Ive got some accessories. Just came in some new stuff that you might need in your life, so lets start unboxing. This is some kind of vr cover. Im presuming keep your stuff um, fresh and clean nice right here. There you go all right. Does this have instructions place the side, strap over the left and right hoops, tuck velcro straps onto the foam, so they attach to the headset? Oh, it comes with two. Oh wow youve got two right, so i guess you can rotate them and then kind of uh wash them out and as one is washing, you can wear the other one hand wash only maximum 30 degrees celsius. So lets hook the front there. We go hook around the side hook around the other side. There you go its like a cushion between you and your. Ah, i guess this can go under here, like you could stick this under here to like wrap there, you go to wrap it around the phone per se and some vr covering in your life. There you go Music and the last one hooks right there. So its like a its like an extra protection or or form of protection between the foam and your face. So that way you can keep the foam nice and fresh and wow its soft and nice, put them on and see how i feel oh wow. It feels like nice and cushiony feels like my face is on a bed nice and fluffy.

I like it and i cant see nothing. It keeps the light out even better wow. Looking forward wow, listen, you need comfort when youre flying right, especially if youre flying the standard. Fpvs like this, where you cant really hit the pause button, you need everything to be nice, sealed and comfortable from the time you take off, and these can fly with this. As well cardboard box whoa, what is this weve got some filings. Oh my gosh. What is this? What is this nice pouch little thingy with a zipper? Oh my gosh. What is this? Oh, i remember this company reaching out to me and they were like if you wear glasses, look at this. I dont want to touch the lens, its even labeled r, for right, its got l and r l full for left and r for right. So the this company reached out to me and said: hey instead of wearing your glasses, we can make these like prescription glasses for you and then you dont have to wear your glasses in the goggles or worry about your glasses jamming up. So in case you wear glasses. This company here vr wave yeah theyll, make theyll you just send them your prescription and bada bing bada boom youve got glasses that can clip on. Oh, they even sent a cleaning rag. This is nice and youve got glasses. Thatll clip onto your goggles, i told them – i dont wear glasses. I have 20 20 vision but um.

They said theyll. Send me this anyway. This will enhance my view and and make it just better. So, oh my gosh, my goggles getting decked out today or what like right, oh wow, and the one that says right, just clicks in as well: oh wow cant wait to try these out. Could you imagine you wear glasses and then you dont have to worry about your regular glasses. You just put the goggles on and boom youve got a solution. Youre zoned in youre dialed in you can see. This is awesome guys, if you guys, wear glasses, definitely check them out and there you have it. Hopefully nothing falls out wow i like this. It has packaging instructions that shows you how to pack every single thing. Oh, it even holds the motion controller. This is pretty nice guys. Are you seeing this? It even holds the motion controller, its all in one. Like i wouldnt, say soft case. I would definitely would not say hard case. I would say like a medium case solution. It even comes with a strap there. We go really nice. Everything fits here guys if you like to try off travel with your chargers. Put it over there. Even your motion controller fits under there. If not you just pack extra stuff, maybe your vr case for your vr goggles stuff. If you want can go under there there you go. You probably fit another two batteries over here as well. So even if you got up to like five batteries, i could see it holding in here thats ridiculous, plus one in the aircraft.

Six. I have one battery on this strap thats in the case and another one goes right here: oh wow, they thought of everything lets flap down over here. Weve got propellers extra props fit in there lets see whoop there you go, zip it up to keep it in and close it up. My 15 inch dell xps 15 fits in there lets zip. It up feels nice, solid, of course, the more weight you put in it, the more heavy its gon na be, but it seems to have a very solid, strap over here rubber handle and some kind of x stitching over here. Pretty nice solid. You could take the weight, at least it feels so well see how long this stands up for, but it definitely feels like quality. This thing actually holds my regular fpv stuff. With the lid closed with the props on ive got four batteries here: two thats six, seven, eight nine 10, 11, probably up to 12 batteries comfortable im sure you could squeeze more in there. The skyliner fits in there perfectly and heck. I can use it for both dji fpv and regular fpv. Ive got the drone over here with props on controller with sticks. Attached, no need to remove your sticks to work this bad boy, ive got my lineart in here. It is definitely a nd 16 day. So lets pop that bad boy right on there, nice and snug pop a fresh battery in there, this padding – oh it just it, feels so nice and soft on your face, and it keeps the extra light out if you need glasses or you wear glasses.

This i highly recommend this here helps to filter blue light, and it also helps to protect this. Your main lens from getting scratched, which is very important, so im going to put this back on. This is some good stuff. Look. How fast setup is like this is unbelievable. The goggles fits with the strap and everything if you have to wear glasses, you just pop your glasses off put it down on the table. Put your goggles on your glasses are all set. You got comfort padding over here. It doesnt get better than this Music. Everything feels nice, i mean comfort, you just you, cant put a price on comfort, Music, thats, a nice shot, Music, glasses, Music, all right there, you have it guys. Everything works. Good flies, perfect, more comfortable, better vision, better signal, strength, cant go wrong guys. This is as good as it gets right. Most of the upgrades are here, but look. This is your. This is your vision. This is your eyes. This is your signal. You got ta, invest in your goggles right, so yeah im. Definitely a good protective case to keep everything in so its quick. Take it out, fly put it back up. You dont have to fit it with the props you dont have to fiddle with the sticks. Nothing and everything fits your fly more pack, you could probably even hold up to five batteries. Easy your laptop charging cables, you name it everything. Small compact solution can ask for better right.

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