Do the tiny hawk to we're gon na show you the specs and we're gon na do some flying today. Es un sin escobillas, peque帽a, woop, indooroutdoor, 1s and 2s lipo s1. S4, 50 and 2s 300 milliamp much better camera on here, 7, more power and the motors. The t2 has a 75 millimeter wheelbase, which is good for indoor or outdoor pretty spongy foam. In the case, que es agradable, you get some extra Hardware, connector little mini screwdriver. In there and a USB charger for 1s or 2's lipo, so now that you have a 2's battery option eMac stickers, the manual comes along with it and a warning to only run it on profile rate to inside the pit, configuration tab and beta flight switch between That push all enough on tiny Huck style props in there and you get an extra set as well so 2 sets in the box, which is nice and there's that 2 s 300 million lipo it's, getting me about around 4 minutos de tiempo de vuelo. I can push a little pass, but you're kind of pushing it. The balance connectors there, the pH 2.0 connector is there and my preferred camera of choices that run cam. Nano 2 for a lot of these small brush lists. Gritos de, and now it has a tilt, support camera housing. You can do it by hand or by driver that's kind of sweet 200 millimeter what everybody wanted. So I want to say, praise the Emacs for that and we also have the fr sky d 8 receiver already connected and set up in here.

Just bind it up to your radio Emacs, a io, F4 5 amp vs CS and just like the Tony Hawk one. It has recessed motor wires in there, lo cual es bastante genial. It also has zero eight zero to 16000 motores kV, who are gon na, ir 7 por ciento, m谩s poder, which is pretty sweet soldered on motor wires, que es agradable. Nano LEDs around the inside of the frame, which is also cool and to rate camera protection, which looks like it has a pretty good bevel on the front to recess the camera a little bit, but not enough to see it in view in your goggles, which is Nice and just looking at the back of the camera there, it is model nano tube. I run cam let's go ahead and get away in on it. So let's put the quad on there dry weight. Only no battery gon na get us up to 30 grams that's. Pretty good and with the One S 450 milliamp we're, looking at a total weight of 42 gramos, so it'll take off weight there. S 300 bater铆a de miliamperios 45 gramos, no est谩 mal en absoluto, it's that time let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test in the tiny, hawk we're gon na start out on a 1s battery and then I'm going to show you what 2's is like. But look at the control that I have here, I'm flying in stability mode right now. You can see my throttle percentage.

A la izquierda, side is green and my flight mode on the right hand, side fly minutes are on the bottom of where the mode is and I've got. My tiny Hawk to name right in the middle and the channel that I'm on it's, like our 4 I'm running 25 milliwatts you'll, see that switch to 200 at times. I forget to do that that's, no muy bueno, because it does get pretty pretty staticky viewable from 25. But here we're on to s and my first attempt at power loop with the tiny, Halc贸n, successful, muy, very controlled feeling on the sticks. And I have to say that the tune on here on rate profile 1 Amp 2 in the beta flight pit settings that they have set up from the Emacs team is very, very soft and gentle for the beginners. So what you're, seeing here it's just as hard as I can push this quad on to s and it rips pretty good on 2's, but it's, not scary and that's, probably the biggest benefit to new pilots. New pilots tend to kind of overcompensate on the sticks. Push a little too hard and you get crazy reactions from a super loose freestyle quad, especially on some of the smaller ones. They can be super zippy and just fly into the ground. Cool thing about this. Cu谩druple, Aunque, is that it is super durable. It has that 1 and 2's option and then also flying instability mode here, like going through tree gaps and things but yep.

Even I do get stuck in trees at times it happens, but let's go ahead and get back to it fly through the van no problem. There are plenty of control and that's what I noticed the most about the tiny Hawk is that the one was fun, but a little bit extra power and all that control it just makes you want to fly batteries on this quad all day long, and this is What I'm talking about here as far as this quad can go places? No other quad can go check out some of this tree exploring here. This tree has branches on branches. I mean this has so many branches in this tree: it's really hard to navigate, but with the tune on here, it's really soft and easy to fly through tight spaces, and here I decided to perch and my perch wasn't bad. I got stuck up on top of that light, pole, no fresco, but back to the exploring look how slow I realized. I could get this quad so slow to go through even the smallest spaces. I'Ve never done this before with this particular tree, a nice sunny day, no hay mucho viento, barely any at all. I mean this thing just really gets in there. Es una locura. My friend Colby was at the field today flying his heli and he also flies fpv and he was impressed. I was all the way inside the tree. He'S never seen me do that before and come out the other side.

Pretty amazing I'm gon na go pass through the middle here, I'm really impressed with the tune and how slow this quad can slow down super super precise. So I got to give it to the Emax team for the tune on this quad for the 1s exploration side of things very happy with that, and now some big field flying and right now, I'm on 200 there's, some horizontal lines in there there's some break up. Todav铆a, but this is a way better VTX to what we had now I'm on the other side of the trucks right here soand this is just the roll rate that you're gon na get. I wanted to show you some a crow roll rate, it's very soft, and this is on the great one profile, one setting and now back underneath the fans and the trucks running 200 Milivatios. Still some breakup but there's some pretty heavy duty machinery right here. These vans and trucks carry a lot of metal so again so much control. I love that and back under my van here, my Sprinter Colby's van nice, underneath the table places I've never been before again now, we're back on 2s and I'm gon na try that power loop again here I go all the way up and over that tree and Perfectly back down, it was like the perfect power loop, super slow feeling compared to flying a 5 inch or 3 inch or even 2.5 pulgada, quads and I'm used to but that's what these videos are for.

These videos are not necessarily, you know what you should be thinking of as if you're a beginner, ese, Oh, Dios m铆o, I can't fly this because Justin Davis's power looping this stuff and he's doing all this crazy flying with it. This quads too radical for me. No, this quad is pretty much for anybody getting into the Hobby, really really easy kid or an adult could fly this, and this is just pushing the envelope. This is the kind of things you can get away with it. You can bounce into things and if the frame doesn't take any damage, if you break this frame, you were doing something crazy or if somebody ran over it with a car again nice little loop over this tree, finding some gaps really really really fun to fly. I flew every single battery I had in my bag and I've got like 12 Para 15 bater铆as. For this tiny hawk. I just had a ball with it really really liked it. So now I'm gon na crash in my van and it's ready to go home, but let's talk about some overall final thoughts about the tiny hawk to it. It'S a great flyer, for I guess somebody a beginner to pro you're gon na have fun with this one indoors. It could be a hundred percent fun outside it's, like two hundred percent fun, because you can put it on 2's and now. Finalmente, with the runcam to the runcam nano 2 en all铆, we can actually see what we're doing you know in case in point, the treats that I was flying through that's those two rubber bands to hold the two s battery on that 2.

0 connected there, wonder if You could switch that out to an XD 30 and get a little more juice and power out of this quad. It might wake it up a little bit, but you got to be careful not to fry your es, he's doing that. Me, like the new canopy it's, a tilt table. Action is really nice adjustable by hand or a wrench, which is nice little driver and the dipole. I feel like maybe next time they could put a little larger Anton on there, but they're trying to make this quad. As light as possibleand so I think overall got something really nice here, especially for around one hundred dollar pricepoint I'm gon na give it two thumbs up. I had a ton of fun two hundred percent fun with this quad it's, one of the best releases from Emacs. Yet so, if you're gon na get one get the tiny hawk I'll see you on the next one.