Now, if um, if you havent, noticed im not in my usual setup today, uh just because, if youve seen my previous video, i basically destroyed my xt4 and 18.14. I sent them for repairs and so im, not in my usual uh studio, setup right now. So im recording outside, if you hear some background noise its because of that so lets just get that out of the way um lets focus on the drum now uh. Let me start by saying a couple of things. One is. I bought the drone with my own money. It was really hard to find and its a fun story. Uh ill tell you uh the story at the end of the video uh, but the way i got the drone was pretty uh, peculiar, peculiar uh, and so no one gave me the drone im paid the full price, and so i have no reason to tell you Good things or bad things, because someones paid me no one has paid me. I paid for this drone up front just a little bit of background. I am not a professional drone pilot. I been using drone for the last four years. I started with the uh air with the first air that got launched. Then i got the mini, the mini 2 and i got the mini 3 pro and the reason why i always went for the smallest available is because, as i always say, i travel a lot and im, not a professional pilot, so i dont have a license.

I dont want a license if i can and i want to have something portable and it gives me as less things to think about as possible. In this case, a drone under the 250 grams fits perfectly the bill. So lets start with the things that i didnt like about this drone the moment i opened it up first thing: with the mini 2: they came up with this clever um. I dont know uh latch to just keep the propeller in place uh with this one. They decided not to and what happens. Is you move the drone around you keep it out of the box, you keep it out of the bag or talk about the bag in a moment and uh. These things are gon na go uh everywhere, so they get in the way and the risk is that you break them and you dont want you dont, want that. The other thing that i dont like too much is that, with the mini 2 and the mini, i could replace the battery without uh deploying the uh the arms. But in this case i have to do this, and this before i can pull the battery out of it. So again, uh not a big deal. These are. None of these is a deal breaker at all, but its something that i felt it was worth mentioning and one other thing, but this is something that, based on the design of the drone they couldnt do differently.

I guess is the fact that now the gimbal is exposed uh its the first thing, that uh touches the ground if it falls with the nose down. But again this gimbal does vertical video and it tilts up 60 degrees. It wouldnt be possible if they had the usual design compared to the mean 2, but im going to do a video specifically on that. This is a little bit bigger, especially when its fully open and its a lot more silent and so its a really its a really nice upgrade. I havent had the time to dive too much into the image quality. I promise i will do that in a in a different moment in another video, and so right now were talking about me using the drone for the last three weeks or so, but basically one week um what entire week when i was on travel and um using It in its full, auto mod – i dont, have um nd filters, yet with it for it, and i dont and i relied on its automatic mode, because i wanted to understand how the drone, how the drone worked. What i didnt do in my first week is: it was using the tracking and all of that because i was outside. It was in an environment that i didnt know and since i i have never had a uh drone with all the best whistles like active tracking, dronies and multi shot, and all of that i didnt want to just go somewhere.

I dont know and try it because i trust technology, but up to a certain point, so i tried those things afterwards. So the the report from my first week, its it seems like its a really nice strong. It flies a lot better than its predecessor. It gives you a lot more confidence while youre flying, and this is important because it allows you to just push it a little bit further in what you want to do and give you the confidence that nothings going to happen. Of course, you need to keep in mind, you dont have the uh side, sensors and so something that you need to know, but once you know it and me, ive never had a drone with side sensors anyway. So ive always used my drone being very careful when it moves to the sides. So not a not a big deal for me. I really loved the what i got from it: the confidence that it gave me and i didnt think about it, but i love the vertical videos. The possibility of doing vertical videos um with this drone is amazing because you post them on instagram was your story. Your wheels and all of that you dont, have to do any hard work. You just download them with a fly up on your phone, its super fast in doing that, so its basically effortless and its a great great option uh, i didnt think i would have used that uh feature that much, but at the end they did – and i i Really really loved it um.

I have used for that week just the h.264 option, because i didnt update the firmware. I didnt know if i could trust the new firmware, so i stayed with the one that i had and i didnt have h.265 yet so ill test that afterwards, but the image seemed really really nice. One thing that i wanted to mention uh, also that i didnt like is when you get the fly more uh, combo kit. It seems like, and you get the drone with the uh new rc. I dont remember the name im gon na write it. This is amazing. Well, talk about it in a moment: uh, it looks like it. It was built for the other drone for the other controller, because its got a lit. The other one has a little less uh curve here. So if it feels like a tight fit in this in this bag, dont get me wrong. It fits its not that it doesnt fit it fits, but it feels like a little bit like its a little bit tight, so its a little bit of a complaint here. Other than that the bag is your usual back from dji, so nothing nothing to write home about. Let me take all of this out. Okay, so we can move forward. The controller with the screen is just amazing. Ive always complained about the the fact that i had to use uh my phone to connect the uh, the drone, the the the controller and the ability of not thinking about it and just go, and do it is really great.

