Filtros de cámara AUTEL EVO

On this video I reveal three Freewell Filters for the Autel EVO. EVO CAMERA WAS SET TO AUTO, 4K, 30 FPS. The signal of a top quality ND FILTER is when it has no impact on the colour, focus or sharpness of your picture. A POLARIZED filter can scale back glare reflecting off objects, and when it does that, you might even see colours look a bit deeper. Tenga en cuenta, you utilize an ND FILTER for the aim of slowing down your shutter in vibrant daylight and never for enhancing your picture shade. The ND filters proven right here carried out flawlessly.

You should purchase these filters right here:


You should purchase the AUTEL EVO with backpack right here:

CÁMARA: Videocámara Panasonic 4K:
MINI BOOM MIC: Rode Video Mic:

45 Comentarios
  1. I didn't see enough of a change in all the different Filters/Polarizer to None-at-all comparisons to warrant the expense of filters for the average non photographer flyer.

  2. Wow! Another smoothly, and greatly edited video!

  3. Just a great demo you do the best out there just a great video as always

  4. Horizon is tilted when Autel going to release the new firmware

  5. ….. ANAFI ND Filters ; for when ??? 👂👂👂👂👂👂

  6. Nice demo and info on the filters. Got my evo a week ago and haven’t experienced any horizontal tilt.

  7. Nice demonstration, I see the Evo still suffers from a tilted horizon. Is it normally like this or is it bc of the ND filters you’re using?

  8. Gracias! Love your Channel!
    Do you make playlists on your great Channel?

  9. Great comparison test, suer looks like the freewell is a quality filter. There is one thing that bothered me and I had not seen it before in the Evo videos previously posted, there is a blue (for lack of a more educated color recognition) colorcast regardless of the filters, do you agree? BTW my understanding is that the horizon tilt has been fixed with a firmware update, if you watch the more recent videos by originaldobo you can see that it's pretty good maybe even perfect, but I am a bit crooked myself ;D

  10. Thanks for the EVO filter review, they truly make a difference! Too bad you can't get in on the Autel Beta Software testing for the EVO, Ken OriginalDobe's footage is NOW level, YES LEVEL, Great News for ALL EVO owners as soon as they release an official software update. Again my thanks!

  11. to be honest ..i cant to much tell from using a filter to not using one

  12. Brillante! I only wish you could have shown the filter vs. no filter side by side. It would make it easier for people with lower quality computer displays to see the difference. Popped out to me! I always fly with PolarPro filters!

  13. Thanks Captain for my Anafi now I need a polaryzer!

  14. The nd 32 polarized looks good nice rich depth of field.

  15. Is the weather in canada like california, NOS?

  16. Dear friend, this seams to be a good alternative to chinese spyware DJI drones! I hate to make a login to fly! Pay attention to horizon!

  17. its a shame the camera is slightly off centeron hte left

  18. quite a few of the vids seem to show the camera not level and the horizon sloping to the left.

  19. All I see is tilted horizon. I thought that was fixed?

  20. Hola Steve. The actual image quality from the EVO is amazing. However I do still see tilt in the horizon. I thought that problem had been fixed.

  21. Gracias.

    thought the horizon issue got fixed !

  22. Amo el video. I have been seeing companies don’t label the filters just looking at them in the case. You have to pick the filter up to see what number it is.

  23. aaaaaaahhhhh i cant watch it! I just want to straighten that horizon, its doing my head in

  24. Does the gimble guard fit over the filters???

  25. A little off topicwhat is that cool background music? I am pretty sure Autel will release the gimbal tilt fix firmware in the near future..

  26. Buena prueba. I thought that sharpness was not always even with the filters. I thought I saw blurring on the left side of the scene in some shots. I am viewing it on 4k 40" monitor.

  27. buen informe! Para ser honesto, without looking for the tilt, (since my eye was focusing on the lens effects) i did not even notice it.

  28. That camera is fantastic, but that horizon tiltI am sure they are going to fix that, but geesh!

  29. Anyone see the video this guys brand new Evo he said he couldn't calibrate it but he took it up anyways and it fell he didn't say how high it was and broke one of the arms this is pretty scary because I'm getting mine tomorrow maybe I will send it back

  30. Gracias por la demo. I would suggest that when editing the video, avoid using any transition effects and simple cut between the filter/no filter video streams as it will be much easier to compare the video quality and colors between the two options..

  31. Hola, really enjoy your videos. I'm just wondering if you can do a video on the proper way of fixing the tilt issues on gimbals .

  32. Hey Steve, Abcouple of quick questions for you since you deal a lot with filters. How many stops do you feel each filters changes your exposure, such as 4, 8, y 16.

    Second question is do you ever get dark edges almost like vignetting when you use PL filters. Thanks in advance for your input

  33. Hy captain, do you know if Evo filter have the same size tnan DJI AIR or MAVIC. Thanks for reply if not what diameter is it

  34. Was this before the update that gimbal looks horrible

  35. footage looked almost the samemaybe needs a much darker filter

  36. Buen video, but would have been better to show the shutter speeds as well

  37. Por lo tanto, what would the shutter speed be with versus without the filter?

  38. I noticed that the horizon is not levelled

  39. Great job as usual. Gracias por la revisión. Wanna get them for my Evo.

  40. did you have it on auto the whole time?

  41. Old video, and I know the Evo tilt was fixed way back when (Love my Evo btw). I was looking for filters. Gran video. What I like best is that you did NOT fix the video for the tilt. It was straight out of camera as iswhen I bought a M2P and that lens distortion crap was there, almost every YT channel corrected in post. To me those channels lose any credibility in doing so. Another no bias, straight up video. Class act you are!!

    I hear these do not fit the gimbal cover when attached. Is that a problem with the Freewell kit?

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