I just got a text on my phone saying that my powers gon na, go out for a couple hours for a planned interruption to fix some but thats. Just fine. You know what cause todays video is on this portable travel little case from emacs thats right goggles battery drone everything in one im gon na go were going to the park good thing, its in a travel case because were traveling today, boy all right lets get in The prius okay, so check this out. Yall know guillermo from the live streams right. We all love your mo. We like to give him a hard time, but apparently he got a fight with somebody in front of the store and he lives in argentina and he cant call north america. So he asked me if i can call them and say: uh, just call them and say you is it out of service? Oh, is that an answering machine, a a hiramo can leave his goddamn shopping cart wherever he wants. The amazing buck grinder yeah yeah im going to leave his shopping, cart anywhere. Damn pleases your store all right. Emma i got you buddy now were at the park now. Normally i like to show myself pathetically crawling through the hole in the fence to get to this park, but i had to i had to pee really bad, so i just ran in here and they dont worry about where i peed you weirdo. The point of this is were at the park now, so we can do the review.

We can finally do the tiny, hawk 3 ready to fly kit review thing. No were not ready. Im going to get my other microphone and im going to show you exactly what comes in this kit im excited. This is actually legit. Good emacs made some good some red bottom motors. They made a few things. I didnt care for and now theyre making the sickest little micro zmax legit legit, not even like hey im, trying to sell you this legit buck grinder to you its just pretty tight. Let me show it to you so buck grinder. I hear you asking me what the are we doing sitting in this park today were reviewing the emacs tiny hawk 2 nope were reviewing the emacs, tiny hawk 3 ready to fly kit. This is everything inside of this box. Inside of this little blue emax box. Is everything that you need to fly a drone to get started flying a drone? It has the radio it has the goggles, it has batteries, it has the other thing, the drone. It has everything you need, but dude even right away. Look at this. Let me show you this: this zipper im a fan of high quality zippers, and this my friends is a high quality zipper. A lot of zippers are little zippers that break on. Oh, can you hear that? Listen! That is a nice zipper right. There, a pleasure, a pleasure to unzip and open look. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, here we go here, we go.

This is it. This is the emacs tiny, hawk 3 ready to fly everything you do i sit down. What do i do? This is the emacs tiny, hawk 3 kit dog. This is everything you need to fly a drone. This is how much is this. I have a paper. They sent me this paper of stuff to read. This is 289. This is only two dont. Look at this all right, 289 dollars for this whole kit holy hows. I need a better angle to show you this. I hate this angle, so this is whats inside of the case. This is everything that it comes with. It has these little velcro thingies to like hold everything in there securely, while youre carrying your around in case. You swing it like a jerk lets, take a look at the drone first. This is the updated emacs, tiny, hawk 3 ready to go. Drone hang on. I have some words to read about it, but here before i read the words look, this is how you adjust your camera angle. I think this is neat. I think that is smart, its also a pusher type quad. I dont know if that is smart, but i do enjoy pushers. I just dont know if i enjoy it on such a little craft well see i havent had a chance to fly this. Let me read you uh what they want me to read you about this little drone here: okay, its redesigned focused on durability and quality of life.

It has a stronger camera mount with reduced friction, i guess thats. So if you crash this doesnt immediately go to a different thing that is kind of hard to push its pretty good redesign motors redesigned props a heavier emphasis on 1s, because 95 of people that fly these flight on one s, i did ask them for a 4s Version – and they were just like nah dog – oh thats – it theres more words. I thought they were about the drone yeah, so thats. The drone anyway theres a stronger focus on one s, its a pusher type, quad theres, new motors or some and the camera thing is uh harder to push down or whatever lets see, lets see about this radio. This thing this is an e8 transmitter with eight channels featuring high quality, gimbals huh. The controller controller can also be usable up to larger racing drones until people. What also new way the high quality gimbals. This controller can be usable up to larger racing drones until people. Okay, so you can use this controller um until people thats cool as far as the stick feel its a little its a little loose, its a little loosey, its, not too bad. You do have these switches, which i dont, like i dont like these little ones. I feel like these, these little fin switches break very easy, but i mean thats dude for 300 bucks and you get all this thats. Nothing like your switches are going to be little switches for that price.

