Now i know the product name may seem a little funny but dont. Let that name fool you, because these earbuds are jam packed with some of the very latest and most sophisticated technology available today for wireless earbuds and ill get into all that in a minute. But before i do, i always like to start these overviews with an unboxing of a product just to show you everything, thats included with the kit, so youll understand exactly what you get if you buy the product and then ill spend some time doing a complete overview Of this set of earbuds and point out some key things that really separated from others on the market, because this segment, the earbud segments, especially wireless earbuds, has exploded in the last couple of years and it seems like theres five new companies every week releasing a product Like this, and it can get really confusing because theres a lot of marketing terms involved things like noise, canceling versus noise reduction, does it use aptx? Is it using the latest version of bluetooth? How long can you charge them? Are they waterproof? So all those things really go into your buying decision when youre, comparing this set against another set and ill get into all that. But before i do the unboxing, i have to say that eppfund has really thought through all of those aspects. They built a set of earbuds here that include again some of the very latest technology available on the market today, not only to ensure the connection between this and your device, but to contour the audio thats heading for these earbuds to produce as rich and clearer sound As possible, alright, so let me get into the unboxing first then ill get into the details.

So when you first pop open the box youll find a really nice case with the earbuds inside now i want to point out that the design of this is absolutely incredible. Theyve actually done a fantastic job. It looks like a finely machined case, its all aluminum, which is different than a lot of other earbuds on the market. They use a plastic case. Those plastic cases look great the day you get them, but after a couple of weeks, its going to get cracked on you, especially if you throw in a backpack or slide it in your pocket with a set of keys. Having an aluminum case means its going to last you a long time, its also a different design, its sort of like a very long and thin design, which fits in your palm really well. Itll slide in your pocket really easily, and i really like the design of it overall now ive got the pink version right here. My wife likes pink. She needed a set of earbuds. These are the ones i got her, but theyre offering this in both black silver and one other color as well. So you can pick the color that you like in addition to that, you get a charging cable. Now this unit charges over usb c its not a wireless charge and ill talk about that in a little bit, but it charges over usb c, which is the very latest standard for usb charging, and they include a cable, its got a usba in this end and A usbc on this end this plugs into the back of the unit.

This can plug into any standard usb charger you have, or your computer, to fully charge the unit. There is an internal battery in here that will recharge those earbuds at least six times on the internal battery, and the earbuds themselves will operate for six hours on a full charge, so thats pretty good youll, be able to use them a long time when theyre getting Low on power, just drop them back in the case and itll recharge themselves, also included with the kit, is a full instruction manual that explains exactly how to connect this to any device out there, whether its an apple device, an android device or even a bluetooth dongle. On your computer, theres warranty information in here and a lot of other details about how best to use the unit and how to take care of it. The one thing i like about this kit is: they also include a contact card now. This is something that a lot of the companies that make these products dont include with their kit. They make it really difficult for you to get a hold of them if youve got questions later on. I think this is a really brave move, because what app funds done is giving you first off theyve got a nice little bird on the front of it, so thats pleasant and on the back of it, theyve got all kinds of contact. Information email addresses website addresses contact information, how you can post positive comments online if you want to your social networks, a little qr code right there, and what that means to me is that they want to sell you a product that youre happy with and if theres Ever an issue down the road theyre not going to hide theyre going to be available for you to get a hold of them and ask the questions you need to have answered so thats.

A really nice touch as well. All right so lets talk about the unit. Now again, im already gushing about the design of this. I really like this. The smooth sort of uh cylindrical design, theyve built here its nice and flat itll, lay in a table really well. The design is also incredibly well crafted. When i look at things like this, the build quality of this is im going to say astounding. It looks like a finely made german product. I mean its really its got that that heft to it its aluminum when you close it up. One way you can gauge the quality of an item is by the seam around the outside. If you see any kind of bowing on the seam, you know that it was sort of rushed through production. This is perfect. I mean it looks like again a german automobile. As far as the seam goes, the hood on this thing is opened easily from the front. Magnetic closure so its going to keep it closed in your pocket when you close it theres a sensor inside that lets the earbuds know the case is closed, start charging. You can pull the earbuds out and theyre magnetically attached to the case when you take them out. Drop them back in magnetically, they snap back in now the earbuds themselves charge through these two little dots on the end, and there are two points of contact inside so when you drop them back inside, they automatically start charging if youve only used them for an hour.

