This is the newest version of the Nighthawk and if you're new to fpv Nighthawk has been a name that's been in the community for a long time, they have done beginner level, entry level, quads and they're great for the new guys, because it teaches you to build Repair, it teaches you all the basics that you need to know about getting into fpv and at a very beginner friendly level, now there's a lot of components on here from Emax that are absolutely great. These twenty two of five motors – these are s 22 of five use our 2300 KBS. Those have been a race favorite for quite a long time, they're, really a kind of a staple in the market. If you're looking for a power system that has a really smooth power to power display and tons and tons of raw power, these are awesome motors, very quiet and very, very nice. Now what is different about the Nighthawk Pro 200? This one has 25 amps des filles on here and just a switchable VTX on here very back with a digital display, that's recessed inside here, with also with a push button and here, on this right hand, flag and it's switchable between 25 milliwatts and 200ml. A lot. It didn't go to 600, which is really really nice. Now the instruction manual is really nice and I'll show you that in just a moment I did replace my intent on here. I just put this Amway on here.

For the time being, I broke the top off this one after a couple, prat crashes. But I did a lot of bashing with this club because I wanted to find out for you guys how durable this was going to be because looking at this frame from the front and the bottom it's absolutely bomber, tough. Looking we have this really hardcore. It'S, like ABS, plastic on the very bottom, feels pretty nice. You have a USB port on the side. You have dents for your es es inside there it's, not a foreign one ESC system, so the es these are up in the arms. I believe, like I said, those are 25 amp and the are so also BL heli S, which is cool. So you can program those up those you have LEDs on the rear. Now one thing that was a little bit strange was I was at the field and I pulled up the manual and I wanted to figure out how this change it from 25 milliwatts 200, because it comes setup for 25 milliwatts. So if you want to switch this over to 200 mil alot instead of running your 25 min lot, which it comes default setup in, I was out the field, and I wanted to do that. There'S, a little tiny pin inside here and what I had to do was take like a prop or something and stick it in this hole and switch that pan over to do 200.

So it does accept it, but it's a little bit hard to find in here which that was a little easier, maybe a little more accessible. But if you have something like a sharp prop or maybe a fine like little tiny screwdriver, you can get in there and flip that pan over toward the rear is going to be 200 and toward the front it's going to be 25 mil alot. Now mine is a test model, so you want to take in consideration. Some of these things are going to be different when you get your zero, if it's going to be a production version and all these little tiny things little kinks are going to be worked out by the time you get yours now I had to pull my camera Off the original emaddix camera that came on there, it kept going really really white on me, although it had a really fine looking resolution on there. The light and color changes weren't working out so well. For me, for some reason, it had a really whited out. Video look on it and it was a problem because I couldn't see anything even when I went in and adjusted with the OSD doesn't come with a little OSD programmer that you can change the brightness and contrast on there. And I have it sitting right here, but you can plug it in on the other side right here we got a little joystick. You can move around and change things.

The brightness contrast from color settings and everything, but I had to take this out and just for fun anyway, how to run cam Swift mini. So I went ahead and put that in there it's, nice and small inside there. So if you wanted to upgrade that camera grab a run, cam swift mini this camera, it looks beautiful plug in and has a really vibrant color for the setup. Now one of the things that I was kind of frustrated with – and I only have these x4r receivers right now – have anything smaller. But if you're going to put a receiver on this, put something small on there like maybe the XS – are something a little smaller that you could fit underneath here, because taking this bottom off, I found to be a little bit frustrating because we have four bolts here And we have two on the top, not many bolts, but you have to take the motors off as well to get this off. That was kind of something I wasn't expecting to have to do that, because the motor clamps, the guards right here actually holding this part down on the very end on each part here. So we have to remove the motor take the bottom off so to get your receiver up inside there that's. What you're going to have to do. You can put it back on it'll. Take you a few minutes to do that, but I wasn't able to fit this full sized receiver underneath here anywhere.

There was not enough space, so that was kind of frustrating for me. So I put it behind right here in the best possible place, I could get it it's it's not going to go relatively anywhere else. If you have a full sized receiver like an x 4r or the d4 r2. If you have a spectrum style receiver, you can probably stick that underneath here there's a little bit of room inside the camera baby camera. So you might be able to squeeze one in there, but we also have 370 grams without the battery on here and that's. Not too bad with battery I'm over 500 grams, probably in the 550 range with a 1300 and the bed right here where the battery goes is only long enough for 1300. So you can't run 1500 on here unless it's a higher stack battery, because this section right here it only allows the length of a 1300. So that was maybe one drawback for some guys that, like to run 1500 batteries now. Another interesting fact is that they use these thinner straps on here and a lot of times I'd like to see people manufacturers using these curse, drops on their race clouds, because these small ones they break with 4s battery. On there I have my 4s battery eject and one of my crashes, but I cross this thing a lot. So keep that in mind. I did pummel it all over the place. We even did the dragon tow with this one this time, but these small straps they break pretty easy.

