We want to see if we can carry an hd camera. We want to see how long it can actually fly and we want to get in a little bit of trouble. Lets get to it Music. This is the emacs nanohawk x. Lets open this up for the first time pop it open weve got the drone, buy blade. Propellers battery charger 450 mah battery adapters, more adapter tool, kit, thats about it. This is just a one cell high volt 3.8 volts 160 c 450 milliamp hour, one cell, then youve got the multi charger just plugs in on usb, and then you have adapters to this charger to xt 30 that you can charge the batteries up. Just like that. So i do like that inclusion, thats, pretty sweet, and then it always comes with tools right, so youve got a little phillips head screwdriver and extra screws and everything. So this is always a nice thing to have that umax always includes with their kits next up. Weve got the drone itself. Kinda got that standard, emex nano hockey, looking kinds of thing: it is an analog bird, not dji digital, which kind of makes it make sense for the weight. 1202.5 1100 kv motors from emacs got your xt60 in the back. Youve got run cam nano, which is my favorite micro camera. It looks so good compared to other micro cameras on the market. In my opinion, its all mounted on there looks like theres some foam in there for some vibration, isolation, a little whip antenna and then theres.

The four in one thats deep, underneath you can see the fats on the capacitor down here, thats all protected by a little plastic shield, the fr sky protocol. So by default theres an fr sky transmitter in there. You can see the red right. There is actually an fr sky antenna thats included by default, so you can bind it straight to fr sky, so ill use my radio master t16s to bind to the emacs drone so that i dont have to put in a different receiver or anything like that. I can literally just bind this straight to that, and that will be a great way to get started with that lets see about getting some props on here. It comes with these sweet little avon by blades lets figure out which direction the props are going and then binder up. Okay, it looks like the props are spinning standard orientation, so props in okay. I think i got it yeah all right. Dont do this at home. Im, a professional Music, all right, shes, ready lets, go ahead and plug this in and fly for the first time. Okay, just from the first hover test feels like its got plenty of power, especially for 1s, which is pretty crazy. So now lets actually do some flying around the yard. Okay, its gon na go full throttle its got some power, pretty fine, it kind of like it has a similar thrust to weight of like a cine lifter almost like.

I know thats kind of a weird comparison to make for such a small thing, but like genuinely thats kind of what it feels like is like the weight. The power to weight of a city lifter, but like it gets around the tune feels great. You can really just hook it around these trees when it sits down its in its own prop watch. It is pretty good. I cant really go around the house because of the analog video but like. I really feel like im getting pretty sendy, which is really nice for a drone of this size, and especially with this quiet like the dogs, arent, even barking at it, which is weird, like normally theyre, like going crazy for it when it makes a big sound. But maybe because this ones quiet, they dont really care so much okay. This is the best flying micro, drone, ive ever flown thats for sure theres, even a little bit of a breeze right now, not a ton, but enough. Oh no and i put it in the top of a tree, are you kidding me all the way up there Music got it got her back seems to be all right. Lets get her charged up and go for another one. Okay, so first impressions from first flight really good overall, its got a lot of power. Surprisingly, for a 1s battery, especially a tiny little one, like that, its super super quiet. I was blown away by how quiet it was.

I knew it was going to be, but just like, all you hear is just a little bit of a grunt kind of going. It goes by like thats, really how it sounds to me and its its peppy. The tune is great like when i was sitting down on its own prop wash. I didnt see a ton of like big, like oscillations, like you get with a tiny hook, for example, and honestly, like the power band on this reminded me a lot of a cine lifter. I want to get winston to fly. It check it out and then lets see what kind of trouble we can get into it, because, with this thing being so quiet and having so much power, i think we could have a lot of fun with it probably can get it to carry the insta360 go To get some hd footage on top of the fact that nobodys really gon na care where or how this thing is flying as long as its within the legal limits, but yeah this thing is cool, really excited to see what we can figure out, what to do. Music, so weve transitioned down here to louisville. This is actually winstons place, which its a pretty beautiful spot to be. This particular neighborhood is like a an old part of louisville, its a tourist destination like theres, actually like trolleys driving through all of the time to show off this area, but its also kind of a neighborhood where you wouldnt like rip a 5 inch drone.