Point gimbals aint too bad gimbals, aint too bad theyre, loose theyre, definitely loose feeling like theyre not going to flop around okay, no im just kidding they will totally flop around. If you shake it like that, its got some buttons. I dont know man heres the radio. You want me just to fly it. Let me turn it on thats. What it looks like when you turn it on lets check out the goggles next okay. This may be. This may be my favorite part of this entire kit. Dude. Is these goggles im not like a big fan of box, goggles or anything but check these out? These are so cool when i first put them on my face, i was like wow yall are dumb dude. This just sits on the bridge of my nose, its incredibly uncomfortable like for real, like for how lame is that? How name is that ow i put my eye. How lame is that to just have this sitting on your nose like that thats the most uncomfortable thing ever, but then i realized. No, these are actually sweet dude. They pull out like that. Look at that these little tabs here tab in oh little. Tab stick in here, so you have three adjustment points, although trying to get it to the farthest, one is kind of a hassle. It kind of doesnt really stay in that well, which is a shame because the way that my stupid eyeballs work – this has to be at the third one or else the screens a little fuzzy there we go there.

We go look at that and look how much better, that is to sit on your nose than this, which i thought because im dumb the little picture in here aint bad, either man. This is a pretty nice, pretty freaking, clear picture. Inside of here i mean theres, small box, goggles and everybodys face is different, so theyre gon na fit weird, but the screen is really nice inside of here and speaking of the screen dude. This is my favorite. This is my favorite thing. Oh my gosh. I love this. You got right, you got your gogs, you got your dogs cool. I got my gogs, but look mother, it comes off, it comes off and you have a little screen. Then you have a little. Oh god. She had this little portable receiver. They can hey, though, yo watch me power loop. This, let me watch me power loop. This thing you can just hand your buddy, the thing you put it on there boom. You got goggles. That is so cool. Are you kidding me that is my favorite emacs yall? Are crushing it dog? The kid also comes with a couple extra things like some props and some of these stupid little like what are these called rubber ducky antennas for the goggles, but then it comes with this bag full of stuff. I dont know theres just a bunch of weird in it theres like theres, a usb cord thats, not that weird, i know what a usb cord is.

It also comes with extra little rubber things for the bat. What the is that? A ghost? It also comes with these little extra rubber things to hold the battery on, because i know those are gon na be breaking when you all do your sick, freestyles and but then it comes with this uh, which im assuming is for the monitor that plugs into the Monitor to give you a this mount and this mount goes into this mount, but then, where the does this mount go to, i dont i could ask them, but im not going to so go figure that out for yourself what the this is for. Okay, i figured out because im super smart, you put that together like that right and then uh and then the radio has a hole in it and you put that on there. So that way, you can put the monitor on top of there and then boom like that. Then you have like your and you can fly your drone like thats sick. Actually, i am definitely really impressed with the way they put this kit, together with the amount of thought that went into this for newbies, if youre a new pilot, if you have never flown fpv before you, i dont think you can go wrong with this thing. This is a great kit, but im not just going to endorse this without flying the drone. I am easily impressed and the fact that this monitor can come off the goggles, and now i have a monitor that i can use for.

I might go buy this right now. I dont give a this is super cool okay, but maybe i am easily impressed, but main point of this is the drone right. We got ta test the drone out all this is for nothing if the drone sucks, because you can just go, buy some other or whatever right so lets see honest opinion lets go rip this for the first time ever i did a hover. I did a hover test in my living room and it was like whatever my cats and my dog were trying to bite it. So cats and dogs do not like this. We have to give it a park test to see if it even flies. Good lets get this little park. This no more talking lets rip holy. I was gon na get my goggles out, so i can record dvr for this and look wait. No, look. I think it has a slot for an sd card, so this thing might even have built in dvr. Are you kidding me? Okay? I think i figured this out theres like three little buttons on the side, uh assume for the race bands and but the r wait focus when you press the r see a little dot, see how red dot the r pops up. When you press the r and when you press it again, sometimes it goes away its not going away now there see it went away. Okay lets do this radios on, i dont know what arm is.

