I would like to show you a viral photo. Did you see this photo on internet before? Yes, of course, you saw this photo because this is viral photo before 10 years, movie makers used a helicopter to capture video footage, but nowadays a small camera took the job of the cameraman of helicopter and this photo means you have to keep update yourself, because world Is changing every day lets jump on the main review, because next few minutes i will break down the best drone camera available in the market Music meet with tqb professional drone camera this large size, foldable, quadcopter, professional gps. Drone camera can amaze you by its plenty of features, lets see few basic information about this amazing drone Music before folding its size is 45 into 40 into 12 centimeter and after folding, the size is 21 into 11 into 9 centimeter. This drone supports the gps and gronas dual mode positioning system. If you have knowledge of good or bad motor, then you know about 1806 brushless motor because they use this 1806 brushless motor in this drone camera. Its two axis, antisec gimbal camera feature, will give you another level of user experience. This drone has three kilometer remote control system and it can transmit from one and a half kilometer its remote control height is 120 meter and gesture recognition. Shooting is one to three meter with normal esc camera version. The picture resolution is 4096 into 3072 pixel and video resolution is 2048 into 1080 pixel Music using its 6k gimbal version camera.

The picture resolution is 6144 into 3456 pixel and video resolution is 3840 pixel into 2160 pixel, most usable part is frame rate and transmission frame rate is 25 fps. This mini drones, two axis stabilization, mechanical pen, tilt feature, gives you access to click, pictures from innovative angles and its self stabilization. Gimbal camera helps you to achieve a tilt angle of 110 degree, while the vertical photography angle is 90 degree or plus 20 degree. If you consider about battery motor range camera and durability, then this drone will be perfect choice for you on aliexpress. This drone camera got 1300 plus waters and total 500 plus real buyer put 4.8 star rating out of 5. price range will be 150 to 250.. In this video, if you found any mistake or if you have any recommendation, please let me know in comment – i will answer as soon as possible and dont forget to hit the subscribe button and tap the bell icon for getting more videos from me.