Okay well be back later come on, lets go. Why are so sad, the pools getting fixed, so we cant swim, really yeah and im so hungry. Emma emma, i just made some cookies. Do you want yeah sure? Can i have some milk too? Yes, yeah cookies, thank Music. Thank you. Hopefully the pool will be done soon. Yeah. I hope so. Would you like some hamburger? Yes, please emma. I think the pool is done. Do you want to check there lets go? Thank you bye. You guys cant swim here. I thought the pool is already fit yeah the pools already fixed, but we dont allow food and drink here uh. Oh, we forgot sorry auntie its okay, just finish your food and come back so you can swim. Okay, auntie! Oh, i forgot wait: kids, hi, ellie hi, you guys back! Oh yeah! We just need to wash your hands Music. Are you done with it? Yes, emma lets. Go to the pool okay time for swimming linda, oh yeah lets go, stop kids! You still cant swim here. Sorry, why auntie? You have to wear a swimming suit and life vest. Look. We forgot to change the swimming suit yeah, but the one we use is still in the washing machine. If you cant follow the rules, then you guys cant swim here. Im sorry, ah lyndon lets go to the store to buy swimming suit and light bed. Good idea lets go bye. Welcome to my store.

Do you want to buy some floaties um? Actually, we dont want floaties, i want swimming sales, and life is for me. We have our swimsuits right here and our life vest its right here perfect. Let me check ill, get the yellow one ill. Take this whoa! Okay! Let me check the total is 20 here you go. Thank you. Lets get changed, ready, Music vest truck auntie, i know, but the pools so dirty look. Music people threw their trash all over the pool, so i have to clean up sorry guys, no swimming again. What happened emma? We can help you clean up really. Thank you. Youre welcome Music yeah. The pool is so clean now. Thank you, kids. You helped me so much youre welcome auntie, but can we swim now? Why not Music emmas such a good swimmer emma emma? What happened? Can you teach me to swim come over here? First, you need to learn how to kick your legs like this and shes, a good trainer too wow. Stop why auntie amy there are no pets allowed in the pool. Look uh! Oh maddie has a little dog and shes too small for the pool. Im. Sorry wow looks like maddie can swim here, yeah, ah kitty, pull for maddie is so cute. Yeah lets get inside and play daddy. Oh look at maddies having fun look: theres Music! Thank you linda.