I dont know what modes are enough. I dont know nothing about this im just gon na grab this thing im gon na rip it. Hopefully this dvr works is this on thats, not on. How do you turn this on? Okay? This is. This is definitely blurry. This is definitely i need these goggles to be a little farther away from my head lets see how this flies, though okay, so this is very much here. Im gon na, let go the controls got a little drift. There lets see if thats acro, thats acro. Okay, we should have no drift now theres a little drift, so this controller im assuming needs to be calibrated or whatever man. I really like this, but honestly. This is too close to my face: im old im old in my eyeballs. I am farsighted or something i dont know, but this is too close. Its too close to my uh my face and everything is blurry into these goggles. Let me see, let me see if that can be rectified. Oh god, dont crash, i dont want to walk dude. I aint not trying to walk. Oh you, okay. I found it lets try that again this has a beeper which is very convenient, theres a beeper on one of these switches. Looking like goggles well, i was gon na show you how the screen mounts to here right, a little screw and whatever – and i was gon na fly it like this.

But you need a hex. You need like a little two millimeter hex. I didnt bring any tools because i i didnt bring any so just pretend no look that goes on there and you fly around and youre like oh tied up all right, since my eyes are too old for this monitor and i dont have my glasses im. Just going to take the monitor, look at that, i got a beautiful picture im just going to take the monitor im going to set it down right here and its going to fly by looking at it. I dont even know if i can do this all right. Little tiny hawk good luck to you, oh god! This is hard. This is hard dude. Have you ever flown while just looking at an external monitor, this is incredibly hard. I need to do them on my face. I i definitely need it on my face. Wheres the power lets see if i can do a roll. Oh i dont know. If i can even do a roll, i did a roll. I did a roll and im still flying hell. Yeah. Oh this sucks. This is hard. I do not like looking at a monitor for those of you that fly by looking at a monitor, bless your hearts. Man. Can i power loop, no theres a tree. I dont want to try power loop, a tree okay, so this thing uh. It is definitely a 1s, its definitely a pusher like if youre wanting to learn how to fly drones.

Oh im, not recording yeah, im recording if you want to learn how to fly drones, you should definitely buy this. If you already know how to fly drones, you might be better off getting something else. The tiny hawk freestyle by emax is actually pretty awesome. This is just their tiny hawk. This is like one of their get started flying drones, but if you want them for real for real that rips a little tiny, hawk freestyle, you cannot go wrong man. This is fun, though this is fun right. Okay, okay, stop! If you for real or getting into fpv, i do not think you can go wrong with this kit. One of the first things you may want to do is upgrade your goggles, though, because if youre like me – and you got shitty old man eyes, this youre not gon na be able to see where am i holding up youre, not gon na be able to see. Is this up youre not gon na be able to see in these goggles? You know what i mean if your eyes are like mine, if youre near far sighted, whatever the it is, this shits gon na be too far away like right here, dude right here, its in focus. Nowhere else is it in focus that kind of sucks but thats, not on emacs thats on thats on god. Actually it is super sick, though, that you can take the goggle. This is im, so amazed, dude im just so like.

I think that is the coolest thing ever to be able to do that. You get a kit and you can just be like boom. So if you do upgrade and you get nicer goggles, you have a screen, no matter how long youve been flying, you will always find a use for a little external screen and this alone is well its not worth 300 for the screen, but that alone, if you Want to get started flying and upgrade goggles getting this little thing where it pops out dude. I like doing it. I like im a simple man. The radio is all right. The radio is all right like i said it sticks you can flop them around. If you jiggle it really hard, but i can probably do that on my tango too, because i run my sticks loose, you know what i mean i dont like the switches, but for a cheap radio, thats included in a bind and fly kit. The last radio that emacs had made the little white one – i was not a fan of that that just looked like some piece of that you buy at the dollar store. This at least is trying to rip off dji. This one at least, is trying to be a radio that you can use for other stuff and i think its pretty cool its, not the best radio, but it feels good. It feels good sitting in your hands. You know what i mean.

