We got yada, yada, yo what’s, going on and guys as you can see, we are in the absolute tim buck guys. Do you think i can get up this hill right here? Don’T get stuck dude; No, it doesn’t even look like we’re in the us or we’re in freaking egypt. I think so. I don’t know dude, but it’s crazy, hell, Hay, no way guys there’s no way, estamos. Definitely in freaking egypt right now, yo yo yo. Qué estás haciendo, tío, what the hell guys look at somebody’s, literally just driving in circles right now, like a goofball, we can lead them, look at them yo. What guys are you seeing this right now, like you know what i’m saying like it’s your boy, dk don’t lie, but oh anyways yo, what the hell, what yana she’s screaming she needs help. Qué estás haciendo, tío? What the hell are you doing holy strawberry squad that was freaking absolutely insane guys. This is freaking crazy Applause. Oh he’s lost. I know what the hell, what are you doing? Yo you good, charming, i’m doing sand angels, whoa angels, Dang. Eso se ve bastante bien. tío, probably squad what the hell is going on. You guys welcome back to another video yo i’m, so full of energy, i’m gon na crash really hard later. What ceremony squad, as we were saying guys we are at the center guys. I literally feel like i’m in egypt right now. As i was saying, i mean yo there’s, just there’s no way that we’re in america guys look at this we’re in the land of sand.

Guys look at this. If you look to your left you’re going to see some, if you look to your right you’re going to see some more sand, there’s freaking sand everywhere, you want some sand. You want some sand. You want some sand. Oh yo! Estoy. Sorry do you forgive me. Do you forgive me? No, no we’re gon na have to talk about this later apologize, but anyways strawberry, squash, guys we’re, not just here for no freaking reason all right. We are here with the truck, because guys we have the drone with us and what better than to use the drone, take it up and above the sander and try to see if we can uncover anything insane with this much sand everywhere. I feel like it would make the perfect terrain for clowns to be hiding it. Nobody has actually been brave enough to travel more than about a mile into the sand dunes, guys literally because well there’s a few reasons, one if you’re not bringing the entire pacific ocean with you worth of water, you’re gon na die of thirst. Chicos, como tú, won’t, be able to make it two at night time, there’s literally no light you can get really disorientated, literalmente, nothing like just all dark, nada, tío, just sand and three apparently there’s some crazy people that lurk out in these sand dunes that try to Take advantage of people who are daring enough to venture out into the wilderness, it’s freaking, crazy it’s, also on the border of mexico and the us, and a lot of people from mexico, actually try to sneak over the border and use the sand dunes as cover to Get to the united states, guys strawberry squad yo.

This is for you, Aunque, just for fun because, like yo, es, es, sand and stuff, so like i won’t get hurt. If i fail, you know what are you gon na do dude? This is for the strawberries. What the heck is for the strawberry squad and only okay, i’m gon na be good. Let me guess: you’re gon na do a backflip, yeah yeah yeah yeah, ready ready. That was insane anyways guys on with the video but i’m just kidding. I was actually sick. Hey you do one now you do. I will get hurt. Oh bien, esperar. I’M gon na do one i’m gon na. Do one ready: Bien, Estoy, ready two one, Muy bien, Sí! I think that’s uh, i think that’s the end of the video. I think we should just head on out of here: Bien, but yo strawberry squad go let’s, get back to the truck right now and get this drone up in the air. Because look, the sun is going down right now and we don’t want to be here at night yeah. We don’t want to be here at night, so let’s go strawberry, squash, vamos a, Vamos, go okay squad and we are taking off the drone right now holy holy crap, Bien, i’m gon na turn it around. So you guys can see us yo there. We are and the freaking truck guys. This is absolutely insane right. Ahora. Look at this okay yo. Should i take it up the sand dunes yeah yeah go go okay, i’m going right now holy crap! Bien! Here it goes guys.

