But today, we're gon na check out the DJI version. Espec铆ficamente, the wheelbase is a hundred and thirty eight millimeters. Es 3 K, carbon fiber top and bottom plate. It has the DJI air module with DVR in the back with the accessible SD card, and the two antennas are flush mounted, as well as access on the bottom. For the USBC floor, que es un poco agradable, you have plenty of carbon protection. The standoffs in the front and an optional GoPro mount up top and also a slot for your strap to go through to hold down whatever action camera you decide to put on there. The foam bumpers actually looked pretty nice they're kind of beveled around the edges here and they have sort of a nice unique look to them compared to some of the other ones out. There they've held up quite well, and I also did a pretty hardcore crash for you guys as well. We have a top mount battery with a nice Kevlar battery, strap and a metal buckle right here, which is kind of nice and your xt60 battery connector. For your 4s or 6s battery Goku f7 flight controller, con 50 amp PSC's on this baby, that's what's, enabling you to do success and we have TPU bumpers all the way around the bottom, which is nice kind of makes it nice for takeoff and landing. So you don't scratch up your carbon. We have the Robo series motors and those are actually pretty nice.

They'Re 1507 2900 kV so that lower kV is gon na, get us a longer flight time and allow success. So let's go ahead and put it on the scale. Now we're gon na put the quad only first with no battery we'll see what kind of weight we get around 321 gramos. Ahora, con los 4s 1300, which is the standard battery 488 grams and with the GoPro you're, looking at a total of 599 gramos, so let's go ahead now, let's go out to the field and let's have some fun with the chasers 138 let's. Do the flight test for recording the DJI air module is what you see on the screen here: 1080p en 60 fotogramas por segundo, I love this camera and I've talked about this before and a lot of my reviews. The color on the particular the air module DVR is just really true to life, and it has really nice vibrant color. If you want to sweeten it up in your editor, usted puede hacer eso tambi茅n, but also notice how little jello there is in this picture. There'S almost pretty much zero jello in here, which is kind of leaning me toward thinking that this is one of the better cinema whoops out there right nowand I say cinema book, because this is not freestyle machine guys, it will not power loop and we're gon Na try some power loops with it anyway, but that's, not what this quads all about.

This quad is a hundred percent cinema loop, those straight ahead shots. You can do some kind of experimental, Gratis, Cosas, suave, freestyle type stuff, but you're not gon na get away with power loops with this particular quad and it's. Looking really really nice, through here I'm running around seven hundred milliwatts, so I have plenty of clearance. Even behind this line of trees right here, we're out about a couple football fields away and normally with analog, it gets really sketchy through that section and now I'm able to get really low to the ground coming through. Here there goes a bird there's, a quite a few birds out here that we kind of happen upon in our flight tests and look at this I found a little deer trail, tan genial, because what I'm seeing inside the DJI goggles is almost what you're, seeing here On the screen, which is kind of amazing for DJ itll fpv system, one of the best systems out there in the world that's on this particular quad and that'swhy it does have a little higher price tag than some of the analog versions out there. If the analog version of this is going to run, you around the 200 rango, this one's going to get close to 400 and now back down this road, and I like to get low to the the ground right here below this berm on the right to see How well the fpv systems do do a little tree exploration, which is always fun with these quads, seeing how much I can get away with, and I have to comment we're not running a GoPro on the front, so it feels really light in the air.

It has a really nice power to weight ratio feel so it feels really light when you're flying it, que es agradable, and since I have those bumpers, I could kind of push my way through things I mean even that branch right there with to a normal quad, Be a crash now funding even smaller spot there and what's neat about thisis that this is sort of a different line. They now typically fly even with some of the whoops so I'm finding new lines to be able to fly with this quad, which is really cool and some larger tree canopies. You can really get in there and now underneath the van, because it really does have a low profile. This quad is super low, very capable and I'm really really really happy with the chasers and, Como dije, I have a couple versions of this analog version as well, pero mira eso. The power loop didn't happen and I crashed on the concrete the worst place. You could possibly crash, and you guys saw the first part of this video, all the specs and everything we're done after my flight tests, so this quad took a beating, so it gets high marks as far as the durability and the cinema are five out of five. The Freestyle would be a 2 hacia fuera de 5 it's, not a freestyle machine but then again, three inches and whoops are not really known for being able to freestyle it's.

Not what they're for but look at this punch out right here and a little bit of a deadman stall right there to the ground, so it handles a Deadman stall kind of nice that's, an upside down stall toward the ground. You can also do them backwards. Camera up, which is also pretty scary, because you can't see the ground coming at you. You pull out the last second really nice and now we're in accra mode, so it's a it's flying a little bit faster at this time. For the first part of the flight test, it was all instability, so just pushing it in stability mode to see what I could get, but that video looks fantastic. It really does look nice, so I think fly woo has really what should be another banger another. Realmente. Nice release they've been doing really well in 2020 volar. Woo is really seating themselves as one of the top companies in our industry, they're, really kind of pushing the bar for design and functionality, and here we're playing around in a new spot around the water over the rocks. This is a particular Rock Crawler place that we go to, but look at that in a crow mode, just fantastic video and clarity. I can really really see where I'm going and get in there and get those really nice kind of different angles. Then I typically would, con un 5 inch and get in this close to rocks with my 5 pulgada, and I know if I hit one of them: I'm, just gon na bounce off the rock underneath that so my final thoughts and feelings on the chaser 138.

I have to tell you guys that I took it apart several times and put it back together. I built a few of these had a few different frames going, and this is one that they sent me before my my final testing and this one was all ready to go when I got it and I have to say that durability again is 5 hacia fuera de 5, the Freestyle will be 2 2 hacia fuera de 5 and the cinema would be 5 hacia fuera de 5. So we have a lot of really nice detail on this frame. They chose the right motors. El 1507 low kV 2900 kV is going to give you a nice long flight time, especially if you want to go up and a little bit of battery saws. What'S nice is the DJI system, no GoPro needed on there, and it makes it a lot nicer and lighter to fly. So I think they really did a good job here and I had to say that this would be a thumbs up, quad for sure absolutely hands down worth the money.