Today we have the Hawks port and the hawk Pro kind of a fancy. Fancy pants version of the hawk Sport over here they're the new updates to the hawk 5 that came out. It seems like a couple years ago that was quite a banger. A lot of people bought that one because it flew on Rails. It was really really nice. Plenty of power – and it did some really nice solid lines – a lot of people used it to race. The cool thing about that quad was right out of the box. You had all the bells and whistles at the time when it came out and it was ultra light feeling. So it was one of the lighter race, quads freestyle quads out there that was fun and fly on the market, and it had that original Magnum on there. As well, I believe it might have been the 30 by 30 Magnum too, but this one has smart audio on here. So we have the updated VT X on both of these power systems as well. We have 4 and 6s options, which is really really nice so, depending on the budget friendly version over here, the sport one's going to be more budget friendly. They have some motors on here that they're calling the Eco series motors, so economy priced and you can get those for 2400 kV for a 4s battery if you're new start out with the 2400. Put that one in your cart.

If you want 6s version of this, one, look for the 1700 kV motor version same thing with this one. On the pro you have choice of 4 6 s power systems, the pulsars are nice because they have under the motor LEDs that can also change colors in beta flight and they're responsive to the throttle. The higher your throttle goes, the brighter the lights, get as you're racing along, so super cool for the crowds to watch, and also I have to be honest. I have the Emax buzz here and this was a freestyle beast. You guys saw this review on the channel and I ripped it, but I actually do prefer a lighter quad for my freestyle adventures, and this is what we have here in comparison to the buzz look, how much more narrow this quad is than this. This is just very B, steep and it's supposed to be more durable, which it probably is, but this is lighter and I feel like this one has more float and a little more forgiveness in some of those bigger maneuvers. I think it's cool that they decided to do a budget friendly eco version of these motors on here for folks that want a sort of a sort of top performance type motor for a cheaper price. There'S. A lot of companies out there that are selling their sort of budget motor, but how good is the quality on those motors, that's that's, the big thing, but Emax is known for making some some motors that really really ripped and a lot of racers use.

Emacs motors all the way back to those red bottoms, if you guys remember those red bottoms, I still have some of those in my shop and they still can go out there and rip 2205 even back in the day. We have 2306 motors on this one and I believe these were 2207 on this one. But again, if you want more beasty go for the Pulsar motors. If you want more of an all around type quad get the sport one either way you go. You'Re gon na have a lot of fun with these quads, but let's go ahead outside let's do some flying and then we'll come back in and I'll just give you my final thoughts and opinions on the sport and the pro here we go guys. Let'S go fly. All right guys here we go let's fire, these quads up and let's just get the sport out there first, and I want you guys to see how well this quad does low to the ground. This thing is fast, so if you want to race quad, this 4s version of the hawk sport it's good, the punch out is great there's, no vibes on the punch out. Sometimes, when you do a full punch out on a quad, you will get some shudder in the camera. I didn't see a lot of propwash and I think that's a very good thing. Coming back around from this power loops, no propwash I'm, just gon na go for that one again: nice low to the ground plenty of control plenty of power in these 2400 kV motors.

I like that, a lot, so you can freestyle or race. This quad either way. One thing I thought about the tune on here: it does fly on Rails, it's, very nimble, it's, almost too nimble for racing. You guys that race are probably gon na dial. These super rates back quite a bit and make it be a little bit softer on the controls, because I felt like it was a little bit loose on the sticks. One thing that I had noticed right away with the hawk sport and the same thing on the hawk pro, but the punch out is really good. I have plenty control for those low power loops like this and I'm just powering through this one back up and around. Never had a goal post, cuz it's a bad day when you do but I'm really liking the way this flies. This reminds me of the hawk 5 on steroids. Now we're gon na go for these big fattie trees got a power. Loop does a little bit of break up from that VTX and I caught this branch I shared all of the prop blades off the prop. All three proper leads were broken off the prompter in that crash I ate that tree took the tree branch off with me. Nothing happened to the quad, though, and I crashed on gravel, so that's good, that's durability is really high on these quads a little canopy it's, pretty tough, to take a hit to the rocks, really nice great clean lines, and I love loop in this quad a little Bit late coming back into that one, but still made it back around and let's go for this tree again.

