This is a live show. So if youre watching this at approximately 7 26 p.m, new york, city time east coast time in the united states of america, then this is a live show. So anything that you type in the chat i can see. I can also see the super chat. So if you choose to super chat again, not required, but a great way to support the channel and a great way to support future live, shows and also videos im. An independent youtube channel so its your support that enables me to continue to produce and to grow so without further ado lets go ahead and jump right into this, so you know, i think the topic of uh of peak interest right now is the dji mini 3. Pro and theres no secret the cats out of the bag, the dji mini 3 pro its uh, its its imminent ep life ep life. Welcome aboard sir ep life is a huge. A tremendous supporter of the channel loves the merchandise super chats. Does the super thanks? Ive done a lot of wristwatch reviews for ep life, so ep life. Its good to have you on the epic drone show this live show, of course, is about drones, so i, like i, like wrist, watches. I like drones. I, like a little bit of everything, so ive got subject matter kind of across the board, but yeah within this show were going to talk about the uh. The dji mini 3 pro, so the dji mini mini 3 pro is, is going to be great and theres.

Actually, a lot of leaks and again i dont whatever drone it is and youve seen. If you havent seen my old videos be sure to subscribe to my channel and check out my videos and youll see how i how i approach every drone, but some of these videos, you know you got ta, you dont have to do anything, but you should assume That they may not necessarily be accurate so and the reason i say that is that everything that you see here and thats phantom one through present present being the dji mini three pro everything you see here is how it is. You know im not here to doctor stuff up im, not here, to put on uh im here to put on a show but im not here to doctor things up, and you know film, a video and theres ooh theres, not a speck of dust on the on The entire thing – and you know, thats thats, you know this is not a video production class. This is not something where you go and say: oh well, professor, do i get an a or do i get an f, or do i get a c? You know its? Not that i mean this is theres a drone, its brand new. Is it worth it? Is it not worth it? You know what are your thoughts? What do you want to see me do in the field with the dji mini 3 pro? What are your concerns? What are your curiosities? You know, you tell me thats why im here thats why epic drone show was established? I established epic drone show many years ago and im also the drone evangelist.

So you can go to, you can go to and something i encourage. Everybody to do if youre new to drones, maybe you think about buying a new drone, maybe one for yourself, maybe one for a friend. Please consider my website whenever youre shopping for a drone you dont have to buy, but if even if youre, just shopping and youre curious, go to and click buy a drone and you can find all the drums and as soon as the dji mini 3, Pro becomes available, you also find it there, so this is going to be a fun ride and if youve been a subscriber on my channel for a while, you know that im not super enthusiastic about things that that i just dont care about and thats, not saying Theres anything, not anything, thats, not saying theres something wrong with it. For example, mavic 3 dji mavic 3. I was not interested in it and im not saying its a bad drone. Obviously you can find it go to and click buy a drone. You can find it there but im not saying its a bad drone, but it just wasnt of enough interest to me to feature here on epic drone show to feature on irish guys. Adventure channel, obviously epic drone show is a component of irish guys, adventure channel. So you know epic drone show is very well. It is drone centric content, so the mini 3. Pro though it genuinely has me excited its, not just the small size and the insignificant weight, but you know, like previous drones: mini dji mini 2.

The original dji mini like the mini series. Well, actually the original dji mini. They called it, the dji mavic mini, and then they dropped the word mavic out of dji mini 2 and now the dji mini 3 pro it doesnt mention the word mavic. So you know youre getting that usb recharge capability which, when youre filming off the grid, like i do, i mean im im out in the middle of nowhere man, i put a backpack on my back and i may be 75 miles out. You know thats just how it goes, but if im in a permissible environment and im able to take that drone off of my back and fly it well guess what after i land it im going to want to recharge it and when im off the grid 75 Miles out in the middle of the back country, how am i going to recharge its? Not like hey bear? Can you give me a? Can you give me a wall outlet? I need to recharge this drone youre like no. I just eat you and eat your drone. You cant do that, thats. Why you need you know the usb recharge capability of the dji mini 3. Pro is tremendous because utilizing something as simple as a solar usb battery bank. It makes it possible for one to take a drone out in the back country. Fly the drone consume the battery and say you know what im going to go: fishing im going to cook some dinner and cook some dinner here in the back country.

