Finalmente, en mi estudio, we're gon na take it out and fly we're gon na look at the specs it's analog and DJI digital available. I got the analog version and I'm gon na fly it with 4s 1300 y 1550 baterías. Hoy tiene una distancia entre ejes de ciento cuarenta y dos milímetros, which is actually one of the smaller and lighter ones out there there's a pretty big war going on with these little loops right now, 3 pulgada de aro es espuma popular, Topes, it's, la nueva cosa: 3k. Carbon frame on here as well top and bottom plate and I'm, no estoy seguro de si estos son PLA o sus patos de nylon, pero se parecen a PLA para mí. Tpu GoPro montado en la parte delantera y tiene una cantidad muy mínima de inclinación, que realmente me gusta. You'Ve got a TPU mount in the very back for DJI digital or the analogue antenna antenna posts as well come in the kit, y tienes una bandeja receptora aquí, que es un poco agradable. Pude entrar allí comprando este quad y configurarlo en vuelo beta e ir a volar. Tenemos el CAD X, Ratelle a bordo también. Una de mis cámaras fpv favoritas, un montón de protección en la parte delantera y los lados, y esos parachoques de espuma, también protegiendo en los motores de arranque delanteros, que son súper poderosos. 1507 3300 kv motors they're rippin on 4s and a full size prop nut, que me gusta no ahorrar mucho peso allí, pero tres postes de conductos en cada conducto, que es un pequeño refuerzo agradable y esos son 2 placa inferior milimétrica y placa superior por el camino – y tenemos este EE.UU. x f4 – este es un sus X II y 40 amp es es capaz de apoyar hasta 4 s 500 milliwatts with smart audio that's kind of standard, y tenemos otro detalle aquí: it's cool purple motor wires.

Todo el camino alrededor de un pequeño tipo de detalle fresco – y una última cosa que tenemos aquí – es el condensador en la parte posterior. También obtendrá una gran cantidad de extras en la caja, que es agradable. Usted consigue un poco de 3 centímetro de punta de toro apoyos. I pegatinas de vuelo, que es agradable. Tienes el giro a la derecha. 90 ángulo de grado, Hardware adicional del puerto USB para su montaje GoPro TP obtendrá su gato X, Tablero de control de menú OSD para usted, TBS chicos para conseguir esa montura y usted consigue un poco de placa superior. Caucho y hardware adicional, pegatinas de protección de cobre y se obtiene una correa para una batería de 4s y dos postes más cortos. Estos eran un poco demasiado cortos para mí, so I ended up raising mine up just to get a little more distance out of my XM plus receiver and on the scale we're getting 283 gramos por sí mismo. Pon mi batería favorita ahí, que es el 4s 1550 460 gramos, con la GoPro, llevándolo a un total de 571. Now let's check out the 4s 850. ¿Qué es así?? That'S going to get us up to 387 grams with the GoPro that's, el Héroe GoPro 7 bajo 500 gramos, que no está mal ahora, con un estándar 4s 1300 batería, it's gon na get us up to 446 gramos con la GoPro a bordo y nos lleva hasta quinientos cincuenta y seis gramos, not bad let's, take this guy out and let's do some flying here.

Vamos a la prueba de vuelo fpv. Let'S get this guy up in the air. I'Ve been waiting for this quad for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. Nos han burlado con este coágulo, y el tiempo finalmente está aquí para volar el abejorro. Esta es la grabación que me quité de mi primera batería, so I'm kind of sharing that with you and I haven't touched the tune right now. Esto es directamente de la caja, so you guys can see what it's gon na fly like so we're gon na try a few things today, we're gon na try it some sort of cinematic stuff. Let'S just do a quick boost up it's enough full throttle boost, pero allí se puede ver la vista completa de la cámara allí y luego, con CAD X, Ratelle looks pretty good we're. También gon na tratar de hacer un poco de freestyle con él, and these quads honestly are not really built for freestyle but I'd like to test that anyway. In my reviews I like to see if it'll do a power, loop and that's my big kind of test for the flight controller and the prop guards and the ducts and all that it's really hard for a flight controller with ducts to maintain itself when you're pushing Some hard G's on it so we'll see what happens. Let'S skip that first whoa almost almost crashed through that one. Me salto el primero y traté de conseguir el segundo.

Let'S go back for that again and try it again. I have to remember I keep in mind that this quad is quite a bit bigger than some of the other ones I've been flying lately, for you guys so I'm. Sólo gon na probar un pequeño árbol flip aquí, volver a bajar tipo de perdido. Mi orientación para el árbol se siente un poco incómodo para freestyle este quad, por lo que vuela hermosa directamente por delante, Aunque, and that's what most of you guys are looking for with this type of quad you're, not really going to be doing some crazy fpv, like freestyle. Over top of motocross dudes with this one, this one's more of just kind of a chase type clod and the slow amazing super tiny little gaps that you can get away with bomb and down mountains, maybe with your PBS, crossfire on board so I'm, coming back around Here near this fenceand there is a gap in this fence and with the CAD x ray tellI should be able to see it. I can see it perfectly with the DJI setup, but there it is almost touching that fence post you just made it through but I'm feeling like it's a very smooth tune on here, I'm tempted to go through the barbed wire but I'm, no gon na. Do it today, with this quad I'll, get caught and have to walk a couple hundred yards out I'm, just gon na turn across the field here.

