Race springs willow, something i don’t know it’s a racetrack it’s, far away through about an hour and a half to get here, that’s. Basically, how far out of los angeles, you have to go to be able to freely kind of fly, some drones, but we’re here with some professional drone, pilots and uh they’re gon na show me how much better they are than flying to me. This is like my drone dreams come true. This is this is what we need. I’Ve been doing everything all wrong gear truck for the platform filming on the a1 right now, the a7 s3 and sony. Let us borrow this 200 to 600 millimeter lens and we’re gon na see if we can try to follow and track the drones as we’re flying. Oh, this is gon na be great ten thousand dollars a drone it’s. Always super relaxing to fly i’m stressed for you guys what could go wrong. Honestly, oh gosh, please don’t say that it’s only my camera, so my name is jake i’m from drone dudes we’re, an aerial cinematography company. Out of los angeles. We specialize in any kind of remote cinematography, so mostly drones. Today, we’re going to be flying a couple of different drones: we’ve got the money shot mini, which paul nerc is going to be flying. He’S a drl world champion so he’s going to give that thing. A proper workout that’s, the latest and greatest kind of heavy lift cinema fpv drone it’s carrying the red komodo, which is like the tiny pocket sized red camera and he’s going to be chasing around behind the motorcycles and then we’re going to flip over to the inspire 2, which is like a more traditional cinema drone and even justine, i think, is going to get in on the sticks on that.

So do you think that you’re going to trust me hopping that camera? Oh definitely you’ve worked with a lot of cameras in a lot of tech. This is no different. I fly a lot of drones, just not fpv full manual, not ready for that yet or maybe i am we’ll, get there yeah paul’s the one to train you up. So we’re out here at willow, springs raceway uh, drone, dudes uh invited me out to come and fly their money shot mini, which is a drum that carries the red komodo and we were chasing a couple awesome motorcycles across the track and we figured if you wanted To come and hang out, you might as well come buy. Some drones check out some cool bikes for anybody that doesn’t know like do you want to give a brief history of like your fpv roll flying background, because incredibly talented pilot yeah, so i started flying drones in 2014. My in laws bought me like a toy drone for christmas one year and i broke it immediately. I’M. Like i’m kind of an engineer, i was a programmer at the time i was like. I should be able to figure out how to fix this so searched around. Got a youtube university education in fixing drones and along the way, discovered drone racing i just like. As soon as i saw it, i was like. I have to try that it is the coolest thing in the world and that took me around the world.

I got to go like all across the united states, china, germany, united kingdom and eventually became the 2018 world champion of drone racing yeah, so it’s uh it was. It was an awesome year and i’m so proud to have that title, because it gives me opportunity to come out and tell more stories about drones and drone racing and what it can do, it’s so cool. Well, thanks for the invite. This is like the coolest thing ever. I was like tyler we’re gon na go fly drones with cool people, let’s go Music, Music, Music Music. Then that was uh pretty freaking cool time. I’Ll give you the tutorial, and if you want to film that or whatever yeah, however, you want to get it nice. I have my hat on i’m ready. Are we ready let’s do it? This is called the sentence remote from dji it’s kind of their like big fancy, inspire remote. I feel pretty good. I mean i’m, not piloting i’m, just basically camera ops. So like what could go Music, that’s, perfect! You got them, you got them hold it. Oh yeah, Music, legit, though anytime, that you want to work with us. You did great so much fun. I just i love i mean i wasn’t actually flying but, like the whole, everything that goes into flyington’s i’m. Just i just love it it’s. Just like such an exhilarating feeling and it’s so fun, just freeing it was actually great because not having to worry about flying and just focusing on kind of using the camera and piloting.

That part is really cool and i think i just got a job offer so i’m pretty excited. I wonder when i start so should i do i start monday monday yeah. So i think you know. Okay, monday is good for us it’s good for you um. Let me check my schedule. I’M free. I mean we have four shoots next week, so the sooner you can start the better great dude that’s it. This was so much fun. I love drones. I love flying them. I love watching. People fly them and obviously being here with like the best of the best, is so inspiring i’ll put links in the description. If you guys want to check out all things, drone dudes and be sure to check out newark’s youtube channel, because he does so much incredible content with drones, go check it out.