AUTEL EVO vs DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO Camera ComparisonCan You See A Difference?

Each nice cameras, however how do they examine aspect by aspect filming in sunny, overcast, cloudy days?

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You could find the Autel Evo and Phantom four Professional at these areas and extra:
AMAZON – DJI Phantom four Professional 2.O:
DJI STOREPHANTOM four PRO 2.0: http://Haga clic en = hipervínculo&como = 0003&ch=PHANTOM%204%20PRO%202.0

CÁMARA: GoPro Hero 6:

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  1. I liked the colors better on the Evo as well, seemed more natural and realistic. Only part I thought the P4 looked better was shooting into the bright sunlight.

  2. Fantasma 4 looks like a flying stool

  3. Very ugly design on the phantom

  4. Where is the Anafi in this Test!?

  5. Gran video como de costumbre. While is very difficult to make comparisons in "auto" due to differences in capturing the image, I guess the P4P gives you more room to play with in a post edition. The difference between both drones will be the transportation. In this regards, Autel EVO is the winner and with the almost same quality camera then I would say this is the deal winner. Precio + easy transport + almost same camera than P4P = Better choice for consumers.

  6. The P4 has slightly better fine detail in the grass , but is also has a longer FL , so there's that. As you say not a lab test but interesting just the same. I will still be waiting for the Evo with the 1" sensor de , but by then it will have serious competition with the upcoming Mavic Pro 2 with the 1" sensor de. Sounds like a real horse race.

  7. No comparison the Phantom camera images are more clear and sharp than the EVO, but the EVO capture the color of the sky much better, go figure!
    Another very nice video thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your channel and did I the support procedure!
    Best regards/Ned!

  8. The Evo color saturation seems low compared to the Phantom. I assume that can be adjusted, pero, if you're using auto, the results favor the Phantom.

  9. It looks like the white balance on the two drones is set to a different setting. The Phantom 4 has more warmth than that of the EVO when shooting video. The stills look like they're on the same setting as far as I can tell. Para mí, en video, the Phantom has too much color saturation to look natural. What are the white balance and saturation settings? I'm assuming they're adjustable.

    I'd love to see the same comparison test between the EVO and the Mavic Air.

  10. The phantom is better imo. Funny the dji has tilted horizon when evo seems perfectly level. My i2 does the same.

  11. Phantom definitely has better color

  12. Autel Evo looks more natural, could use a hair more saturation but skin tones are great. Phantom was over exposed washing out your face and a bit too much saturation. Both cameras were sharp and rendered a lot of detail in the pictures and video. Gran comparación. I would give this round to the Evo. Looking forward to more comparisons. 👍👍

  13. DJI looks very oversharpened with too much contrast. Both look very good but I honestly think the EVO gives it a good run for the money.

  14. ๊๊U set EV+ to P4pro until hilhit burn so in dark area look bright
    Utel U set EV+ keep both detail in Shadow & hilight (both zone)
    so EVO is the winner because can keep detail in shadow and hilight quite well

  15. Really now no comparison, it is like comparing a Ford to a Ferrari Evo wins hands down. The P4 is way to big, sure the Ford Raptor is over priced but looks great but everyone knows they are junk, The Evo is way more stable, fly's faster and the video on the P4 looks way over saturated

  16. i like the colors of the evo its more natural and clean

  17. Gran comparación- we have the EVO. Our video (from our EVO) looks closer to your P4 footage.
    I know it was quick and simple that makes it more real to life-thanks-and I'll try and get some of our footage up to view.
    Always enjoy your videos.

  18. Both drones produce a great picture. I actually own both of these. I have been through a lot of drones in the past few months and have finally stayed with the Autel Evo and Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. Gran comparación!

  19. It's really unfortunate that the Autel Evo doesn't get the attention it deserves because of the release of the Mavic Pro 2 y Mavic 2 Zoom. It cost less, has a great camera, and most important, it is orange. Great video and thank you so much for doing the footage comparison.

