Beginners indoor fpv racing drone. It comes with everything you need to fly. Fpv okay, including the goggles, and the controller controllers, already bind to the drone ready to go out of the box. The drones fpv transmitter frequency is already connected to the goggles you don't have to go searching, although you can go searching and change these channels if you want, but let's go over what we got here again I mentioned it is a beginners learn to fly um. It is a with as a beginners drone. This is a brush motor drone it's, not brushless, with 0 816 motors 816 brushed motors and the idea of being you know as a beginner, you don't want a lot of power. You'Re gon na break your drone, and you you get a too much power on your Jo and they're smacking into walls. You want to have a gentle flyer and that's more or less what this is. This is a very gentle flyer and I've already tried it out indoors in the house here, and it was very easy to fly around the house and and there's a special beginners feature I'm gon na mention it here shortly with the controller that makes it very easy To fly by most pilots, you know the average person really I feel would be able to who has never flown before, but has some video game experience will be able to be able to fly this very easily on their first try with it with the goggles.

I really tried to last that it was very easy and I'll explain why here shortly, but let's go over what you get with a drone. The drone is an fpv transmitter, fpv micro racer drone is it's a whoop style drone, which means the propellers are protected by these ducts, and these ducts also and help improve the efficiency of the propellers to provide more lift the disadvantage of these is these create drag If you're flying fast, but this particular drone is not meant to be a fast flyer and it is not okay, they're advertising it as an indoor drone because of that, because it's not very fast, does it have very high pitch all. I will be flying it outdoors to demonstrate it that it can be fun outdoors or if I can't find that but again, fpv racing drone let's start from the tip of the camera and go down all the way to the motors and and there we'll start with The camera, the camera is a 600 TVLine fpv transmitter camera or fpv camera 600 TV line 36 with a 37 channel 25 milliwatts fpv transmitter built in here. Now you can change the channels of that frequent those frequencies and bands. There is a little black I'm looking for the button here with other it's in the back here. Let'S see if I can bring it up close enough that you can see it but there's a little black button in the back there, that you have to depress and hold down the change between the different frequencies and bands of this fpv transmitter.

In other words, this is not smart audio, capable you can't change those frequencies and bands with the controller and the goggles you're gon na have to manually do that if you need to ok again, I did mention that this is already set to the same frequency of The goggles but it's very simple process. You know you press this button a few times to change the frequency. If, if you're getting an interference with the current frequency you're using you can change those frequencies to look for a clean frequency with it. Doesn'T give any interference, and then you just press this button here, the one with the a on the goggles to auto, scan the goggles and find that particular frequency transmitting from the drum. So you can do that. Okay, other things about the flight controller on this particular drone, it's, not modifiable via beta flight. There is no microUSB port to plug in beta flight. If you wish to change it into flight parameters – and I don't think you should actually because of the different flight modes that this drone has and I'll mention them right now, it has beginner intermediate and expert now in beginner mode, you only have your control of the Drone with yaw and pitch control, there is no roll control of the drone, in fact using the transmitter. If you want to fly forward, you press forward and if you want to turn you go to like right or left on the stick or if you can fly backwards and turn right or left on a stick to it very similar.

To say this people be shocked to Grand Theft Auto I play Grand Theft, Auto it's, very similar to to driving a car in Grand Theft Auto. You know so that's. Why I'm saying, if you, if you have any microt or if you have any gamer experience, this will be a good joke. You'Ll be able to take this drone right away? Okay – and that is a beginner mode in intermediate mode, which you activate by moving the switch from beginner to intermediate, which is a second position. You lose that ability of using the right stick solely as your means of controlling this drone and it becomes a more or less a standard drum with altitude whole beginner mode. It also has altitude hold. I forgot to mention that, when you're beginner mode to takeoff, you have to bring the stick above Center position. Okay centre position maintains the out drones altitude, even if it's on the ground, but you arm the arm the drone. And then you have to move the stick above Center position and the drone will take off and start to climb. And when you get to the altitude, you want to be at you Center the stick and it will maintain that altitude that's true for both beginner and intermediate mode: okay, there's, two modes for the beginner and intermediate pilots, and in that case we're talking about intermediate mode. Their drone will take off and you Center that stick on the throttle and then, with the throttle and intermediate mode, you now have yaw control on the left: stick: okay, just as a standard mode controller with throttle yaw pitch and roll.

You now also have roll control. So that that beginners mode is goes away, an intermediate position becomes a standard mode controller without the hold on the drone. And finally, an expert mode with this is which you activate by brigands, switch all the way forward, it's still mode to control with throttle pitch yaw and roll. However, it turns off the altitude hold. Okay, in that case, you are going to manually. Neet manually need to maintain altitude via the throttle, okay and learn throttle management in that case in expert mode now, expert mode does not mean this has a crow. This drone is not capable of flying in accra mode, it's still stabilized in all three modes. Very gentle. In all three modes, even in an bird mode, it's it's, not that fast of a flyer. But with that in mind, like I said, this is intended for beginners and I think it's an excellent panniers mode, because the way I was able to fly around the house there's three modes last night, it was very easy, especially the beginners mode. I was surprised how easy it was it again. I feel just most of anybody could be able to fly this fpv racer indoors, right off the bat okay now it's time for got to mention this has for money, yes, seas, to go with three amp es es to go with this particular drones, motors 816 motors And is only powered by a 1s battery so again, don't expect a lot of oomph out of this.