Do some low flying over the field so I'm pretty impressed with my first battery, but what I'm interested in now to try for you guys is let's. Do some high throttle stuff and let's try some power loops with this quad that battery was just tanking on me. It'S a little cold today, so another four s. Tengo un 1300 en allí, this time and we're just going to go down the sidewalk here and we're gon na turn around and we're gon na try to power loop, those two big trees at the other end I'm gon na make a turn around here. Get straightened back up and let's see what this flight controllers got with this frame. Here we go up and over and back around and I completely lost it right there. I almost flew into the tree. It did I'm, almost a 180 twitch on me on that one. So I'm, not even gon na try that again, there's puddles all over the place today and I honestly don't want to set the bumblebee down in the puddle and that would be the tune on there. So it's, not really a freestyle rig it's, looking gorgeous up high. The GoPro looks amazing: the CAD X retail one of my favorite FTD cameras. You can really see that the great thing about the codex Ratelle in the winter that should be your go to camera. Look how much better that looks letting the GoPro GoPro that's.

Having some light shift issues right there coming back around dark to the light, getting really dark looking at the ground and then back up in the air when it sees the clouds lightens up, but the cat extra tail stays nice and bright the whole time. So when those darker days in the winter, like today, I'm able to see what I'm doing and there I'm getting that flight controller to tumble again it's giving me some washout some lumber some freak out and there it is again bumped off the ground, so kind of A disappointment, as far as the Freestyle aspect of the bumblebee goes: it's you're not really gon na freestyle, this quad, unless you find a proper tune to chill it out, but then again that's not really what this quads made for. So if I was to score this on a point system, I couldn't take too much off, for you know something that is not made for honestly it's made for this type of flying right here and right now, I'm in accra mode, and you can put it in Stability mode, if you're a beginner starting out with something like this, would be pretty easy. Just cruising really nice Cruiserand this is one of those quads that you can take to a special spot where there's a lot of trees and really have some fun with it. I actually wish there was a lot more trees out here today, so that I could pull some gaps on I'm getting back in stability mode here, for you guys and we're just gon na cruise, around we're gon na try to go through some of these gaps again.

That I did earlier for you just gon na slow way down right here. Gopro looks I'm. Awesome today. Se ve increíble, I'm gon na take this one here. Hopefully I can make it through. This quad is quite a bigger bit bigger than the that was flying. The eye flight it's gon na be hybrid the other day and that thing will just about go anywhere as well as the gap RC Sena. I also another real good one. You should check that video out, but plenty of control with the bumblebee. No problems for slowed down cinema stuffI really got ta, buy that GoPro eight. I think the GoPro 8 will fly do better in the low light situations it probably improved. The sensor seems to be a lot of light shift and adjustment with the GoPro Hero 7. I love the hyper smooth, but I think it did pretty well, and this is the best results that I can get from this quad and here I just switched back into a crow and sometimes you'll dip forward when you do that and right here right behind this Antenna tower is where it fails saved, so we kind of have a little bit of a durability test here. I walked all the way out. There looked at no problem, No hay problema, though the foam bumpers are great, just bounced on the rocks, and you know I was over there by my van making some remarks about hitting the rocks over there.

So not stoked about that. Whenever you crouch on rocks, you might as well be concrete. Así que ahora, I'm gon na try to go slow underneath these trees. Here these cedar trees kind of trying to get in there a little bit see how low I can get without touching the grass nice plenty of control. So definitely a hundred out of 100 for the cinematic side of this quad is looking really really good, and the Freestyle it's gon na need some work. If you want to freestyle it, but it's, not really a freestyle, cuádruple, chicos, can't call it that now we're going back through this gap, se ve bastante bien, really smooth flyer, when it's flown the way, it should be fun. I'M, just gon na play around and it's just gon na disarm. On top of my vans, a little perch up there back out over the field. This is a lot of fun, so I'm gon na bring it in land. It and let's go back into the studio. Let'S talk about some final thoughts and impressions about the eye flight, bumblebee pretty cool little squad. Aquí vamos. So what do you guys think I mean the bumblebee? It has a lot going for it. It has some new tech on here with just the foam bumpers. All the way, around that's kind of nice that it's going to give you that option some of the other ones that I've had they broke on the first flight test.

So this foam stuff is the go to stuff right now. That should be on just every three inch cinema loop out there if you're flying anything like the squirt. If you're flying the mega B, I hope that we can somehow upgrade for those foam ducts. It makes a huge difference. Xt60, in the back it's kind of a nice touch and well is really nice. The receiver tray that was pretty convenient for my flight I'm glad they sent that with the receiver all ready to go just to bind up. But I also like the support structure under here it's only two millimeter, but that's lightening up the entire frame. A lot you've got an extra hole back here for your DJI digital. You decide to upgrade it later. The same frame will accommodate that unit in the very back. So you've got some spots back there in the back to be able to install that so there's a lot of versatility with these quads. If you never had one having one of these with a GoPro on the front is just awesome, you can do a lot of really cool cinema stuff and I'd, like that there's, not a lot of tilt on this particular GoPro mount. Sometimes they have it jack 430 and what I have to do is just put some foam under it and lessen the tilt, but this one seems to be ready to go with the exact same tilt on the GoPro as the CAD X, retail camera and that's nice.

The bumpers up front, protecting the camera really nice and it came back in one piece, one of the first ones that I have not broken the the PLA ducts and those are definitely not TPU ducts. It would be nice if it was, but maybe TPU just bends. A little bit too much but I've seen squirts with TPU, so I don't know why these other companies are not printing TPU ducts. They should be, but overall definitely a nice cinema. Whoop durable flies, amazingly smooth for a cinema and that's.