Preparación de encuesta del sitio Canadá Drone vuelo revisión

Every day Video Vlog Subjects: -Going over some planning and analysis for an upcoming Canada superior drone license flight assessment -King George Aviation Surrey

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  1. I think it would make sense to have done the "simulated" prep for controlled airspace, even if this is Class G. Después de todo, that's what Advanced is all about. "Talking out" what you are doing (and thinking) as the review goes along is a very good idea, since the reviewer won't be able to read your mind. Make sure you have all the required documentation, etc with you. It would also be a good idea for you to set the scope of the "mission". If you just want to go up, pan around and take a simple video, then I would state that's the "plan" – no use doing a bunch of complex stuff if it's not a requirement.

  2. do the rules apply to drone racing where you fly 10 pies de la tierra,,,,, i live in Montreal and when using air map it seems i can not fly anywhere,,,so why am i being grounded if i only fly 10 pies de la tierra

  3. watching and listening to you on what you are prepared for sounds good, big thing to do is site walk around , be aware of your surroundings such as trees , wires building, personas, i found the review alot easier than exam, make sure you have all the info needed on hand to show examiner that you have done your research on area you are flying , while flying also, keep checking airspace around you for aircraft, especially if you hear one, , relax, don,t rush thru it, announce takeoff and landing, to make sure area clear, they asked us to orbit manually around an object, us was a silo, must use manual takeoff and land, no auto take or land, i have confidence that you know what you are doing , good luck on your flight review

  4. It's my understanding that you have to show the preperation for and pretend that you are flying in class C airspace. That's how mine was. Even if you aren't close to anything you still have to pick an Airport and research it's emergency contact, NOTAMs and weather etc. That airport is also the emergency contact on lateral flyaways.

  5. Hi Alan: What is the trail your using?
    Thx for creating these Vids I read the news every day but you always seam to find something off the main stream.

  6. For your site survey, you should be able to tell the reviewer how high the trees are near you, the location of power lines and high structures. It wouldn't hurt to have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit available (make sure he sees it) and take off and land from a marked area (landing pad with cones etc.). You'll find the flying part is easy. Make sure your battery and controller are charged. POR CIERTO – your Mavic is approved for advanced operations. Buena suerte!

  7. Very nice indeed thanks for sharing cheers

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