Oh, Dios mío, we’re going up we’re going up; Bien, let’s get in the truck okay, Bien, Bien! Ustedes chicos, and we officially have the drone launched up in the air holy crap. Look at this place. It’S like on mars yeah. It literally looks like we’re on another planet dude. This looks sick, dude holy crap. You think there’s actually clowns. Aquí, though dude i have no idea whatever lives here, they can’t be good dude. No one normal would want to live in the middle of sand dunes like this yeah. Qué, if there’s clowns in it or what, if they even got stranded like like the clowns, got to them and and that’s? Why the vehicle’s? Just there like no one’s in it or something don’t know, is there anyone in here? Bien, someone is driving. Oh, there is someone there is someone that’s, un ser humano, Aunque, do you think they’re, Bien, i don’t know why they just stopped in the middle of that i don’t know maybe like they came across something yo that’s smart, Aunque, to use dune buggies like that to get Across the sand dunes that’s one way to do it safely way safer, but an even safer way to do it guys is like how we have with the freaking drone. We don’t have to do anything, nothing we don’t even have to be there physically. We can just fly and look at the footage like this. Dios mío, what do you think is quicker, the dune buggy or the drone, i would say the drone, probably probably yeah, probably yeah yeah.

I think the drone is way faster, chicos, look how fast we’re moving in it. Oh, Dios mío, beautiful yeah it’s, actually looks like it’s kind of glitching yeah. It is glitching, maybe there’s like signal interference or maybe it’s like because yo this. This location is not that far from like area 51 and like these alien areas, yeah whoa, Dios mío – that would be freaking crazy. I really want to see one to be honest. Estoy, not scared of aliens. I really want to see one yeah. That would be absolutely insane guys if you saw an alien kyle. What would you do dude? I have no idea what i would do, but i would definitely post the footage. I know that 100 – Oh, my god yo. This looks so fluffy. It looks like i just want to like eat the sandwich. I know i just want to roll it around in it. It looks like ice cream or like yogurt or something yeah. It looks really good it’s, like so soft yeah it’s. Por lo tanto, like perfectly placed you know, it almost looks like it’s like from like star wars: yeah dude, Sí, like a star wars, looking land, you know how i always say. If we crash the drone there’s no way we’re going to get it there’s no way. We are going to find the drone if you crash it in the middle of all this. I am not walking through the sand.

I can’t lie to you. It is not good. That would not be good guys. Somebody squad just think that the drone is way up over the top of these things right, shot, tío, Sí, Es decir, massive that’s. What i’m saying i’m getting good yo the mexican border is like just a little bit further down. Ver. You can actually see it there. You see that wall there i shouldn’t get closer right. You see that wall right there. No no definitely don’t fly over oh okay, but try to see if there’s anybody like crossing or using the sand dunes that’s covered they might. They might think that our drone is like border security like it’s a border security drone. You know what i’m saying yeah i don’t know maybe and then yeah do you have a feeling the drone would just get shot out of the sky. Yeah yeah well, es, buena! That we keep it high, because if there is anyone crossing yeah dude, they could just bury themselves in the sand, and then we couldn’t see them if we’re so high up. They were not going to hear the drone and we can see them crossing that’s. True that’s. True what’s this little like flat area in between the sand dunes, weird it’s, so random, Sí, like all sand around it it’s almost like something like landed there yeah, i don’t know it looks kind of big, though i think if that was the case, we’d see, Like something like indicating like a spaceship landed, you know like a ufo yeah.

This is actually insane crazy. Yo. What do you think is the craziest thing we could possibly see right now, tío, an alien like somebody trying to cross from mexico or an alien or like a clown, or i don’t know i think, like a clown here would be a little. I don’t know it wouldn’t make sense. Realmente. I don’t think this is clown territory. Para ser honesto, i only came here summer squad because i thought that maybe sand dunes would be a good spot for them to use as cover you know, because there’s, no one in the sand, sí, eso es, true like they have no threat of coming in into contact With humans, i’m thinking some sort of new creature, or something that we haven’t seen yet i don’t know yeah. That would be insane guys. I’Ve seen a lot of stuff dude that dune buggy is still there too. I would not want to get lost in this like every angle of sand, that you look like every direction, looks the exact same guys. You would have nowhere to go. Yeah you’d, be so disorientated, bien, johnny, you’re getting really close there. If you hit any of these sand dunes, like we’re we’re, not gon na know, which one you hit, they all look the exact same. They look the same. Dios mío, yeah you can see. You can see all the track marks, Aunque, from people who have gone, who have been daring enough to go inside of it.

