video! Getting a cold snap soon in the Chicago area and then moving towards Toronto! POR CIERTO – have you ever filmed when it's snowing? I think that would make an awesome video.

  7. Another very informative video. Thanks Cap'n

  8. Otro gran video, Capitán. The weather has turned here in New Hampshire, and I've been wondering about the effect of the low temps on my Typhoon.

    You should pick up a FLIR One camera for videos like thisthermal camera for about $200. Mine came in last week and it's an impressive piece of kit. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to use it for, but it's pretty cool anyway!

  9. Hola capitán, great test, muy útil. Receiving my H tomorrow, after flying the Q500 for 5 months i felt like upgrading. I hope it was a good choice to make. Had any issues with it? Good to know about the low temperature effects on it, though it thankfully it wont be of use to me, lowest we ever get is 0 C….jajaja……nice job though, sigue asi…Gracias


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  11. No warm up before flight pretty bad

  12. Why does the video quality change from video to video…..one time its cristal clear, and another time its pixeld an just not nice to watch! WHY????

  13. CAPTAIN DRONE can extreme cold damage the battery ?

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