But while youre doing that youre recharging. Your usb rechargeable drone by way of the usb battery bank and then the solar panels, are recharging. The battery in the usb battery bank off the grid usb recharge man, thats huge that is so huge, not just for the not just for the drone. The dji mini 3 pro, but also for the dji mini 3 pros controller and were going to talk about that here in a little bit of depth. Sorry, all this pollen and stuff man, i usually dont – have bad allergies but im just like dude im, just like warped, i mean its just like its my eyes, water. My nose is just everything, but you know what thats not going to stop me from obsessing over the dji mini 3 pro and we got a quiet crowd here tonight i got. I know we got ep life, but where are all the drone people tonight, man? We got to talk about drones. What do you think about the dji mini 3 pro? Are you going to buy the dji mini 3 pro? Do you think its a waste of time? Do you think its a waste of money? Do you think its going to be the best drone ever? What do you think about dji mini 3, pro thats? Why were here and actually im going to post a poll im going to post a poll here and im just going to say, do you like drones? Yes or no im going to ask the community so youll see that pop up you can choose to take the poll if you want to if you dont, thats fine man im just here having a good time so yeah its going to be a very eventful, and I completely expect im 95 and, if im wrong, yall can call me an idiot but im 95, confident that the dji mini 3 pro will be available to order on may the 10th, which may the 10th is tuesday in the united states of america.

So mark your calendars set, you an iphone reminder, an android reminder. Whatever you want set that reminder on your smart device. You know your a word device. Your g word device whatever it is your digital assistant or your physical assistant. You know maybe youre a big shot and you got somebody that that is your assistant. Tell them remind me on may the 10th, which is tuesday, you know. Wake me up at 6, 00 am and remind me to go to and click buy a drone and look at the mini 3 pro. Because this. If this doesnt release on tuesday im going to feel like a fool because im saying its gon na release on tuesday, again assumption not confirmed, but as soon as it releases again, you will find it on just go to and click buy a drone thats. All you got ta do man, so why am i so excited about this? Well number one. There hasnt been a good drone in a few years. I mean well the mavic 3. Pro is a good drone, but im saying there hasnt been anything. Thats really peaked. My interest – and you know we had the past few years – i dont want to go into all that, but we had that virus or whatever came through and everybody got disrupted and supply chain got disrupted. Supply chain is still disrupted, but it created a a challenging environment for innovation. When it comes to things like drones, you know less essential items to me.

A drone is an essential item because im the host and founder of epic drone show now got ta have drones, but i understand for the majority of people that its not necessarily ep life, says got ta watch live stream to get to to uh man. Have you have a good night later ep life always good to have you, sir ep life? Is a huge wristwatch collector check out my timepieces for tomorrow videos? You can see my review of time of uh ep lifes, wristwatch collection, very cool stuff, but uh yeah. I mean were were about to experience something brand new and and again drones. Theyve been around for a while, but with the dji mini 3 pro were about to experience something brand new from the perspective that weve got a new drone, well duh thats new, but its a new drone that is refined. So when you looked at the dji mini the dji mavic mini, you know the the miniature drone from dji that started this movement. You know that was just kind of testing the waters. You know dji was saying well, you know, theyre, probably back there in their little laboratory, theyre like man, i dont know you think we ought to create something smaller and youre like well. I dont know man and then everybody else is like well lets. Give it a try, lets just kind of make it basic. So you know the original dji mini mavic dji, mavic mini didnt.

Have the high end camera. It was just a very bare bones, but very lightweight and first in class, from dji to have a drone that is usb rechargeable, so that was huge. Then you got the dji mini 2 awesome. Drone awesome awesome, drone highly capable usb rechargeable 4k video excellent, drum excellent drone. Actually, the dji mini 2 for a lot of social media work is more than sufficient excellent drone and again, with that usb recharge capability, you can recharge it off the grid. Man, you dont, have to have a wall outlet. You know youre out in your boat youre on your atv, your snowmobile. You got a little solar battery bank in your pocket. You can top that battery off. You got solar panels. You got off the grid. Renewable energy man, so you know the dji mini 2. It brought a lot of refinement to the miniature drone from dji and now, oh now, no! No! No! No now youve got the dji mini 3. Pro dji has taken what theyve tested. Okay were just going to rely, man were going to relational bare bones: drones very lightweight and theyre, like oh, were going to do the same thing and were going to add a 4k camera to it and now theyre like well. You know what people seem to like. A smaller and lighter drone that has usb recharge capability ive been preaching this since the phantom one subscribe check out. My old videos check out the drone evangelist.

I am the drone evangelist ive always been preaching. We need a smaller and lighter drone and dji, i think, is about to deliver in a way that theyve never delivered before. Not only are we going to get a smaller and lighter drone from dji, but were gon na get a phenomenal and again to be tested? I got ta get the drone i got ta, take it out of the box, got ta, take it out in the field to be tested, but what i will promise you is, like all my videos, all my videos, all my drone videos, an honest and unedited experience. You know some people dont either man, you know whyd, you take so long in the field. You know you get to it man. You know this. Video could have been three minutes and it was 30 minutes. Hey you dont, like the format hey. If you dont, you know, maybe my formats not for you, my formats not for everyone, but the format, the people that appreciate my format. I feel confident youre going to love the presentation when dji mini 3 pro comes to the table and i completely expect to have it within a few days. You know im not im, not your bottom feeder here, you know im, not your low man on the totem pole or a low person on the totem pole. I got to be politically correct, but Music. I completely expect to have that drone within a few days and when i get it again, nothing sugar coated, nothing cleaned up.