This has helped me get the drone out more more frequently than i did in the past with the other drone just because sometimes especially like me, if youre hiking thinking about i got ta get my phone out im gon na remove the cover im gon na connect, The cable then im gon na start, the the controller then im gon na need to launch the app, and all of that sometimes you think i dont know if this is worth all of the effort and you just keep a scene and go to the next one. Just your location, your final location, when you know youre gon na, have time well in this case with this drone in this controller, i use that a lot more just because it was easier, and so, if like for me, if you want to buy this drone, get This controller, its worth the price difference every day, every single day, its a freaking amazing controller. I never tested the full range and i will never do because i try to comply with regulations and you should see the drone as you fly and theres no way. You can see the drone more than a kilometer away and even a crowder away its you dont, see it. Unlike people say that they can see it maybe at night, maybe with the lights on. Maybe maybe, but usually you wont, be able to see it. And if you lose sight for a moment its its over, you will never see it again until you go back so uh dont expect a range test for me.

Theres plenty of videos around go watch one of those. Let me touch a little bit on the automatic modes. I tried the master shot. I get the reason why its there, you just dont, think about it. You just fly the drone and let it do whatever he wants and you get some decent footage, but on. If im being honest its not the way, i would use it so to me its not an added value. What is an added value is some of the automatic shots like the point of interest, the other solutions, just because, if you want to do something, while the drone does its own thing and you want to act like youre doing something, you can do it, and so It makes sense and most of anything what is really nice is the active tracking. Now i only tried the active tracking uh briefly, and i can tell you a couple of things one. In my opinion, it works way better with cars and like in general, bigger subjects because with the car it didnt lose the my test. At least it didnt lose the car at all, and it was following it uh, you know like it was fluid. It was nice and it wouldnt go around too much at a certain moment. While i was striking, i had to tell the drone to track from behind, because i was going around a turn and after that turn i knew i was gon na hit something uh.

If the drone was going sideways, so i went from parallel to uh, was it try trace just because of that? And it worked perfectly fine perfectly smooth and at the moment i wanted to stop uh. I stopped the car. The drone was about to hit a tree and it just stopped uh, and it was exactly what i needed for the drone to do well, if its striking people uh it doesnt since were going slow, uh it. The drone has too much time to think about, and so it goes its not as smooth movement, but it kind of goes erratically. It follows you dont get me wrong, but uh its not. I would never do it. I would never accept it. Uh like like like like that, unless youre going on a straight line perfectly straight line, then the drones follow you, but in general its not to me its not that pleasing in general and also what i realized is that the drone um tends to lose people easily. I just crossed my road with a guy and i was, and that happened while i was behind the tree, the other guy was going towards the drone. I was going on the other way, youve seen it right now. The drone decided that the subject was now the the other guy uh, despite wearing different colors, so uh, i will have to try it a little bit more and one other thing. That kind of pissed me to a certain degree is that if youre tracking people, you need to be fairly close, otherwise you get that indication subject too far get closer to start the shot.

If you know that im there is something that i can set somewhere. I tried, but i couldnt find it. Let me know uh because again its the first time that i have a drone like that with all of these bells and whistles. So i may not know what to do one other annoying thing that it did. While i was trying all of that for whatever reason, while when i activated the automatic modes of the tracking mode, it turned off the possibility of going sideways. Fortunately he gave me an advice on the screen and he told me yeah youre going going sideways is disabled. So i realized that i was going. I was gon na need to go through the menu and understand how to unlock that, but when its the first time it happens, i would expect that if youre going sideways with your sticks, it tells you again: hey youre locked. You should check that menu setting, otherwise youre, never gon na youre, not gon na be able to fly sideways. Finally, i found it so not not a big deal, but again a little bit annoying. This drone to me seems the holy grail for uh content creator. The reason for this is that basically gives you everything you need in a small factor, with less complication related to raw law and regulations and its reliable, which is something that the mini one was not for sure. The min 2 was already a lot better, but its not as reliable as this one and so to me as a content creator, you, you barely need more than what this drone can give you uh in a for 99 of your time.