So we sort of use a little larger, strap but no problem. I can run this one underneath here and come up and around so it is data fly native and that's, also cool. We have an SP racing f3 acro board up inside here and that standard favorite for a lot of racers let's talk about what came with this. It came with the OSD programming cable for your camera NSA OSD, I mean the internal display of the camera is what's. Seen on the camera screen not actual on screen display let's make that make that very clear. This does not have OSD now that's a problem for me because I like to fly anything in 2017 outfield. I should have OSD, you know that's just the way it should be. You need to see battery voltage on screen at all times water floods. You don't kill your batteries very important, also for new guys, so if this is going to be directed toward new guys, we definitely want to have OSD on here. However, not a big deal because you can actually get cameras that support on screen display now we'll show you battery telemetry and all that basic stuff. So don't worry about that. You can add your OS D on there later. If you wanted to use a different camera. No big deal now the cool thing about it is the flip side of that is they actually did incorporate a low voltage, beeper and a low voltage.

Beeper is extremely good on this thing. It goes bananas when it gets to a critical voltage on your battery. So you're not going to kill your batteries you're going to set it down and land it because it's going to be seriously beeping at you, you do get to a low battery voltage, but I like the way they have this camera in here, it's kind of snug. It does stick out on the front a little bit so that might be susceptible to damage, but out in the field. I didn't have any issues with it. It'S kind of cradled, underneath here with this little bottom bumper right here and it has two pieces sticking up up top and you can get quite a bit of tilt out of this. I have it kind of just tilted just a little bit for some of the dragon tail stuff. I was doing you don't want too much pitch when you're trying to hit a slider, but I don't really recommend hitting slider. With that. The only reason I tried it was because this is a table riding battery and it's completely flat on here on the bottom, so it was slide when it hits a hard surface. Whenever I see a top mounted battery always want to try that with the quad. I also want to test out durability on this one, and it proves to be quite high now. Emax also gives you these yellow props two sets of these yellow and tried prophecies or 50 40 s actually, 50 50 s, and these are probably coming most durable props – that I've used this year so far my Racecraft props.

They break some of the other brands of props break pretty easily. Now props are pretty good if you're new just getting into this, but this particular Emax prop is actually kind of amazing, because I was hitting the dragon tail slider with this, and a lot of new guys are not going to hit sliders or play around in skate Parks, but this prop right here is very, very durable, and this is a great prop for the new guys, because these didn't even have any creases of cracks and all the slime that and so look at that easy yeah like they just have been slow in a Few times – and I just really pummeled these props, for you guys, I mean I one of them bent a little bit and I just bend them back they're totally fine. Now you also get a pretty nice box a little case that comes along with it. It doesn't work for props on, but if you take your props off you're going to travel with this, you just pull your antenna up and back there and put it right here in that slot over on the right hand, side and you have a spot for props Up inside here so it's, actually a pretty functional case I'm, going to say definitely for traveling. This is pretty sweet. I'Ve seen a lot of race quads lately with a smaller size case like this, and this is kind of cool because it doesn't take up a lot of space.

I think it's pretty nice so also on this quad there's limited cradle space for a GoPro. You can fit one up here. I put these zip ties right here for my antenna, sticking off the top, if you don't do that, you have plenty of space here to add one of your GoPro session cases just go ahead and strap your gopro session on the front of this. It will totally sit there. Just fine, you could probably even put a full size GoPro, and here you just have to make sure that the props don't come too close, because you have only a little bit of clearance in here with these props I'm going to show you what it look like. We'Re going on so you have to be careful that you're not hitting your receiver here. You want to be very, very careful when you're mounting things, so your props don't come too close to it, especially this GoPro as well. If you use a full size GoPro, it might actually stick out a little bit too much you're going to see how that one fits on there. So you have very minimal clearance on both sides for this particular frame, but he's a good procession. You should be good to go now, go ahead and turn it on, for you, like, I said indoors, always take your crop off, make sure that you don't plug it in indoors with the props on big roll of mine. Now it does have built in LEDs, like I said, in the rear, but it also has built in LEDs, underneath the motors and that's also kind of cool just plug this in you can see a little plugin nice.

We got blue LED from the rear two red ones on the back and two white ones in the front, they're actually lit up pretty nice. You can see the light beeping in there for AF three flight controller and you got your Nighthawk and one on the bottom. There as well now let's go ahead and give a final drone camps opinion on this new Emacs Nighthawk pro 200. Do, I think, it's worth the money? Absolutely because, mainly it slides awesome, it slides really really really well. I had so much fun flying this pod. It was really awesome doing some freestyle on the field and practicing inverted y'all. I was doing all kinds of ya'll flips and spends some power lives with it as plenty of power in the power system. The video system worked pretty well with that newer camera that but you're not going to have that problem with the production version and if you want to go ahead and grab a bigger, strap for that center spot. This back ones probably going to be fine. But my overall impression of it was that this is a great beginner quad for 2017. Coming up. If you're looking for an absolutely kick ass, beginner quad, Emax, Nighthawk 200 is definitely going to be a best bet for 2017. So I'll add some links down below you. Can check out the full specs overall in emacs model, calm, and if you want to grab one of these, you can grab one from gearbest they're, also for sale coming up soon, so you can pre wear that and I'll show you the link down below too.

So thanks again for hanging out with me, I'm Justin Davis.