Let guys let's send it just go for it here. You'Re gon na look for that hole underneath there less than 10 feet. Ah and I still caught a leaf coming back out but again, there's that break up again, it's, not the best VTX one here honestly, but the performance. I like the hawk sport, a lot now, look how much better the hawk pro camera looks. This is the cad expert owl, and here you guys, so if you you want a better setup, just go for the pro get the 1700 kv version. In my opinion, you're not really gon na get performance out of it. On a 4s battery, you have to fly a 6 s battery with those motors, and if you want a 4s version, you already have a bunch of 4s batteries. Just get the 2400 kv version. Big power loop there that looks a little bit sketchy. So I want to bail out of that too much of a vertical trajectory coming back through there and there's some breakup behind these trees right here and I'm running at 200 milliwatts. So I you know, I don't know what the deal is back behind those trees. It might be the Nano antenna you could try swapping that antenna out for a better antenna but nice and fast low to the ground. The guys that are racing, success and multigp are winning with these quads. You can tell why, because it's really quick through the trees there and look at the punch out crazy it's like a rocket straight out and no vibes in the camera, which is awesome, and this is a little overcast day so guys that are in areas like the Pacific Northwest we are it's, it's, generally cloudy a lot, and this happens to be like a local favorite camera, because a lot of us have to fly in these conditions all the time and it kind of makes it look like a regular day.

The grass looks green and everything low to the ground. Looks great sky is just dull and grey, but really nice flying I'm impressed with the way this quad flies, and this is a really harsh environment for this VTX. So a lot of chain link, fence and VTX is hate chain link fences, so we're going for that big fattie power loop there and thank God I made it back through a lot of break up behind those trees, plenty of control on the y'all and again I Feel like this one's a little bit looser than it probably should be for racing you're gon na have to dial back those super rates to make it a little softer on the turns it doesn't need to be whipping so hard. It is kind of set up like a freestyle quad, but the Magnum 3 is impressive. I think that it's a really good and solid flight controller, no problems and yeah. My only beef is, I think, that'd be. The VTX could be a little bit better, but otherwise I'm happy with both these quads and they're they're worth the money. Actually they fly really really well so I'm. Happy all right guys welcome back from the flight tests. What did you think about that footage? I think that the economy version the sport version is actually pretty capable. Even on the 4s setup, I had tons of power. I think I got four or five power loops around that tree with this quad.

It is really really locked in the Magnum 3 feels like it's it's flying on Rails, really solid and predictable lines very, very nice flight controller on here. So I love the tune, I have to say that's. You know five stars out of five on the tune: there's, not even a lot of propwash coming around from other bigger maneuvers, where usually at the bottom end, you're going to get some kind of waggle and some flutter. But I didn't have any of that with either of these quads. We can talk about the pros and cons. Honestly, we can. We can dive right into that since we're at the last part of the video. Now, I guess the my biggest weak point of this quad might be the way that they have the SMA connector mounted that's the base part of the antenna right here. Your Nano screws in right here and we're just gon na take this off. So you can kind of see what's going on here. If I hold it up close to the screen, you can see it's kind of vertical. This is the direction the quad is going to be flying when you're at Full Tilt so it's kind of vertical, and it puts your antenna at risk for breaking off when you hit something solid. So if you're doing 60 miles an hour 70 miles an hour and you hit a tree branch or a race gate with that sticking up straight vertical, it's gon na be hard to do it, but it is exposed – and that might be one flaw and mainly because It'S mounted to a hard point on the canopy if it had some type of TPU piece that mounted back here.