You know i may have a little bit of rain stains on my on my desk here from this ipa, india pale but, and that may get on the box, and you may be looking at the unboxing and its like man. He didnt even clean his desk off and hes unboxing. This brand new drone, hey nothing sugar coated on this channel. You know this is an authentic drone experience, an honest drone experience, it always has been, it always will be and theres no theres, no uh doctoring up of anything on this channel. I mean thats thats, not the goal. You know you want an edited experience. You know you want the im going to pull up to the gas station pump, my gas and they pop up that little bitty. You know gas stations go up and they got a tv screen its like these little quick and and uh turbo abbreviated clips, because theyre targeting somebody standing at a gas pump and may be there for a few minutes. Only and thats an ultra edited experience its not going to be that you know this is going to be in depth. This is going to be honest. This is going to be painful for people to watch that dont care about drones. You know people that they want to spend three minutes and be like well, you know thats everything i need to know about the drone. If youre that fancy, if your time is that valuable, then you just you need to go somewhere else for your information.

But if you want the honest in depth and non sugar coated review of the dji mini 3 pro youve come to the right place. Epic drone show again, i established it because i value honesty. I value entertainment. I value an in depth review and nothing doctored up so im excited because ive got something new that is going to be able to be fully explored and, and the best part about it is the best part about it is. Is that its something im genuinely excited about again? I dont just review drones on this channel, just because its in our drone review, i could go out to insert retailer xyz here and i could get the uh. You know any dronis out there. Any brand im not gon na do that. Im, not gon na fill my channel with bloat, so the drones that youre seeing here are drones that i care about and ive been approached by a lot of big drone manufacturers and some of them. I was polite and i just said: look you know youre. I appreciate you contacting me. Thank you for your time. However, i just dont feel that your drone would be a good fit for fit for my viewers and and thats happened to me before chris register. I thought we were talking about the mini three. Yes, sir, were talking about the dji mini 3 pro the brand new drone from dji that i completely expect to release on the 10th, which is tuesday in the united states of america, again set that bookmark epicdroneshow.

com and click buy a drone youll set. That reminder. Ask your digital assistant: ask your wife: ask your living girlfriend whatever it is just say, hey remind me on the 10th i got to go over to and i got to click buy a drone. You know thats thats important, so chris speaking of the dji mini 3. What are your thoughts in regards to the dji mini 3? Just tell the truth, man i mean this is not. This is not one of those again, not a doctored up uh, not a doctored up presentation. I mean this. Is you tell the truth, tell me what you think: what do you think about the dji mini 3? Tell me tell the world: what do you think about it? We want to know man, oh and speaking of, want to know this is a live show. So if anybody wants to super chat not required, but if you want a super chat, feel free to click. Super chat within the chat area great way to support the channel great way to support all of my existing videos and my upcoming videos. Again i am an independent youtube channel, so you know im here on a skeleton budget. I mean its its a self created budget. So and if you wonder what im drinking, if you want to super chat me for another drink, thats, fine, actually im drinking discount beer, what i do i go to a uh, i go to a local liquor store and uh theyve got a little section in the Corner and its got dust everywhere and its its these beers, they didnt sell, so i go over there and i try to find uh.

I try to find ipas india parallels and i get them for a few bucks. Most of them have expired a few months prior, but its still good. I mean thats thats like this beer right here i mean im, im saving up money, man, so yeah we got uh lets, see mini three pro man again, a game changer. In my opinion, not just because of the usb recharge uh lets see we got twimei uh. Do you know? Dm production has already got the mini 3 pro i dude theres, so many theres, so many channels that uh that have posted stuff and and again until until i receive the dji mini 3 pro that ive ordered and it arrives at my studio. I just you know anything that arrives anything thats posted prior to release. I dont, i dont trust it. I mean theres theres, so many and again i dont know the individual youre speaking of and i dont you know i dont want to give anybody a bad reputation, but in general i assume that any video that i see so theres a few warning signs that i Have is there a drone that emerges within videos prior to the official release? Okay, thats one concern: is there a drone that theres a video that emerges like lets say an hour or immediately following the uh within a few minutes of the official launch? I dont trust that, because that was a pre release drum you know something that was probably sent to someone and and they went out and you know, and then the other warning sign not just the time of the publication of the first video in regards to this New drone, but the professionalism i mean you look at it and its like you know its a well lit studio and again theres no theres, not a speck of dust or grime on any of the packing materials or the desk.