  20. great job I think the phantom is a bit clearer

  21. The auto settings on the Phantom are clearly a little more punchy (more saturation and contrast), but this kills the dynamic range in bright and dark areas. Comparing the auto settings is only part evaluating camera performance, and doesn't really give a good comparison of each cameras ultimate capabilities.
    From what I can tell, the EVO's 1/2.3" camera is definitely superior to the DJI 1/2.3" cameras when it comes to dynamic range.

    In well-lit conditions it is very hard to tell the difference between the EVO and the DJI P4P 1" sensor camera.
    Sin embargo, in low light conditions the EVO camera falls behind due to basic physics. El 1" DJI sensor simply captures more photons, than the EVO's smaller sensor.
    If you expect to be shooting a lot of video in low-light conditions, the bigger sensor is definitely superior. Sin embargo, if that is not the case, the much greater additional cost of the 1" sensor may not be worth it.

  22. It's really odd. The phantom shows more detail in the grass for sure, but in the footage with the Cap in the center of the shot, it looks horrible. Trying to hard to have detail?

  23. phantom appears brighter or better contrast I think.

    Greens look washed out on the Evo. Phantom's greens look better.

    Lord willing I'm buying the Evo

  24. Capitán abejón

    You're the only one that had the answer.

    You were there.

    Which drone footage matches the GREEN GRASS color you were standing on best?

    Phantom looks greener, PERO, was that true to life or closer to it, or was the Evo closer to true color?

    GOD bless

  25. Way too much contrast and saturation on the Phantom and terribleie non-existentskin tones. The EVO has a slight blue cast but delivers exceptional colour and detail in your skin without over-exposing. The EVO can deliver the same over-saturation as the Phantom by selecting the Vivid presetif you like that kind of thing. Que dicho, the Phantom can obviously be improved via settings too and they both look like very capable camera drones if you know how to set them up.

  26. Fantasma, like all dji products, seem to over saturate the colours and sharpness. The Evo looks way more natural to me. Some may love the comic book colours of the dji products, but not me.

  27. Without having very specific settings for each tests the test is worthless. I can make my $10,000 pro video camera look like crap if its not set right.

  28. This is just like the Evo versus the Mavic pro 2. The DJI is more saturated and his skin tone is glowing/blown out slightly on the phantom same happened with Mavic pro 2. I "prefer" the natural look of the Evo. Evo looks like what I'd see with my own eyes. Both good cameras but I prefer Evo as a drone and I prefer it's camera.

    You're literally best Captain Drone! No review is as detailed, and professional and knowledgeable as yours I swear. Everything you do is needed and appreciated. Gracias!

  29. Looks like DJI made a mistake by buying Hasselblad. They should've bought Autel instead

  30. I have both of these now. Been a P4P flier, MP, MA, M2P, but now have Anafi and EVO. Even in my own tests I like the EVO better. The basic default settings are really good. P4P was always my favorite above all DJI drones I have. EVO is on par with my P4P with good lighting. P4P better at low light night shots, but I rarely if ever fly at night. Golden hours these two are really good. My tests with M2P were not good at all. Lens was really bad, had distortion, blur on one side. Not worth the $1800 I spent on the FMC. I bought the Evo FMC for $700 menos. Happy to see it perform as well as P4P. Nice to have a 4K 60 camera not as bulky or noisy.

  31. Awesome one here, liked and subbed😜 will be happy if you check my channel out and extend your support. Thank you in advance 👍😀

  32. Autel is more natural but with less details. Not huge difference, but it can be seen. But evo is still far behing to be user friendly comparision with DJI. If evo will fix bigger sensor and avoidance sensors also follow mw altitude issue it will be great

  33. My question to youDoes the grass look more correctly/realistically colored in the EVO or the P4P? – It's hard to tell, because I've seen grass look both ways in person, depending on where I am, and conditions.

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