Finally doing my ev road trip – and this is also going to be an fpv road trip. I have a new kia, nero ev and for some of you guys that are eevee junkies i’m going to take you along for the ride and give you all the data uh all of my consumption information, how far it got and all any kind of interesting or Hopefully not too interesting charging problems along the way i’m using a better route. Planner and plug share charge point a bunch of other apps that are typically used for these kind of ev road trips, and hopefully some of you guys will see that eevee road trips are possible, and not only with just teslas but with other evs there’s. A lot of actually new ones coming out this year, i think, and also next year, um they’re pretty interesting. So it looks pretty interesting based on um the new uh cars are coming out, but yeah the future is bright for evs. I think, anyway, i’ve charged up to 92 percent got 267 miles on the gaso meter. We’Ll see how accurate that is – and i have a 967 miles on this car on the odometer, so we’ll see how long this or or how uh, how long the trip is. I think it’s going to be close to 1000 miles so i’m going to be gone about a week. The first stop is going to be mormon rocks at the cajon junction uh we’re gon na be hitting a bunch of different spots to go, fly at up to ‘5 i’m going to be heading over to tahoe and then possibly yosemite we’ll see Music, Music.

All right. So i’m, stuck in traffic right now. Unfortunately, it’s going to delay me a bit uh but interesting side. Note this car has a rudimentary type of autopilot, uh kind of like what tesla has it it’s uh, basically just cruise control adaptive cruise control. So you can keep the distance to the car in front of you and also lane keeping assist and so basically keeps in your lane steers for you. This is gon na, be good for me, because i um now it’s complaining that i had to put my hands on the steering wheel yeah. This one complains, after about 30 seconds, if you don’t, have your hands in the steering wheels. Just put your put your hands on there like this again i’m, not not driving the car. Basically, the car is driving itself, so, in addition to all the uh stops, i’ll need to make for charging. This will be good to keep me going since i’ll be driving by myself um. You know i i don’t know i think i’m. I used to be able to do long stretches when i was younger, but i don’t think so anymore. So a lot of these um driver assistance features are really helpful and um. Also in fact i’m going to be stopping a lot to charge and stuff is also going to be good. They’Ll. Give me a lot of breaks. Music, oh Music. All right welcome to mormon rocks. This is where i’m gon na fly here, it’s the first stop on the trip and uh efficiency numbers, not so great 2.

8 miles per kilowatt hour and uh drove 60, almost 61 miles and now it’s in the gasometer. The gomez thing i have 176 miles a range left, no problem. The next stop i’m going to hit is a charging stop. I think that’s only about 80 or 90 miles from here, so yeah a little bit of flight footage here for you and then we’ll move on to the next: stop: Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Music, um, Music, all right so we’ve arrived at this Uh rest area or rest stop off of the highway 58. I think it’s called boron kind of out in the middle of nowhere. There are these caltrains fast chargers that recently went in pretty recently. They show up on plug share, but they don’t show up on a better route, planner so i’m, not sure why maybe they haven’t been up to date. Yet but anyway, this is a 50 kilowatt charger and i don’t believe it cost anything we’ll find out the screens on the other side of the parking spot and there’s only one per rest stop uh. This is part of the caltrans 30 30 project. I believe, anyway, for our drive uh so far, 123.3 miles with 96 miles left on the gom, so yeah that’s uh, definitely less than the 267 for sure. 3.3. Kilowatts 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour so far as the efficiency, and these should be working. Yep looks like you just plug them in so this is what the charger looks like Music.

You can see we’re out in the middle of freaking. Nowhere uh yeah let’s go and plug this in see what kind of charging speeds we get all right. It says enter phone number to receive session details sure why not all right so now, it’s uh initiating, i hear a click. The contactors are connected yeah, so there’s a credit card reader on here so i’m, assuming that they’re probably going to charge in the future but uh it’s free. For now. I didn’t pay anything now about ‘. 38 42. Kilowatts shows the energy delivered there, ah pretty cool. So i guess uh i’m gon na probably charge up to like 80 there’s, another um there’s like another uh caltrans charger uh at the coso rest stop on ‘5 i’m gon na after i hit the uh red rocks. Canyon. I’M gon na go there. So a couple more stops: gon na need uh about a hundred miles or so range. So i probably don’t need that much charge here. So i’m, not gon na – probably stay here too long, but you can see the rest area right behind me over here. This is pretty new. I think this whole highway is pretty new. I think it’s uh it’s not much on the google maps in terms of style, light views so but yeah there’s, nothing here, it’s, just some it’s. Basically, rest stop for truckers, and you got your cars over here. It looks pretty nice. Yeah overall looks pretty nice it’s, pretty windy out here.