Yeah look even over here, Venga, sí. I wonder why there’s not that many people here. I wonder if i took the truck up there if it would like be able to go through. I doubt it probably not right think about that. Yo there’s, not a lot of people here, but there’s a lot of track. So you know what that means right. They went in, but they didn’t come back yeah like did you get what i’m saying yeah dude that looks crazy. That would be freaking, Loco, Yo. That just got me thinking, yeah don’t. Imagine do you think we could try to like bring like the truck up there or even the atvs and get the drone on us. So we can see if there’s anything coming. You know like we can get like an escort by the drone yeah like a uav. I don’t know what i’d be yeah we’re, definitely going to be we’re, definitely able to go way faster than the dune buggies. Ver, how fast you’re going right now on the ground? Qué, If, under the sand dunes, the whole city, dude that’d, be cool like there’s like a whole underground jab of the hunt in star drop a like and subscribe? If you guys are enjoying this video and comment down below, if you guys end up seeing anything but yo yana well, we burned through battery. Oh, i know we’re at like ten percent yo bring it back and let’s recharge, recharge; Bien, Bien, Bien, Bien, Bien, Bien, Bien, Bien, Bien, okay squad and we are bringing the drone in right now for a battery swap, so we can actually take it back up there And see if we can get a better shot there, it goes there, it is landed on the back.

Can i do this? Am i a good pilot, my good pilot? Bien, puedes hacerlo, go all right in three two one. Damas y caballeros, we have landing all right. Bien, vamos a, do this battery strip and get it back up in the air. Let’S go let’s, go yo, es, really starting to get dark now, Yo. Look how crazy! Oh look at the beast! Yeah there’s dunamis! Are they atvs? Are they doom buggies dude? I don’t know i think they’re atv’s yo they’re moving really fast yo. How do those things move in the sand so easily? Oh, look they’re! Dios mío! Imagine those clowns on atvs that would be nuts haven’t. You seen that before yeah literally i’ve seen it in canada, but i wouldn’t be surprised to see it here either with all the things we’ve been seeing. Yo the sun is really going down like look it that actually looks beautiful yeah. It looks sick i’m, actually peaceful yeah. Imagine you just saw clowns like up on the hill, just like in some beach chairs, pina coladas, enjoying the sunshine yeah enjoying their time. We’Ve got clowns flying in our parachutes right now, como oh, Dios mío, okay jana, maybe just go, bring it down lower and try to see like anything. If you can see anything weird low to the sand dunes, it looks really deserted. I mean i don’t know if there’s anything, i could even see yo yeah go past.

Her wait, esperar, esperar! Whoa, whoa back up back up back up okay, Estoy, going what the hell was that what is that wait? What is that yo get low? ¿Es eso, like litter, what i don’t know i don’t know just looks like a like a pop cake. Like a popcorn, i don’t know wait wait. What do you know? Yeah get lord of it. I am so that looks like a lightsaber dude yeah. It looks like a silver that literally looks like a light. It does it’s like star wars, yeah doesn’t, understand because you’re like star wars, fans, you know what’s that lightsaber it’s a lightsaber, Oh, ese 100 looks like a lightsaber yeah that is that’s all you’re. Talking about. Go up and try to see if there’s, like anyone near that dropped it. Somebody must have dropped it 100, that literally or like a flashlight, it might be a flashlight yeah. It could be honest. Yeah like it looks like a flashlight, yeah there’s fresh footprints, esperar, esperar! Hay, a person there’s a person, yes yeah, Sí, getting closer. What the hell yo that, what the hell you dude it looks like they’re wearing like a jedi caution. No es posible. Oh, Dios mío. It looks like a girl, dude that’s. Definitely a girl. 100. Oh, Dios mío, you can tell what what if it was rey from star wars, she’s kind of bad. I mean i mean what yeah do you think that’s a real lightsaber, or is it just like a toy and she’s like yo? Maybe this is somebody who just came to the sand dunes to pretend like they’re they’re, a jedi but, como usted sabe, they’re just they’re, just pretending they may be cosplaying yeah, i don’t know yo, Ver, Ver, look she’s, picking it up, picking it up! Bien.