It feels good to press the little sticks, its not too shabby, and it takes an 18650. So when youre done vaping you can just put in your radio the drone itself. This is definitely a beginner drone. I wouldnt get this. If you already fly expecting to go rip, some sick packs or nothing, but if you want to learn how to fly without spending a ton of money and smashing a bunch of you cannot go wrong with this. You put in the stabilized mode, you just practice hovering going back and forth doing a couple. Little yaw, spins youll be ripping it in no time dog. Individual experiences may vary backgrinder. Norway endorses or something any of these claims. I like how you can tilt the camera. Really easy, you know i usually fly low tilt, so you can start out. If you want to try to go faster, you can tilt it start flying like that. The drone is whatever these things are. 300. 298 dollars for this kit wheres my paper, ow god, damn it. My my knee i hit my knee. I cant find my paper. I cant find my paper, but its like 298 dollars for the whole kit and like 150, for just the tiny hawk 3 by itself or something somewhere around there. I cant i cant, find my whered. It go so my ultimate honest review on this thing. If you dont fly fpv right now go buy one of these and start flying fpv, because this will definitely definitely get you started, no matter what you buy when you start youre going to upgrade no matter.

If you buy the top of the line right now, youre going to be upgrading some stuff in a couple years, so you may as well just drop 300 bucks, which is pretty cheap for a starter kit on this get started and upgrade things slowly over time. This is a d8 radio, so youll be able to use it with other drones. The goggles and monitor youll be able to use for other stuff, although they dont fit my face correctly. Maybe if youre a smaller face, maybe you dont have such a big fat head. Theyll fit yours and the drone you cant go wrong with emacs always makes nice little micros and, like i said, i love my tiny hawk freestyle. This is the tiny hawk 3. This is their newest one. Its a pusher flies pretty well youll. Be able to run this around your house if you have a house, this probably isnt the best outside drone, especially when its windy. This is more of a little inside ripper to like practice and get good at, but, as you saw, i was able to fly it around the park. I just wasnt able to get like too much chooch out of it thats all. I want to say about this. Drone, my final thing yeah buy it. If you dont fly fpv. If you already fly fpv get something else. You know what i mean you i happen to have my freestyle quads with me. Did you think i i wouldnt go to the park and bring my freestyle? I got my freestyle quads.

I havent flown any drones since las vegas, so im just gon na rip it back. I hope you like watching me fly around trees, because these are some trees. Im gon na fly my drone around now aint no sleeping on my streets. Im, awake boy, aint, no lagging im awake boy, make money on a three six: five ima wait for it: fake white im, a cake boy, Music, making Music, ugly Music, you aint Music, Music! Well, there you go theres. My little freestyle rip ive been flown since vegas thats been like two weeks or something. This is probably the longest ive gone without flying and it definitely shows did i feel so squirrely i feel so squirrely on the sticks. Everything feels so loose, plus these juicy props dont help. I really do like these new hq juicy props, but im used to the pb and js, which are a little stiffer. These are loosey goosey and you have to fly accordingly and get used to it, but whatever theres my ripper pack, if i i dont, think im gon na do my outro at the house. Im gon na do my outro right here. This video is over so hey emacs. Thank you so much for sending me the where to go thanks, emacs, so much for sending me your little buy and fly drone thing. This is pretty sick. I definitely recommend this for somebody that has never flown a drone. You want to get this for your wife, kid husband, boyfriend, secret, mistress, whatever you shouldnt have secret mistresses, be honest with your people.

Buy this emacs kit. The goggles are man, the radios, man, the drones map, but you know what its 289 and you can get started. Flying two days and upgrade everything else later on its not that bad, i should say its above man, its definitely above me and as always each and every video i have to say thank you so much to my top patrons thats 50 a month end up. These are the top of the top patrons. I love all of my patrons, but a benefit for giving me this much means you get your name on the thing. Thank you so much volley, tronics stunt, strat 76 mikey, fpv, billy, hackett, fpv and fpvexchange.com for all your fpv needs. Thank you so much everybody for being my top patrons. If you want me to say your name, every video because remember i say the names now be a patron yeah. I dont know im all im, not only rusty flying im, also rusty making videos. So this video is over. Thank you everybody much for watching. I promise did i say it right. I promise next time well be better. Okay, bye, Music.