I think we’re in the middle of the desert and uh getting warm about 80, something right now, but it’s. Only like 10 o’clock in the morning, so all right, we’ll get this charged up and then we’ll move on okay. So a little info on my charging session just started a few minutes into it up to 43. Now it says 35 minutes to 80 and i’m. Only getting about 43 kilowatts, so it’s, a 50 kilowatt charger, it’s, probably only 125 amps, which is why it’s lower because the pack voltage is lower on the car, obviously nowhere near as good as any tesla’s out there. You know you go to a supercharger they’re, probably going to get like 150 plus to 200 kilowatts. You know typically and of course, tapers. You know that’s the peak speed. So this is the getting the peak speed on this charger, but it’s going to maintain that pretty much until it’s about 70 or so so i’m going to wait till it starts to taper and then i’m going to probably unplug it around 70 75. The next stop or the next charger is, at this place called coso junction it’s. Another rest stop with the caltrans charger it’s. A hundred um let’s see now it’s only 88 miles away. So i don’t really need to do a full charge, because i can i um. I can charge over there plus there’s a backup over there. I have 100 and looks like 120 miles already so yeah.

I could unplug and make it there no problem, but i don’t want to uh drain the pack too low because it charges slow at uh below 20 and then it picks up to like the peak speed from 20 to about 70 75 percent. And then it will slow down again so i’m trying to optimize the charging speed uh, along with my charging time so it’s a little bit of a game. But if you guys have a any ideas on how to optimize that better, is there an app or something out there that can do that for you. Let me know in the comments below um but yeah uh shouldn’t have a problem there’s another charger over there plus there’s a backup charger there’s an electrify america station over there. I can definitely charge faster at electrifying america station because those are 150 kilowatt chargers and um. That’Ll. Give me a higher peak speed instead of like under, like around 50 i’ll, be closer to like 70. You know, maybe save uh 15 20 minutes off my charging session. So but i’m, not in a big hurry today, i’m, just you know kind of casually stopping at various places and then moving on all right, Music, uh, Music, all right so welcome to uh red rocks canyon. This is that i got there’s another one in like nevada. This is the one in california off the 14. uh. It looks pretty cool it’s, really windy. Um send up the four inch and see how it Music does: Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, um, Music, all right guys, so i’m here at fossil falls uh.

I hope i was hoping to get here a little bit sooner to uh actually do a lot more fpv here so i’m just i’m running a little short on time. One hit some other spots and uh before it gets dark. So i’m, just gon na send up the drone, send up the mavic or the air to us get some aerials uh. Probably you could probably find lots of videos on the spot in youtube, so not a big deal and i have to take a little bit of a hike to get to the actual spots. So i don’t really feel like doing that. Music me, Music, okay, so we’re at the coso junction rest area, another caltrans, uh dc fast charger, 50 kilowatt and i’ve arrived with 93 left 93 miles left on the guessing meter so far and a half miles on this trip so far 3.2 miles per kilowatt hour. Let’S get this plugged in all right charge up to 91 percent way more than i need to uh still getting 25 kilowatts at 91 kind of interesting, been here for about an hour. I had a little lunch and started checking messages and emails and stuff lost track of time and i charged up way more than 80. I was going to stop and unplug and get on going Music do Music, do Music, Music, Music, me, Music, all right guys! So i’m, here in alabama hills and uh, the roads are meant for, like jeeps and off road vehicles, so i’m not going to be able to go very far here and without messing up my car, but pretty cool place.

I’Ll just show you here what this looks like it’s, a bunch of arches and stuff here, but you have to go hiking stuff and i’m like pass Music there’s mount whitney off road vehicles, uh no problem here: Music, so Music, Music, all right so we’re, another uh Caltrans rest stop. This is called a division. Creek rest stop. So i plenty of range on uh. The gum here 143 miles, i’ve driven 291.8 miles today, 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour and yeah i’m still at 60 battery um kind of in the middle of nowhere, and i there’s one spot that i want to hit right after here, but it’s a little too late To get there it’s the bristlecone pine forest anyway, so i think i may have done some pretty poor planning um. I was wasn’t sure what i was gon na do after album hills and i didn’t really feel like staying in there, because i couldn’t um, i don’t know the the dirt roads and the dust and everything didn’t really appeal to me, but um. The view here of mount whitney is actually much better. I’Ll show you that here in a second but let’s, go ahead, plug in the car charge up and then i’ll see what uh, what the plan is going to be uh same as the other ones and go ahead and plug it in Music. I don’t know why. The screens are on the other side, where the car is it’s kind of funny.

Usually the screens face the car, but this is on the opposite side. They are installing these backwards. Uh looks like it’s working, so it won’t take too long to get pretty full and uh. I guess, after i charge up i’ll figure out what to do all right so we’re on the other side of the rest up here facing the south, and you see all the mountains i’m, not exactly sure which one is mount whitney, but yeah that’s, probably that one Right there we’re about um 20 miles about 20 miles north of uh of mount whitney and alabama hills, maybe it’s that one over there. Actually it could be that one over there not 100 sure, but yeah it’s a beautiful day the sun’s about to set. You can see the see the nice lighting on the mountains over Music.