DAL DL220 carbono mini quadcopter revisión (parte 1)

The DL220 is an fascinating dimension of miniquad, providing the flexibility to make use of 5-inch props and far bigger batteries than its little brother, the DL180. On this video I look

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  1. DL220 frame was awesome 2 years earlier. Yo lo tengo – frame have outstanding resilience to crashes. During learning crashed countless times against trees and concrete but wasn't able to break the frame. Plenty of space inside. Although have two issues: Little options for camera mount, because loop mount and naked board cameras with holes at corners are in fact obsoleted and not available more than 1.5 años. And frame itself is very heavy. Didn't used it more than year. Then recently decided to refurbish my old DL220 frame with newer components. Now it have F4 FC and different motors. Still 378g w/o battery. However with DALPROP T5045C props on Betaflight 3.4.0 preview and UAV Tech Betaflight default setings for 3.4.x 8K it now flies a way better than old build. I'll try to skin the build down below 350g later.

  2. Nice videos BruceBut there will be a part 2?

  3. Where is the part 2 of this series?

  4. Hey Brucehave you had a chance to flight test this frame yet or have you abandoned it?

  5. Hi Bruce, sorry bothering you with this, if you have the frame and the caliper, could I ask you for the exact distance between the side panels? Gracias de antemano. saludos.

  6. Bruce the reason they mount the fpv cam mount to the HD cam mount is because CMOS cameras and vibration = a lot of jello on a miniquad.
    You will find that you need to add & remove weight all the time when a prop is unbalanced or not tracking true and you don't have a HD cam on board. It really is a pain in the ass witch is why I went back to CCD cameras.

  7. hi bruce, the hole in the center of arm is a backup for install landing feet (standoffs), we concerned if some people do not like using the motor protector to landing then they can install a the standoffs to be a landing feet. and we are going to release a new amazing frame kits, it is a X frame, we 'd also like you to make a summary of it.

  8. Be careful running the wires from the escs through the hole on the wall. Make sure you leave some slack or the carbon fiber edge will cut your wire.

  9. The "unusual" size of the "carbon" comes from the fact that it is not a real carbon fiber. Rather it is "composite" which is made by gluing together much thinner layers together. You can easily see these layers on this video @ 2:052:10. I am not an expert of composite materials, but I am pretty much sure this is not the way how a real carbon fiber is produced. I know that it all comes down to a price. But lets be fair and not call this material a "carbon".

  10. I think that hole in the arm is for mounting a landing leg. Dumb design, but I think that was the intent.

  11. What if you put the board behind the camera?

  12. depending on carbon fiber you have whats called a min unit ply thickness for a cured ply and depending on quality and class this can vary but usually max about 8_10% of nominal ply thickness. so someone may get 3.3mm. so most thickness should be slightly , over 3mm as msnufacturer attempts to incorporate this variation. variation due to resin content, cure process, bagging, plate size etc

  13. Hola, Bruce. I have a question for you and was wondering if I can email you or message you on Facebook or something?

  14. Do you have to get tail number on them down under like we do in the USA? We do thanks to "drone" flyers getting in the way of full sized aircraft

  15. the stronger frame on the market are the spaceonefpv quads….nothing better

  16. Hi Bruce love the videos, you mentioned that you will be testing the Epicrc 2204 2800kv and 3200kv motors. I have the 2800kv version on a Boxer180 and at the moment its my favorite and fastest quad. Can you run thrust tests with dal 4045 x3 tri-blades and see if these motors can handle 5in props on 4s

  17. The camera angle is fine in my opinion

  18. What do u think of this frame? I have designed it to be very strong and the arms are 4mm thick with a really tough design.

  19. Where is the Calander in the back ground. I want to see the first video of it? Come on it is almost two digit date and we have not seen Slovenia Man pictures:-)

  20. im just building a 210 that takes 5 inch props its looking sweet ,happy new year from canada

  21. Hi Bruce , do you think that manufacturers will be concentrating on making components lighter now the FAA have started this registration bull shit , so FPV quads can keep under the 9oz weight limit ? I live in the UK an so you can guarantee if USA does it UK will to , just interested to now what you think ? Happy new year mate .

  22. Review the 122-130mm size frames.
    Obtener 11 minutes hovering my 130, and easy 7 minutes hard flying. 🙂

  23. No better way to cure a new years eve hangover than to watch some RC model reviews.

  24. The holes are there for landing pegs?

  25. I fitted the naked PZ0420M (28x28mm) with the ring type mount in this frame. No problem at all. I also didn't notice any sort of yaw issues so far. I like this one very much (except the weak arms).

  26. Hey Bruce, what do you set your voltage alarms at when flying these little minis? Feliz año nuevo

  27. Re mounting a board camera. Wouldn't there be a serious issue of shorting out a board camera ( one with components on the top side ) if you attempted to mount it flush with the CF mounting plate?

  28. Re mounting a board camera. Wouldn't there be a serious issue of shorting out a board camera ( one with components on the top side ) if you attempted to mount it flush with the CF mounting plate?

  29. Please review 120 or ultra micro brush-less fpv quads like the LKTR120.

  30. Check out the Quad Revo Rage 210, it has 4mm high quality carbon, as well as nice smooth edges all around.

  31. Could you do a review of Speed Addict 210-R FPV, the design looks much betterBut is it worth the extra money?( http://www.catalystmachineworks.com/collections/fpv-racing-frames/products/speed-addict-210-fpv-racing-frame?variant=10513877763 )

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