BEGINNER FPV QUAD RACER (PARTE 1) – My Nightmare – Eachine Falcon 250

For the yr 2017 I although I might add FPV Racer Drone pilot to my record of pastime accomplishments. Apparently the years spent flying digital camera drones has given me dangerous habits. FPV Racer Drones haven’t any Return to Residence Button, No hover potential while you launch the sticks, No braking while you launch the sticks, No computerized top in ahead flight and no GPS positioning. This makes me a horrible FPV Race Pilot!

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  1. I have been flying FPV quads and plans for years and thus I find this hilarious


  2. fpv flying in winter is horrible

    snow blows out cameras easily

  3. Hola capitán. Gran video. I'm also just getting into FPV racers. I have been getting familiar with flying in acro mode using a simulator and it has helped tremendously. The repetition using my transmitter is helping me develop some muscle memory and delicate control. I have a micro racer on the way so I'll be heading outside to practice. FPV Freerider is a great simulatorI highly recommend.

  4. OK from watching this video your FPV racing drone flying is not impressive. Impress me and make a FPV racing drone into a mavic camera drone. JAJAJA

  5. Braver man then me, I've tried to like FPV, but I just cannot get into it.

  6. Nice video friend, fresco, I liked!

  7. Camera drone snobbery lol!! How funny is that 😀 . There's an awful lot of folk out there who will consider your camera drones as pieces of shit for people who don't know how to fly, who are a safety liability because of where they fly (to get their byootiful photography) and their lack of skill in acute situations

    Keep learning mate, we'll all be safer for it. También – snow and bare electronics don't mix, duh. Also alsothe Falcon is not a well-regarded kit, you chose wrong, do better research.

    EDITAR: The Falcon 250 is a better regarded one, I was thinking of the 210. My mistake, apologies.

  8. Very entertaining video Steve, I really enjoyed it! Ya you made all the mistakes but that's how a lot of us learned too haha. Stick with it, FPV is sooo worth it when everything is working properly and you have a well tuned quad. You feel like a superhero! I also highly recommend a simulator, it will give your fingers the muscle memory you need so you can focus on other things while you're flying, like not hitting objects haha.

    One more little tip to give you while you're flying FPV, and every beginner does this so don't worry, but basically you should NEVER be looking in a different direction than the one your quad is flying. What I mean by this is if you're travelling straight and you want to turn, FORCE the quad into the new direction by pitching down and adding power. If you just turn but don't pitch down or add power to reinforce the turn then the quad is still going to be travelling in it's original direction but now you're looking sideways and not seeing where you're going. Again a simulator will help with this.

  9. I'm a camera drone snob, spoiled by all the advanced control systems on my DJI Phantom3 Pro. I found your video very informative. Thanks for doing this! Watching FPV experts fly their stuff makes it all look easy, when it's obviously not. It's much more educational watching your struggles. Have you been in touch with these guys? They regularly fly at that field.

  10. May be do water proof first as you fly over snow. Plastic dip, liquid tape or silicon con-formal coating.

  11. Oh you are new to FPV racers? Who flies all those FPV quads behind you? I see many FPV goggles too. Check out Orleans Multirotor Group on Facebook. Lots of FPV pilots who do meetups to practice FPV at Millenium Park (although not sure if they will this year now due to new laws). I'm also a Falcon 250 Propietario, and FPV noob. It's like building a PC vs buying a MAC (FPV quad vs AP drone)

  12. You can trim back to stop fwd flight with motor protectors in use, or use librepilot on flightcontroller to calibrate for -10 degrees to compensate.

  13. Haha 🙂 Amazing video! Just got a racer myself. I found the best way to learn to fly is defiantly a tiny woop like your indutrix but also download a simulator. Most are free and many controllers are just plug and play. A good one I recommend is DRL simulator. You can download it for free and spend some hours (when its raining or snowing) and crash in as many fence posts as you want. Bonus is that there are no consequences. Another helpful tip is to get something that isn't already assembled, as you seen you will be replacing parts. It can be a daunting task to know where everything goes but there is a huge community who will answer questions and are willing to help. Building it yourself is fun and you learn what can go wrong. Keep the great content coming!

  14. Hola capitán! I fly Falcon 250 también. I bought it in june 2016. Over all I think It is a good drone for beginners. Cheap and durable. But in my opinion the first thing which should be upgraded is the FPV camera. That stock one has very bad light exposure and I crashed many times becouse of that. Soon I will be swaping the motors for better ones. Also cheap but more powerful. I don't fly to much, becouse of my work. I just don't have to much time for this. I flown maybe 30 o 40 LiPos in that 8 months since I have Falcon. It is not to much. I spent more time flying simulators and I think it is the best way to learn how to fly. Saves money and time. Try DRL Simulator, u can download the version for Mac. The good thing is that u can fly only an acro mode. It speed up the learning progress. If your brain will accustomed to flying in acro mode than u will never want to flying self leveling mode. So if u flying in real try to fly only acro mode. Slowly but acro. You can check my videos and see my learning progress. Im not a badass I have to work on my smoothness but finaly I understood what's the idea of acro flying. Wish you the same, and happy flying 😉

  15. here's a good tip for you keep forward pressure. FPV you only want to be going forward and not really hover as you can't see around you it will help you get better .

  16. It's not easy is it. I'm 6 months in and on second quad after loosing one. Get a tracking device is my tip.

  17. I want one so bad but never gonna have the spare money to get one

  18. You said if you have not flown a drone before and go straight to a fpv drone you will do well. Sorry totally disagree. I too have the Eachine Falcon 250 and it's been a brutal learning curve. I am making progress but have had well over a hundred crashes and a few repairs. I would say if someone is new to drones DO NOT get a fpv racing drone. The main problem is they DO NOT auto level. That may seem like a small thing but as you have found out it's HUGE.. Thanks for the video 🙂 have a great day.

  19. Watched the video. Me encantó! I can SO relate. Thanks for posting it. One thing I will say about the Falcon is that it takes a huge beating and keeps on flying. Tenga un excelente dia.

  20. Hola! I'm from Montreal, when will you do a meeting about drones ? 🙂

  21. One day Racers will have a gyro chip and be able to hover is my guess

  22. Thank you for the chuckles! Keep at it!

  23. Jesus how about trying a simulator LOL ive just started and im crap but im alot better than u because i use a sim

  24. I think I would want to start with one of those little indoor outdoor type of drones to learn with. Alguna sugerencia????

  25. I am an RC pilot, I fly FPV and have flown the aerial photography drones like the DJI, para ser honesto, flying FPV is more fun and you are actually controlling it and you can get a feel of the quad pretty good, as compared to photography drone, they are smart, intelligent but you are just basically pushing a expensive computer with a great camera, not hating on them, but I would like to choose humans over machine

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