The folks at indorex sent me this, and this one is a little different than than anything i’ve seen before number one. You can tell it’s a lot more stylish uh, it’s kind of a canvas looking uh bag with with i don’t know if it’s real leather, but it looks like leather accents on here. So this is more of a backpack that you would take with you when you’re traveling, so let’s take a look at the details, all right. So i already pointed out that this looks a little different than some of the other backpacks that we’ve looked at in the past uh. It really has a kind of a more stylish vibe to it, but let’s start on the side here. First, so one of the things i want to point out is it’s got a couple of straps here to hold your tripod, so you strap your tripod onto this, and so you can keep your tripod on the side of your bag and take you with it. Take it with you and that’s kind of a handy feature. I use that on the other backpacks quite often, and then in addition on this same side, it’s got another pocket here, and this is uh just a pocket for odds and ends uh. If it were me, i’d probably put my cell phone in there etc a few odds and ends so just a handy little feature that they that they added on and then uh.

Of course, obviously it’s got a hand hold on the top here, like all backpacks do uh, but uh. It has also got the adjustable shoulder. Straps and one of the things that i like on a backpack is to have this strap in the middle that keeps the bag from drooping down on the back of your shoulder, blades, etc, and it holds it firmly in place so kind of a handy feature. There. Then let’s move to the front here and uh. Of course, in the front, you’ve got a little pocket right here with a couple of snaps and uh. Two uh you’re, not gon na, be able to see this very well, but just a couple other little pockets here that you can store stuff in so things that you need quick access to and stuff you uh you can put in those pockets. The other thing you do you do have a zippered compartment here at the top again. That is something that that i would use for quick access and there’s nothing special in there it’s just a pocket, but uh things. You know, documents etc that you need, when you’re traveling that’d be a good place to put them uh. So then the the front of the bag has got another uh zippered area here and you’ve got a little zippered pocket on the inside. Here that’s covered in mesh. See through so things don’t get hidden away and you lose them forever. You can actually see what’s in there and then on the inside of this flap.

Hopefully, you can see that there’s a couple places for pens and pockets for other things, potentially cell phone, etc and then another zippered pocket, and this one uh. You know you could just put some small items in there change, whatever uh be handy to store in there. So now for the top of the bag in the main compartment on the top half of the bag, so let’s open it up here and you can see there is a false bottom that you can remove there so that you can separate the top and the bottom Of the bag, and then at the back here, you’ve got a strap that you can pull up and that will hold. I can keep this open here, a uh. They are saying a better than a 15 inch laptop will go in there, so that’s pretty handy. In addition to that, laptop spot you’ve got again kind of a netted pockets here that you can stuff things into and they’re not going to get lost because you’ll be able to see them and then the same thing on the other side of the flap. Here you’ve got several netted pockets that’ll just be handy for putting uh odds and ends. If you’re like me, you’ve always got a bunch of sd cards, etc and little odds and ends that you need a place to put so handy that they supplied that now. One of the coolest tricks that this bag has that makes it really handy to me.

Is this part that i’m going to show you now? So i showed you the faults bottom in the top half of the bag. Let’S, look at the bottom half here and and we’ll show you this. So what you have is a bag within a bag here so uh. This is, you know, kind of a standard, looking uh camera bag that fits within the bottom portion of the backpack. Well, that’s. Pretty handy so you’ve got a couple of uh handles here, grips that you can hold on and handle like you would any other bag and again it’s in that same kind of a canvas with leather accents. Uh look to it. That is, you know, quite frankly, pretty stylish, and then you got a flap here, that’s held by velcro with a zippered connector, so inside the bag. They they include several velcro attached partitions that are foam and padded, so you can set it up to keep whatever size, lenses or whatever. In my case, it would be like action, cameras and a drone inside here and i could set it up. However, i needed to separate the controller and all of that sort of thing. Uh and this bag is big enough, that for me i could get my, for instance, my mavic air 2 in there and i’m sure a couple of action, cameras and a few other odds and ends that you would need to take with you. And then there is a shoulder, strap included with this thing, so you can put it on the bag and you can carry this bag separate from the rest of the backpack, with the shoulder strap.

Well just getting ready to put this away. Put it back in the backpack, and i just noticed it has another strap on the end here: carry straps, so they very thoughtful uh details. So let me tell you how i plan on using this bag i’m, going to use the the bottom compartment here with the camera bag in there to hold a drone or two i’m willing to bet. I could get my mavic air 2 and my mini 2, both in that bag, along with a controller and a couple of action cameras i think, would fit in there fairly easily and then in the top here. I’Ll use it to carry. You know whatever clothing and other items, jacket, hat, etc. That i’m taking with me wherever it is that i happen to be traveling whether it’s a day trip, or i think this would be good even on an overnight trip. So so i will include a link down below in the description to the endurax website and they just call this a a camera bag on their on their website. Uh, so we’ll i’ll put that link again down below and uh gosh. I guess that’s about it. Uh, this is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel and uh yeah. We’Ll absolutely see you on the next one and thank you for taking the time to look at this video and again uh endurax camera bag.