DJI Mavic Mini – Este es el mini drone que quiero !!!

On this episode I’ve compiled all of the DJI leaks concerning the brand new Mavic Mini.
You should buy the Mavic Mini on the DJI Retailer (value contains transport, taxes and responsibility): https://click = modificado para requisitos particulares

Abajo está el gear que uso para crear mis videos:
Motion Digital camera Hat (ESTADOS UNIDOS):
Motion Digital camera Hat (Canadá):

ACCIÓN DE OSMO DJI: https://Haga clic en = hipervínculo&como-0018&CH = OSMO % 20ACTION
GOPRO HERO 8 (Canadá):
GOPRO HERO 7 (Canadá):
OSMO MÓVIL POCKET: https://Haga clic en = 0014&CH = OSMO % 20POCKET&PM = modificado para requisitos particulares

Canon EOS R:
Canon M6 MkII:
Canon 80D:
Videocámara Panasonic 4K:



Almohadilla de toma de contacto esférica:
Sq. Touchdown cojín pequeño (ESTADOS UNIDOS):
Sq. Touchdown cojín grande:

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48 Comentarios
  1. It is prudent that your name forever be changed. Because of your look in those glasses and your lecture style, you are no more Captain Drone. I dub thee, Professor Drone. Rise, Professor Drone. 😉

  2. On any low cost drone, to keep it low cost, I would not have to have obstacle avoidance. Just fly aware of surroundings above obstacles.

  3. My friend allready have this mavic mini in the group club drone

  4. You can keep it captain, what good is a drone that can only fly 1/1.5 km, which we can already buy a lot cheaper than dji

  5. Crashed my air last week so very interested. This sound like a down grad from air but il wait and see. Nicely presented video

  6. Yay I was the 1000 como! I think my spark is getting jealous!!! Probably going to wait for mini Daddy mavic 3🤗 which I think is not too far off in the distance. I know DJI let's competitors show their hand and then smashes it with a better drone. Thank you for all your great videos.👍

  7. think the should have bolstered their q4 sales with a something more meaningful like a mavic air pro

  8. Click bait spotted! 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  9. Did you say that this Drone has obstacle avoidance Sensors-on it

  10. Hi Cpt, Will you review Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE?? Gracias 🙂

  11. Front sensors are missing on this drone, zoom into the new images and you’ll the forward facing holes are vents.

  12. What software app will it use DJI GO 4 or it's own app? Will this drone have Geo Fencing being under 250g? If it uses the GO 4 app it probably will not sure if it has an app like Tello.

  13. I live in Canada and we have the idiotic rules here about flying a done over 250. If you look at the test for a drone licence in Canada.
    you would laugh. It is a test for leaving planet earth and going to mars. DJI will sell many of the Mini drones in Canada.
    I just hope the GOOFS don't change the rules. DJI YOU DID IT!!!! GOOD FOR YOU.

  14. Mavic 1 mavic air mavic 2 Pro, Mavic mini. So mavic air 2, mavic pro3 mavic mini 2 wwgd god bless!

  15. This new addition, the DJI Mavic Mini is nothing to write home about. Those who purchase are going to be either newbies and those who want it just for bragging rights. Sí, it's small. Dicho esto, don't expect to hover in place when there's a wind. Como usted ha dicho, for "B" roll, that's a great idea. Pero, this drone is really a step back. As others have mentioned, a step up, is going to be the Mavic 3….or at least a wait'n see what the specs will be before someone actually wants to buy a newer drone. In my case, my priorities are: Estabilidad, camera performance, ultra smooth pan and tilt. Most videos out there give a headache as the video shot quickly moves left or right and up or down. Adjusting the gimbal speed down to give smooth movements are best on the eyes. The newest transmission (Ocusync 3.0) will also improve performance. Video/still images are paramount for real drone users.

  16. Someone needs to come up with a 4G hack for this multi. That would be an incredible tool. Agree on the B roll footage aspect. I could find a bunch of uses for this platform just filming me flying my other FPV rigs. Muy cool. With the controller total price is ~$550?

  17. I just want to know what is to much wind speed is.🤔

  18. What is 3 axis gimbal frome for USD 200 you've mentioned please?

  19. This size and fold-able, perfect pocket drone, but not only that. Double up as an really smooth hand held camera due to the gimbal. I do use my Mavic pro that way somethimes, but this size yeah. Will get this for sure.

  20. i waiting full review for this drone mavic mini to buy it

  21. I heard it will not have any obstacle avoidance

  22. I don't think any gyros are mechanical anymore, they're electronic, no moving parts. Mechanical would be with moving parts.

  23. Someone leaked the specsheet already, 18tiempo de vuelo de min

  24. Which flys faster, the mini or the original mavic.

  25. hi again. here are few more details you should know about the Mavic Mini. the drones are already in Canada's warehouses . and won't be delivery to the stores after the October 30. and i may get one by that time. but they told me I can not activate the drone until October 11. that is the date officially selling or delivery to people order online. and is around 460$ Canadian with remote controller. the fly more combo wont be ready for another months at the earliest. cheer

  26. sorry again. activation is November 11

  27. Por lo tanto, what does it have over the Mavic Air?

  28. I just clued inyou live in my home town!

  29. a close up has revealed the drone does not have front censors .. there air vents so the only sensors are underneath.

  30. I think the camera will be upgraded to 4k. This drone is gonna be hard to beat and make the Spark and Air obsolete.

  31. Thank goodness that it’s only a WiFi drone. I was worried the skies were about to be flooded, seeming how everybody else’s review claimed it has occusync. Which I most definitely would’ve purchased the Mavic mini then😁 but WiFi, I’ll pass!

  32. live close to a airport so this drone is a must. the real beauty of this drone , is freedom. I dont believe this is a replacement for the Spark. i think the Spark 2 will come out in April. i hope with 4k and zoom. i saw some pictures of the spark 2 with led lights running down the side and it look awesome!

  33. I just need 1080p 30/60 in a drone..if this is priced right i might get instead of fimi a3/jjrc X9P for $200,developing countries wont upload 4k footage anyway.. it's too much for the size alone, hopefully there's a h265 compression aswell

  34. So sad, USA haven't this good product and company.

  35. Hola capitán, great channel you have!!! Im planning to buy spark for my first drone last week, since its two years product i did little research and found that will be new model (Mini) come out. Well i guess i will wait for this. I hope the mini have hand take off and gesture control. I will be using the drone mostly for family photo/video so it should be easy to operate and compact. Thanks for your info 👍👍👍

  36. There are no front sensors. Those "Sensor Ports" are for show. And good luck on sport mode if it's using 18650 baterías.
    I am surprised you are happy about a drone under 250g I figured of all people, you would understand how detrimental in Canada this will be for responsible drone owners.
    A bunch of stupid, irresponsible people are going to buy this and piss off Transport Canada and those that already have a bad taste in their mouth regarding drones.

  37. Was this drone announced to take attention away from the new H3? MMM.

  38. DJI mini dron schit no range. Is schit conlon pierdoli. Gówno. Dla dzieci to bedzie.

  39. Im excited because im gonna buy this drone on the end of the year. I have the tello and i record beautiful films of it

  40. oh man , i want this so bad
    …MMM … guess the spark should go down in price though

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