Now, today, I’m taking a look at the Ember, which is a 130 mug. It’s, a smart mug controlled by an app on your phone. But is it really worth the cost Let’s find out in today’s video.? Alright, no preliminaries. Let’s jump right into it with the unboxing.. Here is the Ember mug. I actually paid 129.95 for this thing. It’s, a temperature controlled mug. 14 ounce version. Pour adjust and enjoy. Over here. Keep your drink hot, enjoy 80 minutes of battery life control. With your smartphone safe to hand, wash. It’s a nice presentation, as I would hope it would be. It’s very heavy.. This must be the coaster here. That’s nice. I guess.. I guess they’re saying don’t put liquid in there.. Ok. Got a charger.. We’Ve got some instructions. Here. Are these instructions They’re instructions. I’ll, have to read these over very carefully. Got some stickers. I won’t use. Do not microwave.. Alright, I won’t. No liquid in here.. No microwaving for this. Got it. Alright. So now that I’ve opened it, the claims are that it’s controlled by smartphone app, but it can be used without the app too.. You can choose the exact temperature. You want between 120 and 145 degrees. Fahrenheit. Auto sleep feature battery lasts about 80 minutes, but it also has a charging coaster.. This also comes in a few different sizes, including a travel mug version. I believe. On Amazon the pros people who, like it said it does a great job of keeping coffee and other beverages warm and the app is easy to use.

. Now those who did not like it said … most of the cons, seemed to be about the cost, paint chipping or the battery life, not being that accurate.. What I have to do now is charge this up, wash it out, read the instructions and then get started.. Alright, so I’ve gone over the instructions. I’ve charged it up, but I haven’t actually used it yet.. So what you’re supposed to do first is download the app from the app store. That was no problem and pair it with the mug.. That was no problem. Either. Pairing. It with the mug is just as simple as pressing the button on the bottom.. You can also turn it off by pressing this button as well. A couple of things they’re pretty adamant about is. This does not go in the microwave, because it’s electronic and you don’t really want to get liquid in here either. So you’ve got to make sure your coffee cup is dry.. You can use it without the coaster, but the coaster basically gives you all day charging.. This is supposed to last about 80 minutes.. Some of the Amazon comments were complaining that this doesn’t last the full 80 minutes, so you really have to leave it on the coaster, all the time so we’ll see if that actually is the case or not.. So as far as I’ve gotten is to play around with the app, so let me show you how the app works.

. So when you look at the app it just shows empty. At the bottom here you can slide this over to adjust the temperature, which I’m not doing just yet, because I don’t have anything in there.. If you tap the gear at the top, you have a few settings here.. As you can see, the battery level shows 100 and you can see the charge icon next to it.. If I lift it off of the charger, it detects it pretty quickly. Back on there. There’s a little light right here, but you can personalize the color of that light.. You can do it yellow whatever color you want., I’m picking blue for right, now. Right now. It knows that the Ember is empty, so it has the heater off.. When I add liquid to it, it defaults to 135 degrees Fahrenheit., But you can go anywhere from 120 145. That’s, the range. You can’t go any hotter or colder than that.. No messing around. Let’s get right to the first test here.. This should be easy to check out right. So what I’m doing to do is take the coaster, off. You’re, going solo here, buddy., No more training wheels for you. You’ve got to go on your own. I’ve got some pretty warm water here.. I tried to get it around coffee, temperature. I’m, going to pour one cup into each one of these and let them sit and see what happens., Regular coffee, mug, 124., Ember, 125.

. So one degree off., Alright. So the Ember app already knows the temperature of the liquid. In the cup, which is kind of impressive, actually and the heater’s, not on., It’s, actually gone down by a degree.. Now let’s kick the heater on a little bit and put it up to 135., And this one doesn’t get anything. It’s just going to sit here.. So let me see if it can actually warm it up to 135.. I don’t know.. Oh, it looks like it already went up a degree.. This is going to be interesting. 124 it’s already going up. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to see how long it takes to warm this up to 135 and see how much this one’s gone down in the same amount of time.. It hit the target temperature. In fact, it gave me a notification telling me that my target was hit, which is kind of nice. That took about 6 minutes. Let’s check the temperature of these by the way.. Ok, the white mug 111 degrees, 112 Fahrenheit., The Ember. Oh look at this 96. Much cooler. Now let’s take the temperature of the actual water inside.. Alright that’s gone down by about 4 or 5 degrees. 134.6 close. Slight difference in measurement but looks like it’s pretty close to 135., Alright. So what I’m going to do now is let this battery run out.. One of the complaints on Amazon has been that the mug doesn’t last as long as people think it’s supposed to last.