That theyre unboxing on the lighting is perfect. The audio is perfect. You know i dont trust that so what youre looking at here when and if and again on may the 10th, which is tuesday in the united states of america on may the 10th, if dji mini 3 pro releases is expected, expect a couple things you know again Head over to and click buy a drone because if its released youll be able to find it there and order it, there asap and then number two when and if it releases on may the 10th, as i expect ill, be getting my hands on it asap. I dont have one in my hands right now. I dont do that man im not someone thats out here to try to hustle people up, i mean with my metrics. You know im again not to do my own horn, but i will ive been. I feel that im one of the ogs of the uh of the drone videos and theres, so many people that that have impersonated my format and thats fine. I mean look back to dji phantom one. You know look at the format of all my videos. I havent changed. You know i havent, let the viewership go to my head. I mean ive ive kept the format the same. I mean im not here to doctor up my delivery im not here to to uh bow down to dollars and whatever and and try to change my format i cant be bought.

So you know with that being said: if theres something im interested in yeah im gon na get it and im gon na you know fair share a series of honest reviews because number one i enjoy it and not only do i enjoy it. But more importantly, i enjoy posting the videos receiving feedback from the viewers and then posting follow up videos to respond to the comments and or questions from viewers, because thats, what makes epic drone shows so enjoyable. Is that its its something i was going to do anyway, but the the energy and everything is enhanced because of of everyones enthusiasm, you know your your interest in wanting to get your hands on the drone. You know your interest in wanting to know. Well, can it do this, can it do that? You know thats what fuels epic drone show and uh twee me says and sorry to email. If im mispronouncing, your screen name uh, not sure how he got a hold of the drone before release again, dont trust it and thats the thing until a drone has been officially released again. This is my this. These are my opinions. I respect everyones opinions if its something that comes out before its been released. I dont trust it if its something that comes out at the same time or within a few hours of release of the drone. I dont trust it because that implies that somebody had their hands on the drone prior to the release.

I dont trust it as being an honest review and then also even if it, even if its a video that emerges lets say a few days after the official release and its one of those videos. As we mentioned theres no dust, theres, no grime on the boxes. The table, the lighting everythings perfect, the audio is on point. It looks like a hollywood production. I dont trust it. You know you got ta get out there, you got ta, you got ta, go, you got ta, say: look, you know. The drone arrived at my doorstep and im going to get it and you know maybe ive been eating. Some chicken wings or maybe ive been eating some barbecue ribs and i got a little bit of sauce on my fingers and my face and all that. But i still go the door and i get it and i unbox it. I dont i dont sugarcoat it man, i just i live my life and i i take it out. I take the drone out uh greenock drone guy whoa. Yes, sir, always good to have you green out. Enoch has been a long long, la la la la la long time subscribers and supported the channel deeply appreciated, uh greenock drone guy says: will the dji smart controller work with the mini three well and thats? A great question my assumption, and again until i get my hands on the dji mini 3 pro. My assumption is that probably this is a broad assumption.

My broad assumption is that the dji mini 3 pro will probably sorry i got the hiccups. I drank some of this. This is called dr dank its a pineapple infused, india, pale ale, but uh yeah. My assumption is that it probably wouldnt my assumption is that probably with the dji mini 3 pro again to be confirmed as soon as it releases. My assumption is that its probably only going to be compatible with a you know, bring your own android or bring your own iphone device or ios device. I should say to be correct or b buy the controller that is offered as an option for the dji mini 3 pro. I could be wrong, but thats my educated assumption, a han solo 1911 says. If someone was in the market to buy a drone, would you recommend the air 2s or the mini 3.? Well, i can tell you, this and and by the way head on over to and click, buy a drone and youll be able to find them all there at the time of this live show. The mini 3 is not yet posted there, but it will be as soon as it hits the market. So to answer your question about the air 2s, the dji mavic air 2s is a phenomenal drone. Having that one inch sensor on that 4k camera is phenomenal for low light filming situations and also broad daylight, its a very well performing camera with the dji mavic air 2s and check out subscribe.

If you havent already check out all my mavic 2 errors, mavic air 2s videos, ive got a playlist full of them see the quality for yourself. The quality is exceptional. Now what you dont get with the dji mavic air 2s is the usb recharge capability. But what you do get is a still small and still lightweight drone thats manageable from a travel perspective, but having that phenomenal one inch sensor on that camera really makes the capture of professional quality video content possible. So with that, you get that with the mini 3. Pro again, as soon as i get it ill post the videos, i will tell you what i think about it. You can watch my videos and tell me what you think about the mini 3 pro. My assumption is that the mini 3 pro if the camera comes close or even trumps, the mavic air 2s camera its going to be the best and itll be the best because its usb rechargeable. So you add the us recharge capability, combined with the small size and the small weight, not that the air 2s is too big, but the smaller size and the smaller weight youve got a more convenient package. Youve got off the grid, usb solar, recharge capabilities, something you dont get with the year 2s. Now, if off the grid, filming and recharging is, is not a concern of yours. The air 2s is a phenomenal drone and its its good enough.