But weve got the e max nanohawk x, which is super stinking quiet between its 1s battery, and these really wispy 3 inch props. We think we might be able to get away with flying it around here. A little bit so were going to do some flights on well, obviously on analog because its analog drone, but then also see if we can mount up the insta360 go 2 and get some hd shots flying around this beautiful neighborhood. You ready winston, oh yeah so before we go anywhere im going to have winston fly this and kind of react to what its like as its intended. So the recommended battery is this 450 milliamp hour, one cell, but i have a bunch of these 300s left over from the nanohawk and ive only got one of these and we dont want to be waiting on just the one battery to charge all day so were Going to fly some of them on 300s, but do all the important tests on the 450s winston is going to be flying at 300 right now. So i already reacted to this at my house. Now. Im gon na have winston react to it. Thats so cool its got, punch yeah, see theyre, saying first impression it took off pretty easily its kind of it definitely feels like a feather light. Its got plenty of go but its not too fast either. So i was just saying that the power band overall right around the half throttle point is perfect for cruising you can get on it.

Oh yeah. I know it moves, but it also has resolution downstairs where its not too light. If that makes sense its not too overpowered, but it has enough power to where its controllable, i think would be the easiest way to say it definitely analog video, so fun story. Last time i flew something around the around my front yard other than just a quick hover test. I was flying a five inch around the fountain and granted to say theres. Definitely a neighbor that wasnt very happy about it, but being able to fly this thing around and not worry about, seeing that guy or him even hearing its kind of nice. One of the things that emax claims is that this gets about eight minutes of. Like cruising cruising and like three to four minutes of racing style flying so i want to see if we can get into the range of like you know, eight minutes of cruisiness on the 450 nice you just crashed right. There lets see if we can get like a good like three or four minute freestyle battery, which i think thats achievable. So i definitely uh ran into some flowers over there. Lack of shame and flight review impressed so far the it weighs absolutely. Nothing has plenty of power, its not underpowered, its controllable down low its got resolution. I cant wait to see what it flies like with the hd camera on it winston got to fly it without the camera, so lets see what this thing can do with the insta360.

Go to attached weve got this little mount that winston printed out for us well put a link to the stl in the description, so you guys can use it. If you want, and literally all we did was kind of make a little bit of a belly in the mount and then one zip tie and now the camera is locked on there, its not going anywhere. I mean that might break in a crash, but and then you get a little bit of adjustability actually with it, so we should now be ready to go for an hd flight. All right lets see if itll fly. All right here goes nothing. I think i think its got it. Oh yeah, oh, she dont care, dude thats, a 1s drone, 1s 3 inch drone that you cant, hear five feet away and has full hd stabilized Music. My line of sight skills are not great Music. So in the past, the nanohawk models had some occasional issues with vibrations and emacs has addressed that and solved that partially with this foam mount, but with other methods to make sure that the camera is not going to vibrate. Inside of the thing, this drone is 41 grams, with of dry weight with a three inch: propeller 1s drone, so its only 41 grams, but its still got three inch blades. So its got a lot of power to it. The components inside of the emax nanohawk x are the same as the nanohawk series making all of the parts interchangeable and therefore cheaper and therefore easier to get a hold of so theyre kind of thinking through that ecosystem of making sure that everything is capable for you To be able to swap things in and out as quickly as possible, this drone uses the run cam nano 3 fpv camera.