What are you gon na do with it, Aunque? What the hell do, you think she’s gon na start, like training with it. I don’t know right now. If you saw the like the saber come out. Oh did that be crazy, Dios mío! No but it’s not coming out like it’s, just there yeah, Creo, maybe it’s just a fake one. Maybe this is just a crazy person who thinks they’re in star wars yeah i don’t know, but dude that looks she looks pretty serious dude. We would know a hundred percent if it was real if we saw the saber came out, yeah it’s not coming out like it looks. This looks like a costume yeah, what the heck yeah but then again like look at the area. We’Re in this looks like it’s like a star wars: type planet, yeah it’s like a different planet, Sí, esperar, Yo, Yo, Hay. Another person who you see in the distance is that another jedi i don’t know maybe, but why would there be two jedi? Qué, if it’s a sith? No, Qué, if it’s a sit like a dark side, guys yeah get closer, esperar! No, no kyle! No! No! No! I can’t tell yet, though oh look, dude darth vader is it actually that is him. This is literally darth. Vader. Look at him bro, Dios mío, tío! This is true. I never! I never thought i would see this ever. What are the chances of this right now? They’Re gon na like fight or something yeah, son, probably gon na have a lightsaber duel.

Oh, Dios mío, just as the sun is going down like it seems like a perfect time for the sith to come out. Dios mío, look at darth vader, crazy dude. Do you think he knows the jedi? Is there probably he probably sees it dude yeah. He probably used this looks actually like the movie. He probably used the force to like sense out where she was like location. Does this not look like the actual movie of star wars? Look she’s still training there. Dios mío, i don’t think she’s noticed darth vader. Todavía, Dios mío, look at him what the hell! I also don’t want him. He looks exactly like from the movie. Oh, Dios mío, yo like darth vader doesn’t seem to be like scared at all. Look he’s, just standing there he’s just standing there. Do you think he’s gon na? Maybe she noticed him? I think you know i don’t know he’s looking in her direction, what the hell, oh he’s, walking, he’s walking, wait he’s starting to walk down because darth vader has the force and he might drag the drone in. You know like what, if he tries to pull the drone yeah got ta, be careful of that 100 be careful insane. Oh, my god look they’re walking towards each other i’m, bastante seguro. Sí, Sí, Sí, Sí, she’s making her way down! Dios mío! They are about to fight yo. This went from us trying to find like clowns or someone else crazy to literally being in the star wars movie yeah insane she’s, actually crazy guys.

I never thought i would witness darth vader on the freaking drone yo. Qué estás haciendo, Dios mío, they’re about to have a jedi battle, a lightsaber duel dude. This is actually insane darth vader versus the jedi. You know it’s a sith when it’s a red saber yeah 100 100 por ciento – Dios mío, they’re fighting right now. Ver, what are they literally? We wait what the hell, Oh, Dios mío, yo yo. This is actually crazy. Raider looks skilled like he knows what he’s yeah like he knows. Maybe the jedi like she was training because she was trying to prepare to fight darth vader, but i don’t know it. Doesn’T seem like she’s as skilled as darth vader. Bien, i don’t think anyone is yeah literally like you. Don’T want to be facing darth vader one on one like this. Like i’m surprised, she doesn’t have more jedi friends, Dios mío. Look we’re actually going faster, now yeah it’s getting intense! Oh, Dios mío! Esto es una locura. I can’t believe this is actually happening. Just a little bit far from us, i know this is actually crazy and it’s getting really dark too yeah it’s getting really dark. Dios mío. Oh, my god that looks insane look, es, just all darkness and then two lightsabers fighting fighting who’s going to win like actually like darth vader, because he has the force too. You don’t look at something intense yeah. This is getting freaking crazy.