80 minutes Let’s find out. And then after 80 minutes or, however long the battery lasts, I’ll do a temperature check of the mug and see how Much that’s dropped as well. I’ll be back in 80 minutes or less.. So I got a notification at the 80 minute mark that it was time to recharge my Ember so really right on schedule.. What was weird is that it stayed at 6 for 25 minutes., So it warmed all the way to 5, but at 5 it stopped warming.. I guess the 5 is just to give you time to start recharging, it., So let’s take a look at the temperatures of the two of them at the 80 minute mark and see how it stands.. Alright, the control mug is at a brisk 84 degrees., The Ember mug, the app says 128. This is saying 127, so it’s still warm.. The white mug the outside is 83 degrees.. The Ember at the 80 minute mark is 99 degrees., So it’s actually a little bit warmer. I think. Wasn’t it 96, originally So it’s actually gotten warmer over the last 80 minutes, and this one has obviously gotten cooler.. Well, that was pretty fun, but let’s. Try it in a real world test tomorrow morning with an actual cup of coffee first thing in the morning and see how it does. Good morning. It’s a little after 6am here. Morning routine. For me toss the ball to Bailey.. I made a big thing of coffee.

. I put it in the two cups.. They were 145 degrees. When I first got up. I’ve got some ball tossing to do first. Bailey time. First, then, coffee, time., Alright Bailey’s, going to chase some birds and lizards for a minute. While I have a few sips of coffee, here. – Hmm still warm., Normally it’d be getting cool by now.. So far, so good. Alright. So here we go. Dog time is over.. I fed the dogs I got situated here and now I’m about to finish. My coffee. I’ve. Only drank about a quarter of it. I’ve been busy That’s how mornings get right, And when that usually happens, you end up having this kind of lukewarm coffee and you put it in the microwave or something to warm it back up which that’s not ideal. Let’s. Do a taste, slash warmth, test and see how it goes. Ember first., That’s the same temperature. I poured it at. Very nice., My favorite coffee mug. Not going to go well.. I do not like lukewarm coffee.. Let me take the temperature of these and see where they’re at. That’s not good. Much better.. There are warming coasters out there, and if this one has to stay on the coaster for some people, then I don’t think this would have an advantage over something cheap. Like that. It’s, currently 82 degrees here in Las Vegas at 645 in the morning, and this is barely warmer than 82 degrees.. This one last check was almost 140.

. I think I have it set for 138.. This is nice.. This is not so nice.. I poured the coffee in here at about 6 o’clock., It’s 645 right now, and the battery shows 18. Based on what I saw yesterday still should have quite a bit of time left, even though the battery looks like it’s running out.. As I said yesterday, that’s probably one reason why people are thinking the battery life isn’t very good, because they’re trusting the app to be accurate and it’s not.. I really like the Ember. I don’t, like the price.. I think if you lopped off about maybe oh 100 bucks, it might be a great deal. At 130 Man that’s, a tough sell., On the other hand, so is lukewarm, coffee., It’s, funny people like cold coffee or hot coffee., Not lukewarm coffee.. Alright, it hit 6. In about 50 minutes. Let’s see how long it takes to hit 5 and turn the warming off., Just like yesterday, it’s still at 6 after almost 20 minutes., They need to fix that. Alright at 713am, it finally went from 6 to 5, which means it shut. The warming off on the mug, so it lasted about 75 minutes.. Alright, two quick pieces of information. Before I wrap this thing, up. Number 1: I did try charging this all the way from 5 up to 100 and it took over 2 hours, so it’s kind of a slow charging process for the mug itself.

. The other thing I wanted to try out – because I knew it’d probably be asked – is how long does it take to go from room temperature water up to the target? So I filled this with 72 degree water and it took 54 minutes to go to a target of 135, so not really much of a heater. More of a warmer.. That leads me to my pros and cons.. The pros would be that it works pretty much as it’s supposed to as advertised.. It keeps your drink warm. You don’t have to be tethered to a coaster.. You can kind of walk around it’s going to stay warm. I like that.. It actually feels nice.. It has a nice ceramic coating, although I think there’s a metallic interior.. They also offer it in different sizes and colors. So I do think that overall, it works exactly as it’s supposed to.. Now. As far as the cons go, the two cons are pretty big cons. Though. Number 1 is the price at 130., Come on. It’s hard to justify 130 for a mug.. I think a lot of people will not pay that., Even if you don’t mind paying 130 for it. The next con might apply to you and that’s the temperature.. If you’re someone who likes to drink coffee or tea that’s, one step short of liquid hot magma, this doesn’t get that hot.. It only goes to 145. So someone like me who doesn’t mind it kind of on the more moderate side.

I don’t really mind it. So much. So 145 is enough for me, but if you like really hot drinks, this may not get it warm enough for you. To me. I really like it. I’m, going to keep using it. The temperature. I don’t mind because I drink my drinks around that temperature range anyway.. I already have it because I bought it for this review so I’m definitely going to keep using it., But if you’ve tried the Ember tell me what you think in the comments below..