I mean obviously thats, not a professional drone. Look at the video quality man get. You know, look at the air 2s. You can capture some phenomenal video 4k 4k videos from the air 2s, its a very capable aerial, video platform. So if video quality, especially in low light performances of concern, the air 2s does not disappoint again subscribe ring that bell check out my dji mavic air 2s video playlist and see for yourself i mean i dont doctor these up. I mean its its. What i get from it and its now you know i will say i really enjoyed the dji mavic 2 pro with the hasselblad. I got a lot of awesome content. I even i even filmed check out the videos. I filmed jeffrey epsteins island check out little saint james island ive got a few videos here on my channel those videos i filmed with the dji mavic 2 pro whoa, oh whoa, oh man, i just got a super chat hold on hold on. Let me let me get something here: hold up hold up, ive got pants on i just okay. There we go. Oh, yes, Music, hold up hold on im gon na get it Music Music. That my friends is the sound of the super chat anytime. You choose to super chat. Like han solo did han solo 1911. I celebrate it. So does the audience han solo, you demand that Laughter. That is generous. I appreciate that. So i got a super fa but seriously my best advice, han solo and im gon na im.

Even gon na go in more depth because hes super chatted. My best advice is to if youre, in a rush, if you need that aerial video platform, now, if youre in a rush, theres nothing about the air, 2s thatll disappoint from a video quality perspective. Now i will tell you if you use autofocus the auto focus on the air 2s from my experience, trumps, the autofocus performance on the dji mavic 2 pro, which has the hasselblad camera both have great video check out my videos, especially my epsteins island video. That was the mavic 2 pro, but if you can wait, wait for my mavic 3 mavic mini pro videos and see for yourself what the quality there is, because i have a feeling that the quality could be if its on par or better than the mavic air. 2S would be a no brainer to go with it unless youre flying in ultra windy conditions, the extra size and weight of the other drone could be advantageous, but for the bulk of flights that mini 3 pro is probably going to be more than sufficient. Twemi says, but if you want to bring your drone abroad, you might as well get the mini 3 for its sub 250 grams due to local regulations: Music, Music, Music, aha, oh man, han solo is blowing up the bank. Man look at that. Look at that han solo, 1911, 19 whoa man – i got the money coming in here.

Han solo says no more cheap beer. My friend thanks for the feedback. Oh yes, sir! There is no more cheap, this again thats. This was honestly discount. I got it from the discount corner and it was a few months out of date. I think, for this was a six pack or a four. I think it only costs like 4.99 u.s for the entire thing, so yeah ill have to ill have to upgrade, especially i can keep getting super chats like this man i may have to. I may have to upgrade to the mcallen mcallen here in a little bit. Man thats awesome, but you know honestly seriously. These super chats deeply deeply tremendously appreciate because i am an independent youtube channel and this helps man. I mean this helps this helps so much and you know honestly, i could steer you and say man, just you know just go to and buy any drone im not going to do that. Im going to encourage you to take your time, research watch. My videos watch other peoples, videos, research and make an educated decision. But again tweemi made a great point about the weight the weight of the dji mini 3 pro and keep in mind that weight and it hasnt released. Yet, but from the specs of the leaked that weight is with the factory battery installed the standard battery. To my understanding, there may be a larger capacity battery that may offer enhanced fly times flight times, but that larger battery would obviously tip it over the the weight that it would have with the standard battery.

So you would go over that threshold. If you put the extended capacity battery but again the normal capacity battery from what ive read from the leaks is going to be more than enough flight time and you could always take multiple batteries and you know you could have one recharging in your uh. You know in your usb solar battery bank, while youre flying another battery, so you know its, but you know again to twimys point the uh, the the size and weight, especially the weight, is advantageous because again, this is not legal. Speak im, not a lawyer im, not a member of the government, but there are certain situations where that lighter weight drone, it could be advantageous to have a smaller and lighter weight. Drone not saying its going to make it permissible to fly in certain areas, but it may reduce some of the regulations associated with again, not will, but possibly could it may so. You know that thats a thats, a positive, so thats uh man, hey super chats. This is awesome. This is awesome. Im just getting excited super excited man. Whoa han solo 1911 is the man. He is a man but yeah this. This dji mini 3, pro man it and again until i get it unboxed until i take it out in the field. This is just all wishful speak, but you know knowing dji like i know dji, you know you develop a good relationship with any product.

