Su anfitrión, como siempre hoy en día, es lunes 2 de octubre, y nos despertamos de nuevo esta mañana a otra tragedia de Las Vegas. There was an out Jason Aldean concert and there was a shooter up in the window of the 32nd floor across the street from the concert, and there are more than 50 deaths and more than 400 injured. This is just crazy that it's just happening over and over, and this seems to be one of the largest in the United States. That'S happened to date. This seems to be in a reoccurring event that we just keep getting the largest event mass shootings over and over, and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. This guy had like 10 rifles, stuffed up in a hotel room, so I just want to give my best out to the families that have been affected by this it's going to be across the country and it's, a very, muy, very dark and sad situation. Definitely not something that we like to wake up to on a Monday morning to hear that our fellow Americans have been harmed or injured because of such an act. Maybe terrorism or otherwiseand I don't know, if there's any way that we can stop this. But we won't let them stop us from doing what we do and helping others in any way we can any shape or form. Así que dicho esto, as always I'm here on the channel to help you guys again further your knowledge in the education of multirotors drones, quadcopters airplanes, RC cars, 3días impresoras, whatever type of technology I get my hands on, I will always try to help you guys now.

Today we have something from full speed, and this is the TX 200 mile ah'd of micro, brushless and slow to you guys and I've, been looking for a 200 milliwatts TX that I can put on the back of my run. Cam my crows or my foxy air micro, also HG LRC, has is released a micro cam 2 as well so I'm going to show you that coming up later this week, but today we're going to talk about full speed right here and I'm gon na put this One on my work: mat I'm gon na show you a little closer some of the features of this little 200 milliwatt micro VTX, and this is perfect for piggybacking. Any little micro, cam so I'm. Muy emocionado 200. Milliwatts is what you want on a microbe 25 mili vatio. Just doesn't seem to be quite enough. You get to the edge of a small range and you start to get fuzzy video. This is going to give you a much better signal to your goggles. So let's go ahead and get started with this little micro, Tx 204 velocidad. Bien, guys there. It is it's called the f SD TX, 225 Para 200, millivolt and I'm, pretty sure it comes defaulted down to 25, so you're gon na have to use the little button on the side to switch it over to 200. Milliliters. Look on the side right here. You can see that button right there once you power it up.

You'Re gon na get a series of LEDs across the bottom right here. If it shows three LEDs you're in 25 milliwatts on the front here and if it shows five LEDs across the bottom lit up. You'Re in 200, milliwatts and that's, probably what you're going to want to fly this in now the antenna is a little bit short, but I think we can make this work because it's gon na stick up off the top of the quad quite nicely. No. For this setup, I'm, probablemente gon na, have to either punch a hole in this or just have it running out. The back. That'S not gon na be a big deal, but you know this VTX is actually specifically made to piggyback on the back of the run cam. Here and that's kind of nice, because this is shaped so that it goes around just like thison the back and what's extra nice is you have two bolts right here that are holding this piece of plastic on the back of the run, cam micro swift now Take these two bolts off save this piece of plastic and you're, going to use the hardware that came along with the TX 200. Take those screws in those spacers put them on the outside of this piece of plastic, and you can mount this right behind it. So in my past, setups with external VTX is like this one similar to this. One I've had to kind of just cram them up against these wires back here, and you know hope for the best.

por lo tanto, my connection using a piece of VHB between the two. Now this is gon na, be a lot neater because it's just going to make everything flush here on the sides and be really really nice. Now one criticism I have about this VTX and I talked to another reviewer about this. I was a little bit annoyed that the button is on the bottom. I think that the button should be on the top, so we can access it. A little easier. I mean right out top right here and on other VTX. Is it's works like that, but I think, since we have a hole here, that they couldn't put it on the topand it looks like this side of it hereit's just full of chips. En este lado, so it might have been a design challenge for the engineer to be able to pull that off. But the button is gon na have to be changed with something small to get in. There may be like a end of a screwdriver or something or a wood stick, so you don't short things out, and this VTX is 2.7 gramos. So you're really not gon na. Add a lot of weight to your brushless micro that's, not going to be a big deal, it's actually lighter than some of the other external micro VT exits that I have so this one's gon na be nice. It has what we're looking for it 200 Milivatios, and this little connection point back here.

You'Re gon na want to take maybe some hot glue or some kind of maybe some liquid tape and just put over top of this connection once you have it seated on there go ahead and have a little bit of something on there to make this not pop Off because it will come off quite easily if you do have a crash and it'll pop off now what's cool for new guys is the fact that you have your video 5 volt and your ground wire right here already on a plug that's going to be compatible With your run, cam micro, so you just plug it in just like thatmake sure that the pins are actually facing up to go into just like that, and then you have power to your camera. Coming from your quad now I just put a little connection on here really quickly to show you guys. I have a little 2's battery here, I'm, just gon na plug in and show you how the LEDs work. So now you can see that it's powered up and if I want to change it to 200 Mill away, you can see right now. I have one LED light. If I just press it once it's changing the channels. If I long press it like two seconds it's going to change, the band's see I'm going across there with the red light and it's changing bands. If I long press it now, if I really long press it up to 3 segundos 1 2 3 you're gon na see it light up all the way across and now I meant 200 Milivatios, and then it goes back to the original red LED on my channel.

There so pretty cool now I'm in 200 milliwatts now it does say in the manual that this one is powered from 6 Para 17 voltios. So that means that you're gon na have to have something 6 volts and above I have a 7 Punto – 4 batería voltio. Here so you're gon na have to probably power this off of your battery connection on your micro, brushless it's says it can handle up to 5 s batería, but I definitely like other people are saying. I wouldn't run this off of 5 s. You might you might end up pushing it too much, but time will tell if I power this one off of the battery terminal, and hopefully this has enough power that I don't get much feedback and and too much interference into my video feed from the power system. So we'll see how that goes, and this should work quite well with the runcam micro or the foxier micro cam, or even that new HD LRC camera. I was telling you about it's in this all in one kit. Coming up this week, it's the x jb, f. 428, with a TX 20 aquí 200 Aquí mismo, ready to go and I'll try to put a link down below for this TX 204 for a brushless micro. So I'm super excited about that, and also guys before. I let you go be sure to check out qe. They are out of Brooklyn New York, and this is my BQE megapixel.

That I'm building with this particular setup right here so I'm gon na put some 11050 o 1106 is on here, and it already came with a mount that's set up for my run cam. This mounts right here like this and then this piece goes over top of the run camp and the VTX pretty sweet setup there so, like I said that antenna is probably actually just gon na make it out the back of this so I'm, not going to cut This at all that looks pretty nice there very nice setup. So super excited about this setup in this new quad built stay tuned on the channel.