The case will top them off so theyre ready to go the next time you pull them out. I, like the design of the earbuds as well theyre, small and minimal, and one thing that blows me away with the development of this type of technology is, i go way back in electronics to when we had headphones with cables and then sony came out with the Walkman earbuds earphones that were just tremendously good, but all that required a cable. When the wireless started, they were very, very crude. They couldnt really do a great job. The audio quality was really kind of jammed into that middle band. Theyve really improved the style of these. Now the fit and finish on these again is incredible. Its just looks like a single piece unit fits in your ear, really comfortably its, not a lot of stuff sticking out of your ear. It doesnt go way down inside your ear canal. One of the problems i have with some of the other earbuds that ive tested is they require like a little rubber gasket that fits on the end of it and pushes down into your ear canal, which seals your ear canal. These are what ill call passive noise reduction and what i mean by that is, when you put them in your ears, theyre not going to completely block out all the sound around you theyre, going to let some of that sound through and thats important, because, if youre Using these in an office – and you really do need that sound reduction where you cant hear anything else, these are probably not going to be perfect.

They will knock down the sound a lot, but these are more designed for driving your car jogging being on a bicycle. Where you kind of need to hear some of that ambient noise around you, because if youre on your bike and theres a car approaching, you want to know the cars coming up or if youre listening to music and youve got friends near you, you can still hear The conversations around you so, i think its a great balance between complete noise cancelling and what i call ambient noise canceling where it comes some of that background noise down, but not all of it all right, so audio quality in these. For me, comparing them to some of the higher priced earbuds that are out there and ive got a lot of those as well. Uh is fantastic and – and i say that again, its fantastic its its not all jammed into that middle band, its got really crisp pies. It brings a lot of the base through it kind of spreads out the audio profile across that entire spectrum, and i think thats fantastic now. Ive listened to acoustic music on it. Ive had phone calls on it. It does a fantastic job of balancing both audio, which is what we talk about im talking to you now and music, which is a much bigger bandwidth of frequencies that are in there, so its great a great job. With that, the reason it can do. That is because theyre using the very latest qualcomm chip, which supports aptx, both adaptive and hd, which, if you know anything about audio those, are the very latest standards for audio compression and and the challenges with most earbuds is theyve, got to connect to a device.

But then the audio on that device has to get compressed and sent across that wireless network to the earbuds, and they have to unpack it. That aptx does a fantastic job of making the connection and expanding the audio profile. To give you really rich highs and really good bass in the unit. The other thing thats nice about it is its using the latest bluetooth standard 5.2, which means its going to connect to any device. Youve got today pretty much any device you buy in the future, and bluetooth has gone through well. Five revisions at this point were on 5.2, which guarantees a fast connection synchronicity, which means youre going to get if youre, watching a program and youre using these, the lips are going to match up with what youre hearing in your ears, some of the other earbuds in The market that uses these older versions of bluetooth will not be in sync and thats, going to drive you crazy now its not a big deal when youre listening to music, because youre not looking at a set of lip singing in the song. But if youre watching a video on your phone or youre watching a widescreen tv and youve got a movie and got these hooked up as bluetooth connected if its not a current version of bluetooth, its going to be sort of like those old uh, kung, fu movies. Where the mouth is moving and the audio comes a couple of seconds later and as humans, we pick up on that.

It can drive you nuts, so the 5.2 is really good. The earbuds again will work for six hours on a full charge. The case inside will give you up to 32 hours of use, so you can pretty much charge this up in the morning and go out for a couple of days. Leave it in your pocket. Leave it in your backpack not have to worry about charging it again. I, like that, an awful lot, one other thing they did, which some of the earbuds have incorporated as well. Is this soft touch some of the earbuds out? There have buttons on them that you got ta tap and that can be tricky with your fingers, especially if youre out jogging these are tricky. You know the other ones are tricky to hit those buttons with these theyre soft touch. So its a capacitive touch. Your fingers have a certain amount of capacitance when you touch it, itll make the choice for you and you have a couple of different ways. You can control them, you can turn the volume up and down. You can advance to the next song. You can pick up a call, you can drop a call and all of thats explained in the manual and how many times youll touch it and where youll touch it. But again. Overall, i got these for the wife and ive tested a lot of a lot of different earbuds out there. I dont review ones that dont do well im, not one of those guys that likes to get on the channel and beat up a set of earbuds that didnt work well, but ive ive reviewed some of the most expensive earbuds that are available today and i think Theyre phenomenal, but again theyre expensive, with these youre getting that quality, i think all the way around, especially in the audio quality for a third or less of the price.

So what eps fun has done is built a quality set of earbuds that rival some of the ones that are two or three times as expensive as these and a price that everybody can afford. So if youre in the market for a set of wireless earbuds, i dont think you can go wrong with the up funds. I think these are phenomenal and again ive been testing it for the last couple of weeks with a bunch of different brands of earbuds, and they just they just outperform a lot of the ones on the market today, so thats pretty much all i had. If you have any questions about this, please drop your questions down below and ill get back to you as quickly as i can. If youre interested in these ive got a link below as well, where you can go check them out on amazon and compare them to other earbuds that are out there, but for my money uh, the price is right: the quality is phenomenal and the audio quality. You know from the device to the earbuds is fantastic, so it does everything i need it to do. In a nice little small compact case thats aluminum its going to last a long time, and i can quickly charge it over usb c.