Somehow most of these SMA connectors lately have been through and into TP. You back mounts because what happens when they hit something they flex and they give a little bit, and that saves the connector. If you break this connector it's, not the end of the world, you can get a new connector, probably for a couple dollars, they're pretty cheap, but that is one probably the least favorite design parts about this whole quad. But everything else on the quad is really well designed and thought out, and I I do love that it's, similar to the baby Hawk series. The baby Hawk our series, it's kind of like a grown up, big brother of the original baby Hawk ours, so that's. Originally, what the hawk series was was the Big, Daddy quad and I think, it's great, that they offer two options. I think that's also a huge Pro, and I did. I spent a lot of time with flying the the sport version, mostly because you know I think that's the one that most people are going to buy because it's the cheaper version and it still rips the pulsar motors – are nice and those are the ones to go For if you like, I said if you want more torque, this is going to be the one to get, because these motors are super beasty and they're 2306 motors, or they do feel a little more torque II. Then your 2207 lower counterpoint type motors.

So, if you're, looking for more power by all means, go go for the pro version, but they both have very similar VTX and stack they're the same. They can both run 4s or they can both run 6s. So just depends on your powers up if you wanted to upgrade to those pulsar motor later with the sport version, you could also buy those later if you, if you felt like you, wanted more power, but even running 4s. With the Eco motors I ran through through some of the slalom in the trees, probably faster than I've gone before out of this field. So I was, I was booking through there and any mistake up against the tree and you're likely to break the arm on your quad. Definitely gon na break some props, so kissing a tree is never fun, it's, usually a big hard crash, but durability wise. I have to say that I think these things are going to be super durable and the frames are also identical, that's cool that you can swap back and forth you needed to if you bought the pro later on and you were in a race and you you're Flying you're Pro and you broke one of the arms on you're Pro. You could pull your arm off of your sport and put it on your pro, so that's kind of cool. I also like that they have smart audio on there and that's that's to be given these days.

That has to come on most of the quads it's nice to have that, and at this point we kind of expect it one other con that I noticed about these quads is that I wished Emacs would put a D 16 like an XM plus type receiver, on Their quads I'm, not a big fan of this D, 8 receiver, and it has this some sort of it's on this pro version. It has a single antenna on it. Doesn'T have a diversity antennas on here that I see yeah. It only has one Hanten and sticking out the very back, and we talked about this other field. It might be chopped up at some point because it can reach the prop up here. You don't want to cut the tips off of your hands and a receiver that's, not not a good idea so I'm, just not a good thing, so that might be one other con, but durability is high. Performance is high on both of these models. The design. I love the design. I think the design is really cool, so ever whoever designed both of these quads thumbs up for that, because this is the type of quad that really gets my heart pump and I love a lightweight fast quad and that's that's. What both of these quads are, so I think they have another hit here, and this is honestly a great update to the original hawk 5 and I think my my top score for this.

My overall rating is going to be about we're gon na go 4.5 out of 5 there's, some things about it that I think, could be a little bit better, but that's. Just me, I think, most stuff out there coming out could be a little bit better, but that's the reviewers job to be a little bit picky. I am rating it well over 4.0, mainly because they're just great out of the box and they rip it's another Hawk 5 reborn again, so the old Hawk 5 might be on sale. Now you could pick one of those up and still fly it it's still going to rip and freestyle like a mofo, but these guys right here are definitely where it's at 20 late, 2019 they're, the future right now so going into the spring and next year I Can still see these selling into next spring because there's nothing wrong with these, and if you want a better camera, go for the pro version also cuz. I forgot to mention that there is a CAD X retail and this one and the CAD X rotelle happens to be one of my favorite analog fpv cameras out there right now. Definitely a hot set up, so pro version 2 thumbs up. I have to mark that one actually a little bit higher 4.5 stars for the budget version and the pro version I'm gon na have to do 4.7 for the pro version. So perversion is ultra hot if you want to spend a little bit of extra money grab.

This one and have the route of your life. So thanks again for hanging out guys. This has been another review for Emax, USA, I'm, Justin Davis. Take care guys have a good weekend.