Any brand and youve experienced your things in the past. Then oh jake jake welcome aboard or maya mckenna and katie with you thats a great question: jake jake is another longtime subscriber of the channel, not just jake, but all of his uh, all of his crew, maya, mckenna and katie so see. I know my viewers, i know my viewers, jake, is awesome and jake is also – and i always mention this jake is known for turning me on to the terry peppers, fog, horn, video. If you havent watched the terry peppers foghorn video is a life changer, you got ta check it out, man, that is, that is awesome, theyre, good, good stuff man. Thank you for coming in no more cheap beer says han solo 1911.. That is awesome. That is deeply appreciated. Now, if i can just figure out a way to encourage people, ive got a video that i got not related to drones, but i got a i got a video i filmed its my general electric, my ge, dishwasher, quit working fix and ive got super thanks on That video and nobody super thinks so i got to figure out how to how to do that, but man that that is awesome man this that is so cool when your viewers choose to support you like that, whoa im, just im, so excited im going to blow The blow the didgeridoo again: Music, Music, foreign, okay, we got zorthon zorathon. Welcome aboard sir welcome boardzorathon uh zorathon says: what are you sipping on im sipping on a discount, a discount ipa, a discount india pillow, actually its about two weeks? Two months expired and i got it in the discount section of a liquor store and uh its actually really good, its dr dank its a pineapple infused, india parallel, so its not its, not a fruit forward, ipa, its not an in your face fruit forward.

India pale ale, but the the pineapple and uh and the ipa its a unique combination. Again when you drink it, you know youre drinking an ipa, but the pineapple adds a its its a different uh mouth feel to the ipa. It also adds a slight bit of sweetness again very mild, not overpowering its not like a fruit forward beer, but it has a unique character to it. This is very nice. Very nice flavor profile, easily sessionable, ipa jake eve, says yup. I just got off work with the fire station. It was busy day with a multi vehicle accident involving a hazardous materials truck carrying uranium fuel cells for a nuclear power plant in the toronto area, whoa dude thats, thats, nuts, whoa thats thats a wild day man. I hope everythings okay, zoro, then says sounds pretty good. It actually is. I mean even though its expired, i mean two months ago, its still good, but now that i got the nice super chat from uh lets say i got the nice nice super chat from han solo 1911. I can afford to get some better beer next time. Jake says so: we had to wait. Two hours till the government, crews showed up and confirmed the sales were safe and not damaged, makes sense, got to have that proper audit by the trained uh by the trained agencies. Speaking of that are any of the viewers from any of the three letter agencies. If you are, you probably cant say so: yeah dji mini 3 pro is going to be, is going to be exceptional and i ive just got ta i got ta got ta got ta.

I got ta, do this again, just to celebrate han solo 1911s generosity, Music. Ah, okay, again to celebrate han solo 1911 thats, deeply appreciated so jake says the government crew said it. Okay, we read that so yeah drones man. Speaking of that, is there anything else out there that can even come close to a dji. I know i was getting some uh. I was getting some encouragement to checking out a brand called all till and i looked at it and im like and again. This is not an insult, but i looked at it and im just like just doesnt float my boat man theyre trying to get me on board with that im. Just saying people accuse me of being dji fanboy, but you know what i dont think theres anything wrong with continuing to follow and obsess over products from a brand that has been proven to be successful. What they deliver and – and i mean you know, tell me, you know – tell me im wrong. Thats fair, i mean this is thats. Why we have this live show i mean its an open forum. You can tell me whatever you want to tell me, i mean this. Is not sugar coated? This is not filtered. Obviously, theres, no profanity, because this is appropriate for all age groups and will remain that way. You know thats thats, a thats, a requirement for the channel and super chats are not required, but wow. When i get when i get super chats like i got, i mean from han solo 1911, i mean whoa dude.

I mean that is that thats, a that is awesome. It really is and im not here for the money, but i got ta have the money to fuel the uh, the content. You know the content is not just going out and filming it. You got ta factor in you got ta factor in the fuel to and from you got ta factor in the food cost. You got ta feed your crew. You got ta feed me. I eat a lot. You know theres theres, a lot of cost that has incurred while filming these drone videos. So its really appreciated jake says in a situation involving things like uranium fuel cells that the one truck was carrying. Today we have no choice but to call the nuclear transportation safety board to check to ensure our safety han solo 1911 says my first drone was a 3dr solo. Had it for a week and returned it. Okay, thats funny han solo said that um han solo said he had the 3dr solo for a week and returned it. So 3dr solo, if you all, are not yall arent familiar with it out there. It was an older drone. It was kind of in the infancy of drones, but it was a drone that that was pumped up to be something that it not necessarily was. Allegedly, they had a relationship with gopro, so the mount. Apparently they had some sort of relationship with gopro, so theyre able to have a a good camera system on it.