This is like the smallest possible camera late, smallest lightest camera possible, but it still has really really good. Clarity like i love the image out of the nano series compared to any other nano camera out there. The vtx in the nanohawk x is capable of 200 milliwatts, so you get a little bit of longer range flying im, not saying youre going to go long, ranging, but typically, when youre using drones of this size, you dont typically get a 200 milliwatt vtx. So having that included by default is awesome, Music. Okay, so i think weve done all the testing that we can do here so were going to go ahead and reposition uh. The next thing i want to do is test out those claims of endurance right. Can we actually cruise for eight minutes cant, we freestyle for three three and a half so lets go find spot where we can cruise around a little bit and put it to the test Music. So weve got the original 450 mah battery fully charged actually hv charged and were gon na go for an endurance test were gon na see how long we can keep it in the air just cruising around this park like a 50 percent cruise because thats what they Claim that it can do eight minutes were gon na find out if it can actually do that. Just crashed over the two minute mark the batterys already done at 3.8, but i mean, with one cell, you typically run it pretty low for each cell or for the cell.

So i dont know once we start seeing 3.3 thats. What im going to actually be thinking that were running low on battery so still going great, just shooting around this park were at four minutes of cruising 3.6 volts its dropping a lot slower now that were in the lower voltage range, but still going strong Music. So i got to say out here flying he flew past me. I barely noticed that thing. This has got to be one of the quietest. Drones ive ever heard like exactly you cant hear squat. Where is that thing hold on there? It is listen for it all right. I just got a land now: notification batterys dropping off really quick, like i didnt, have any time: 2.6 2.5 full throttle so oh shoot, and then the osd reset well have well have to go back and check the uh actual dvr to see what the timer was. But it was like something like five and a half minutes that i got of just like 35 40 throttle cruising. I dont know if thats quite eight minutes, i dont know emacs, but still five minutes, five and a half minutes on a one cell, thats, actually pretty ridiculous, so that we tested out endurance, weve tested out its ability to carry hd footage. I just want to freestyle, and this little bridge spot is phenomenal. We go and dive through the struts up. There do matty stuff around the poles im terrible at all of that, but its gon na be really fun with this.

So lets get a little freestyle done. So one of the things i like the most about this is just such a like nice little setup, like literally just goggles controller drone full set of batteries im not going to break a prop because they weigh nothing like were ready to go thats it thats. All. I need to fly Music me: Music, hmm, Music, so, Music, all right, so i got ta, say ive flown a few of the emacs products as weve done reviews. This has got to be one of my favorite ones so far its holding up pretty well. Even the props arent bending on it so im pretty surprised by how well its taken my abuse weve reached that point in the video where we might get in trouble were at 4th street live in downtown louisville, and this is the first time ive ever seen it. This dead, like theres nobody around here. This is the perfect opportunity to safely get some hd drone footage of this awesome space, Music, foreign, Music, so Music Applause, Music – so we ended up getting kicked out of fourth street live the uh security guy came up to us really nicely. He was just like: hey got ta, have you have a permit to fly here its indoors like its under a roof, so were good with faa stuff, but i guess they wanted a permit to be filming in fourth street live so yeah. What are you gon na? Do we got the shot were out, so we finished up a full day of testing with the emacs nanohawk x and i got ta tell you were both blown away in a lot of different ways right.

This is probably the easily the quietest drone ive ever flown. First of all, so because of that fact, its kind of like a perfect shenanigan machine, you can fly it in places that you wouldnt normally get to fly it and its, like just unbelievable weve. Also put this thing through its paces in terms of durability, too, like we actually filmed a whole segment of slo mo footage just trying to crash it, and the worst thing thats happened so far is a prop came off and we couldnt find it, but losing props Is part of the game with fpv? Not only is it great at freestyle and endurance with just analog, but you can stick an hd camera on there and get really really good hd footage out of the insta360 go to. And finally, while the endurance doesnt live up to what emacs necessarily claims, it can do of eight minutes, five and a half minutes of cruising is really really good, as well as three and a half minutes of freestyle thats up there for five inch drones. But this is a 1s 3 inch micro guy that you cant, hear and still flies im, not gon na say like a five inch, because thats pretty cliche, but its pretty close, it flies really really well for what it is. One thing i wanted to throw out is that emacs did not pay us to make this video. They dont have any say over what video were putting out and the final decision on what we get to say is up to us.

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