Of course, if youre, recording commercial or other high uh budget stuff, you will need a bigger drone and probably hire a professional drum pilot and all of that, but for normal stuff solo content creator. This is great, and on this i think this drone is not meant to be your beginners drum. I think the beginners drone. He is still demeaning too, for a couple of reasons, one the price, which is kind of substantially different and also, i think that, as your first drone, you shouldnt get a drone with all the bells and whistles automatic uh modes, and all of that just because you Learn how to fly a drone when youre forced to do it manually it gives you the uh mindset of hey. I am flying something i dont want to crush that something if i crash that im gon na im gon na pay the price for it. Well, if youre, relying on all of the automatic things uh, basically you you just you just go and trust the technology, and then you find yourself with a drone on the ground just because you didnt expect that it would have that it would have done some specific Errors, which is its a machine, its great but still a machine, so you may not trust you may not want to trust it entirely. So for me, the the beginners drone is the mini 2.. This is an intermediate drone and its basically the holy grail for content creators.

I didnt try the low light capabilities and again i will dig further into image, quality and all of that in another video. So let me know in the comments below, if you need me to test something. I think that i got one of the problems that someone has reported, which is, i got like a foggy clip, probably because of condensation, but i didnt know that that was the problem and i didnt even realize that it was foggy, um and so uh. I didnt check when i uh landed the drone. If the lens was uh, there was some condensation in the lens, but im showing you the the footage right now. You can clearly see that the top section is not as sharp as the section below, and this happened all in that occasion, so its not that the lens is damaged or the sensor is damaged. Something happened in that specific occasion. I will further dig into it, but i probably need cold weather to try that, because right now, its scorching, hot and im, not gon na – have condensation for sure, but again uh ill keep ill keep trying. So again, let me know in the comments below uh, if theres anything more, that you wan na uh that you wan na hear from from me something that i want. You want me to test and ill. Do it ill do my best to do it in um. In my full review, which is going to come a few weeks down the road now back to the story on how i got my drone, i pre ordered my drone.

The moment it got announced through my usual photography, stuff dealer and as of today, they havent received the mini 3 pro. Yet i was about to leave for a when the drone was finally available or was supposed to be available. I called my dealer and i kept asking hey when its coming, because im going to be out on leave and i want to try the drone while im on leave. I want to miss that opportunity and they kept telling me we dont know dj hasnt sent us the drones yet and they were also pissed if um. If im being honest, and so i started looking around the week before going on, leave, i started looking around. I went to all the malls all the electronics shops around trying to find the drone, and i couldnt find one now one uh one lets just say: dealer told me that they had just one and they sold it the moment they got it, but other than that. The drone was impossible to find the friday before i was going to leave. I was actually supposed to take my camper van out on the saturday morning. Early morning i said, okay, i need to find a drone today, so i go to the same dealer. That told me they got one and they sold immediately, and this time i found that they had the fly more kit which is sold separately and other accessories. But not the drone, and so i said well lets just start with the fly more kit, because i know im gon na buy that anyways.

So i bought the the uh the flat market and then i said them hey. I know you have. The same company has more stores around. Can you check for other stores uh? If they have them, i can go. I can go there and pick one so he checked in the computer and said no, no one has one, but i saw like a number a two on one of the stores in uh like the voice was like if it was in store, but then he told Me yeah, that is, it says, like in store, but if you look at the availability it says zero, so they dont have it, and so i left i paid for the for the um for the kit for the fly market and i went out almost disappointed. But then i said you know what i am gon na: try the same store that they said they had it, but they didnt have it im gon na go there its a half hour drive ill, give it a try. I get there. I get into the store. The moment that go through the photography lines, i see the the the the guy from the store picking up the drone with the controller this one that i wanted, and he just took it from a box. They probably they just received and he was going to place down the shell on the shelf and i stopped him and said: no, no, no, no dont.

Do it dont, do it if its not already sold. That is mine. He looked at me like. I was a weirdo because i would have looked at me as if i was a weirdo thats for sure, and he told me you sure we i didnt even put the price on it. I said: look, i know the price. I know everything about the drone. I need it today, dont even try to put it on the shelf, save it for me, im gon na pay and im gon na pick it up in a moment he kept looking at me staring at me and he told me again. Are you sure i said? Yes, that is mine, give up its mine dont. Even try so go pay. I get the drone. It was already 7 p.m. On that got got back home started to charge batteries uh activate the drone, activate the fly, the the dji care, and all that i told my wife dont talk to me. I know tomorrow we go were supposed to leave, but dont talk to me for the next two hours. I need to make sure everythings perfect before i before we leave so for two hours.