Keep in mind the 3dr solo was a drone that was released before gopro themselves, and you may not even know this check out. My videos gopro themselves released the gopro karma, which the gopro karma horrible name choice. By the way the gopro karma was a gopro created drone. The gopro karma was recalled due to potential safety issues and then gopro opted to never really go forward with drones, which i dont agree with their cop out. I wish that gopro had stuck with drones because had gopro stuck with drones. I think that we would have seen a very well refined, gopro drone on the market today and im afraid they probably never will revisit the possibility of creating drones, its a shame, karma struck them yeah. They called it gopro karma. That was a horrible naming thing, but the false perception among a lot of people that were just you know, looking for drones, you know googling for drones or whatever was that, because of this alleged deal between 3dr solo and gopro for gopro technology, a lot of people Falsely assumed that the 3dr solo was the gopro drone and it wasnt the 3dr solo had an amazing marketing campaign. It had all these like apes and everything in this video i mean it was they definitely put some money into it. Its a shame to see any business fail, but 3dr solo definitely failed and it failed miserably. So you know i hate to see any business fail because im an entrepreneur but yeah they uh.

It was a dog. It really was jake says the nuclear transportation and power safety boards job is to assist with cleanup and nuclear accidents and crashes involving trucks, carrying nuclear waste or stuff like what we dealt with today. Wow dude that thats a thats, an intense job that is intense. Now do you all fly drones with your with your stuff, like this, to go in and see what things whats going on before you walk into it? 3Dr solo wow thats that brought back some twisted memories, dude uh jake says they are all, are also responsible for security at all, canadian nuclear power plants and even some military han solo 1911 says i agree yeah its a shame i mean, and the other thing is You know they they had such a well refined marketing campaign. 3Dr solo did. It was a prime example of they put too much into marketing and they didnt put enough into uh into refinement of the product and thats a shame. You know because people heres the thing when youre, when youre bringing a product to market – and i dont know how many people, if yall, have brought a product to market but whenever youre, bringing a product to market theres a product except itself and then theres. Also, the marketing piece someone could have an incredible product, but without proper marketing it may never become noticed and there could be an amazing product that would sell if people knew about it.

You know word of mouth. Advertising will only go so far, but then theres also the situation where theres a product, thats lackluster, i mean its mediocre, but because of the excellent marketing people feel like they have to have it anyway and and that works a lot of the time you know. Unfortunately, im not a fan of that marketing style, but it does work a lot and a lot of people buy things that they otherwise wouldnt have bought, but they bought it because they felt like they needed to because of the excellent marketing. So uh jake says: yes, we do use drones in some cases, but thats the ontario provincial police, who use them more than the south of frontenac fire department, very cool, so yeah, the the dji mini 3 pro man han solo. If you can wait, i complete again im 95 confident its going to release on the 10th again check my link. If it releases on the 10th youll be able to find it. There then just go to but im not going to say its better than the mavic air 2s. So i would encourage you to bookmark my link and check back after youve had a chance to watch my videos and not just my videos but videos from others. After the dji mini 3 pro releases, you know dont watch these pre release. Videos dont watch these videos that come out as soon as the drone releases dont trust them.

You know wait for the honest drone reviews and then make your purchase decision. Jake says the ontario provincial police uses drones in car accident investigation in certain other situations like when suspects barricade themselves in buildings. Interesting interesting movie and asante muy into sante han solo 1911 says im in no rush, so i will wait and see what you think amen. All power too, you know if youre, not if youre, not in a rush, wait and see. But again, if you had been in a rush again, theres nothing wrong with the air 2s, but uh yeah well see how this performs and and when i post again, you know you youve, probably seen my previous videos ill, do the unboxing and then ill do the First flight in the field and the first flight in the field with the dji mini 3 pro is exactly what i said it is. I mean i take it out. You know no expectations. Ive ive installed the updated version of the app on my phone ive ensured that the controllers firmware and the drones firmware is as current as it can be, and i head out to the field so theres no expectations beyond that. So you know hopefully that video will either confirm or deny what youre wanting to know. But after you watch that first video in the field with the dji mini 3 pro, please ask me any questions you have and that can be a laundry list of questions because you know im looking for tons of future videos.

Tons of future topics rather to address within upcoming dji mini 3 pro videos, so you know ask all you want because ill be happy to go out and try to film all those all those video responses for you. You know nothing doctored up as ive repeated over and over uh jake says in a barricaded, suspect case. Drones may be used to confirm where the suspect is using thermal imaging cameras and concern if they are armed or not interesting. Thermal imaging, like you, got some fluid flir super interesting stuff. Super duper interesting. Okay lets see what we got here: its crazy its already friday in the united states of america, jake says also the canadian military uses drones such as the predator combat drone and the reaper drone, and lots of other drones and uavs too jake says i mean confirmed Darn autocorrect han solo 1911 im wondering how the mini would handle the win versus the air 2s great question its actually one of my top uh curiosities. So im hoping you know, since it is, may you know, march and april, are typically some of the windier months, but may still have significant wind, so im going to try to track that wind and take that sucker up in a stronger wind gust and see what It does, i would assume that, because of the smaller and lighter nature of the mini three pro and again ive ive flown both the mini and the mini uh in the in the mini two, they handled wind quite well, you know check out my videos of them, But i would assume, unless theres something radically different, that the air 2s, because it is larger, it is heavier.