It looks like they’re angry now, like darth vader’s, definitely harnessing his angry feelings. Yeah putting up a fight like i thought, he’d win way faster. Yeah like this has been going on for a while. Don’T underestimate darth vader, though he knows what he’s doing he’s, probably just trying to give her a chance and make her think that she’s gon na win yeah yeah or he they could be talking to each other right now and maybe darth vader’s, trying to convince her To join the dark side, oh yeah yeah wait. She looks like she’s like kind of getting like weird yeah yeah, really see that yeah she looks like she’s starting to. I would not want to be face to face with darth vader right now, No es posible, especially alone, Me gusta – Dios mío, Dios mío, strawberry squad. This is absolutely insane we’re, witnessing probably the craziest thing we’ve ever seen on youtube. Nobody else has ever caught a sith or a jedi battling like this wait. They’Re still going at it, yeah she’s, going back, but she’s nuts yeah they’re freaking skilled. You can tell they really know what they’re doing with the lightsabers hundred percent. Who do you think’s been coming at him? Who do you think’s been in training longer darth vader or the jedi bro? Oh, Dios mío, crazy guys. Mira eso! Sunset too! Oh, Dios mío, Ver! Ver! This battle is going on for a long time and it’s really starting to get dark.

Ahora. I don’t even know how they’re seeing out here, i think it’s the lightsaber so bright, yeah they’re providing light. Ver. You can see the glow from it too yo, which lightsaber would rather have the red one or the green one red. Dios mío, Yo. Oh, he just took her out yo. I think darth vader won darth vader just won. No. He just took out the freaking joke yo. I feel bad for her. No, i feel terrible, pero de nuevo, como tú, can’t be going face to face with darth vader like that look, he’s walking away. He turned himself, Dios mío, Es decir, absolutely insane. How do we should we get the drone out of there, because what, if he uses the force on us, yo jana go up to darth vader right now, try to like go up to him and just see if you can get a better glimpse. You’Ll try to see if he can. Like look. Dios mío, i feel terrible. Dude look he’s right there, he’s right there look at him he’s walking away what the hell. I see him wait. Yo yo! He just noticed the drone. Oh, Dios mío, yo he’s, using the forest choke on the drone. No, No, no get the droid you’ll get the drone out of there. No oh, no yo, darth vader just forced over the drone. He just used the force on us guys. This happened. I don’t get it. I was trying to get away yo.

The dark side is insanely, powerful yo. Where do you think darth vader lives like maybe we could? We could go to his headquarters on foot i’m, not going to his headquarters on foot. Are you crazy? I’M down let’s: do it yeah like what if we could join the dark side and he could teach us the ways of the force and then we could freaking do what he does. He should destroy this jedi in like what two minutes yeah but that’s. Por qué? If you can’t beat it join it literally, yeah literally yeah, you know what he says: you don’t know the power of the dark side. I still don’t want to risk it. Estoy. Lo siento, you guys want to go, go i’m, not going again yo. Where do you think he could be dude? I have no idea but we’re going to figure it out strawberry squad. Mientras tanto, until the next video drop a like on this one subscribe, let me know if you guys want to see us try to actually find where darth vader lives, maybe he’s coming from another planet. Maybe his ship is somewhere nearby. I don’t know we’re gon na get to the bottom of it, though i’ll have an update for you guys in the next video, hopefully in the meantime, make sure you guys subscribe to yanna’s channel as well as down below in the description somebody squad. We are getting the hell out of here. I don’t want to be near darth vader like this, but he seems this angry from the squad.

I will catch you in the next one for another banger and, como siempre, paz, Música, strawberry squad. Our prime capital team merch is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible. También, if you guys want to get a shout out, all you have to do is like this video and subscribe to the strongbody channel, along with everyone on the prime capital team. All you have to do is head over to my main channel page. It looks like this on the side you’re going to see prime capital subscribe to everyone underneath that and type done in the comments for a shout out in the next video shout out to this person right here for subscribing to me and the entire team.