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  1. Gran video! Thanks for doing this for us. As a suggestion, I did a very in-depth analysts of the image quality between the Mavic Pro and the Air. I found that it's NOT so much the h.264 bitrate but more the Ambarella A9 processor's noise reduction that is causing it's video problems. The comparison is pretty shocking: https://youtu.be/5WDc9PKCDm0

  2. I come again for the head movement

  3. You forgot to mention lack of digital info screen on air’s controller, smaller flight time, and WiFi drone connection which drastically reduces flight distance vs mavic pro.

  4. For all of you that are considering the Mavic Pro, don't buy it. Mavic Pro II is coming in May with 4 side sensors. 35min flight time and the price will be about the same price like the first one.
    Source: disclosed

  5. Air 5.8g WiFi is the strongest in fpv

  6. Nice video Captain Drone!! 😁

  7. I Bought the mavic pro and it's better

  8. Also in my opinion the fact that the remote is charging via micro USB and the Mavic Air has USB C build on it is so annoying. But that is just me

  9. I bought a Mavic Air drone with fly more combo on 10th August, después de la 3 days it suffered a minor crash after the MA lost control with the controller. It showed IMU calibration failed, accelerators failed. Sent to the local distributor…..until now, I heard the drone still in China for repair or what. Then on 30th August, I bought another Mavic Air from an online seller….the package looked genuine, but less than 2 días….without any crash, it could not flythe monitor showed "ESC errors. Restart drone. If the problem persists contact DJI support"so I returned it to the seller. My bad experiences with DJI Mavic Air so far

  10. Instead of buying new drones change your IMAC its too old

  11. Excelente review. I am new to drones and am torn between the Spark and the Mavick Air. I travel a lot and would love to document them. Price is not my biggest concern. Should I buy the Mavick Air.

  12. MY Mavic Air is NOT plasticky? Mine feels great! I'm an engineer and I'm contented! I know what plastic means, and it aint the Air!

  13. How many edits are there in this video?

  14. Me encanta mi aire Mavic !! I catch myself flying my spark over my air. Charging system is frustrating having to take batteries out to charge. Great video I learned couple new things about my Mavic

  15. If you had the option to get either one, que elegirías? I leaning more toward the pro platinum than the air. El mavic 2 is out of my budget.

  16. Capitán abejón … Saludos. I'm a huge fan and watch just about all your videosGiven it's about the 1 year anniversary of the Mavic Air, I wanted to share something with you and get your opinion.

    Have you ever tried dragging your shutter and flying more slowly in low light with the Mavic Air? I tried that with my mavic air and got impressive results (ISO 400-800, 24 FPS, 1/15s Shutterthis can be done with the custom button and the gimbal pitch wheel simultaneously) … mind you, I also had to fly closer to the objects emitting light and also had to do some de-noising using Photon Pro. What I got seemed good enough for some purposes and I'd say that unless someone needs the 4 mile range and or needs a lot of low light footage then there are ways around "needing" to purchase a Mavic 2 Pro.

    As you are very well aware, there are various degrees of "Low Light" situaciones. To support full disclosure, I filmed at about 25-30 minutes after sunset. At the time I filmed (Mid January in the South Eastern US) I'd say that makes it the point in time when golden hour is leading into to blue hour. Feel free to see the processed video I posted in 4K via the link below.

    I believe the Mavic 2 Pro at twice the cost is a justifiable spend for someone who is making money off their drone or who just has the money and wants the tech. For others however, I believe a video like mine would be more than acceptable for social media, personal archives and even for some professional applications.

    Should you or anyone else who comes to your page take a look, please comment and let me know whether or not you agree or disagree.

    Saludos! And Fly Safe!


  17. they way the arms fold in why would you want the props to fold? Then do you want the whole drone to fold?

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