It would likely handle wind better and not to say that the smaller and lighter dji mini 3 pro wouldnt be capable. You might just experience a little bit more drift if a strong wind hits it is it going to flip over and crash. I dont know you know, lets see, lets see what does um jake says its friday yay Music, its friday? Yes, yes, yes, got ta get friday here, talk about drones, talk about everything, man, good stuff, speaking of good stuff, so ours guys of enter channel studio, major studio, renovations, uh. The studio is going to be radically enhanced to where not only do i have this set, but im going to have several physical sets as well. The acoustics will be further refined. The lighting will be dialed in even more again im, not getting to that point to where im like the guy that has the the desk without any dust on it and unboxing stuff. I dont want to get to that level. I dont feel this believable, but i am going to amplify the professionalism of the channel and thats, not just for drones, its also for chef, irix, guy cooking videos, its for uh its for timepieces, for tomorrow, wristwatch videos. You know its going to be across the board, so im excited about that. Uh mckenna would like to know what mckenna would like to know. What is your personal favorite drone, iris, guy, okay, so my personal favorite for professional filming? This is where im gon na go out.

I need to get the best quality 4k video with autofocus thats, reliable, even in low light conditions. What am i going to use dji air 2s and if i want something thats, ultra portable thats, still professional thats, why? I think the dji mini 3 pro is going to spill fill that spot. So i have a feeling that dji mini 3 pro is probably going to trump, the dji or 2s. For me, usb recharge, smaller and lighter, you know overall more convenient to travel with, so i think thats going to be the kind of the one thats going to thats going to uh. You know its going to its going to become my new favorite and again im saying that optimistically. Until i get in the field, i cant confirm or deny that so jake says ever seen the movie oblivion, starring cruz as jack harper. I have not, if you havent, youd, like the drones in the oblivion movie, seen the movie oblivion. I will. I will add that to my watch list, because ive been looking for a new movie to watch and uh yeah oblivion ill. Add that to my ill add that to my watch list. Thanks for that, that sounds cool ive been watching a lot of like just really cheesy horror, movies that are free and cheap, see i dont get satellite or cable tv. I just use some streaming services and ive got a lot of them that are that are discounted rates but uh, and then i get over the air hd tv channel.

So i dont have a lot of of content choice choices. You know i like to you know again, being an independent youtube channel its a lean ship and i got ta. I got ta cut out all the bloat and spending you know a few hundred dollars a month for a uh. You know for a for a uh spending, a few hundred dollars a month for a for a cable or satellite tv is just stupid. It is so if its on my streaming services, i want to watch it oblivion. It sounds good man. I do i. Admittedly, i do subscribe to hbo actually hbo i get for free through my t cell phone and then i do pay for show time because theres some shows on showtime that i do enjoy, such as billions and uh. What else do i enjoy on showtime? Just a few things i mean that yeah its but yeah i dont and i do net yeah. I do netflix and i do amazon, but i do amazon for the prime shipping, but also get a lot of videos through amazon because im, a prime member, so thats kind of cool, so maybe oblivions on there. But with that awesome super chat that i got earlier from uh on solo1911. If i, if i keep getting super chats like that, i may be able to rent some movies thats thats freaking, incredible man, im han solo im im really grateful for that and thatll thatll.

Definitely get me a premium beer for my next live show without a doubt. Music super good, uh, han solo, says thanks for the info tonight. I have to run looking forward to watching your mini three covers. Thank you and and again thanks again, really its really appreciated. Really awesome of you to support the channel like you did and anything you want me to address. Just ask ill be more than thrilled to address that within upcoming dji mini 3 pro videos, jake says its an awesome movie that takes place in 2077.. Im going to add jake im going to add oblivion to my thing right now. Actually we are in uh 60 an hour. Excuse me an hour into this show and uh. I operate a few other businesses. Ive got to do some some bookkeeping and some stuff like that, its not so fun. So i need to do that and then im going to try to im going to try to fire up some oblivion so really appreciate everyone tonight. Stay tuned subscribe ring that bell icon, when you do because ill be all over the dji mini 3 pro again, honest videos and, if theres anything you want me to address specifically just ask share with your friends, encourage everyone. You know to subscribe, tell them to rain that bill icon and, most importantly, if youre looking for a drone, whether its a current drone, the dji mini 3 pro or the older drones, just go to epicdroneshow.

com and then click buy drone and you can find all the Drones and accessories there great way to support the channel, appreciate yalls viewership – and i am going to cut out here for now, but stay tuned for a ton, more videos and ton more live shows.