This is not going to win any races. Folks, again, it's beginners drum to learn to fly F, be just a very gentle. Oh tiny, loop flyer for a beginner pilots to learn to fly fpv now, let's talk about the other things you get in the box. I'Ve mentioned you get this controller. The controller has a built in battery that you rechargeable battery that you charge through a micro USB port right there. It has an onoff button you hold on for a few seconds to turn it on and again I mentioned these switches on did a quick brief. Mention of these switches, but the switch on the left is how you arm the motors forward is disarmed, but when you want to fly, you bring the switch back to armed and now the throttle should work with a drone move and driven drone should be able to Lift off if it's for work, the drone will not take off bring the throttle back, put the throttle down and then slowly bring it up until the drone lifts off the ground. That'S, how you use the arm control again the switches on the right lets you select between beginner, intermediate and expert. All the way forward is beginner. Center position is intermediate and all the way back is expert and again we have throttle control on the left, yaw control on also on the left, since this is about 2 pitch control. I mentioned yacht control I'm, not since we're talking about beginners yaw means turning right or left like so pivoting right or left, and you can again in two different modes in beginner mode it.

The yaw control is on the right, stick and has pitched control, but there is no real control again. An intermediate and expert. We have yaw control on the Left. Stick with throttle and pitch control means moving. The drone board like this or back like that and the drum will either fly forward or back with pitch control, that's how you get forwarded back movement and then roll control will tilt the drone to the left or tilt the drone to the right. So it'll slide left or right now, other things you get in the box. Besides this, oh, I forgot to mention these buttons here. These are trim buttons. If the drone is not flying steady if it slides around a bit. The first thing you need to do is put the drone on a flat level surface, and then you flick this right, switch back and forth six times and that will calibrate the gyros for four level flight. However, if that does not work well, you know, even if you did that and still drifts a little right or left, you can do some minor adjustments using these trim buttons, and this would be for trimming the yaw right or left. You press that these buttons repeatedly until it stops doing what it's doing if it's drifting to the left, you press the button to the right and, if it's tilting to the right, you press the button to the left until it stops same goes for throttle control.

However, I don't know why you'd need throttle. Well, since this has altitude hold, you can adjust that throttle position. If you don't like how it's going up or down you know, if it's climbing a little bit too much even a senator, you can reduce that but pressing that button. Here again, you have pitch control, trim right here and throttle trim right here and they work. The same as the buttons on the left, so let's turn this off and go over what else you get in this box. You get the instruction manual now. The instruction manual is very well written. However, it's postage stamp. Writing. Okay! I you know my old eyes. I really need to use a magnifying glass to be able to read that so keep that my folks, if you're an old person, you're gon na need a magnifying glass to read that thing. You also get stickers with it. I'Ve already put on the stickers for mine. You get some extra stickers to put on the drone. You can decorate it because it it doesn't, come decorate it out of the box. You get a micro, USB cable, and that is we're charging. This particular controller, and also for charging the battery of the goggles and the battery of that. These goggles is a three point: seven volt 1800 milli ampere our battery. Very i bill an upper hours. I expect to charge this at about two two hours. If it still shows charging after two hours of the red light, still red pull it off anyways, because two hours should be more than sufficient to charge this with a wall charger on that, and you don't want to overcharge that particular battery other batteries.

You get you get four hundred fifty million per hour li hv battery for the drone that powers the drone okay, it slides in like so and plugs in, like so, and you get this little micro, USB or USB port charger. For that l hv battery do not try to charge lipo batteries standard lipo batteries, because this will overpower – and this is an li hv charger for 4.3 volt. Three five volt batteries – lipo batteries – are rated up to 4.2 volts in this would overcharge those so again li hv. Only and if you hear snoring in the background that's my dog she's over on the right here, sleeping taking the net, you got a spare set of props. With this screwdriver spare screws. Spare grommets Robert said there the battery and you get the goggles and the goggles. Actually are very nice. I think these are tiny, hawk goggles, but think I like about them two things you that it has the capability for two dual antennas and be able to switch between dual antennas. However, the one that you get with this you, they only give you one antenna. At least I only got one antenna, but the buttons on it are. This is for chain, are entering the menus to just brightness and contrast. This is for auto scanning, you press this button and it will automatically search for the frequency of the drones fpv or you can manually do such by pressing change the channels and frequency bands by pressing this button here – and I think goggles is it.

Has this very nice readout for now lens Fresno for now, I'll refer that's a magnifying lens inside here for old eyes like mine. I slide it all the way back in it. This works wonders so, if you're near sighted nearsighted, this will be very, very nice goggles for nearsighted folks, the it is power again by this three point: seven volt 89 million per hour battery, and that should give it more than a sufficient power for many flights. With this particular drum now, those looking for spare batteries for this again it's four point: three: five volt with pH 2.0 connector. These are standard micro, fpv, racer batteries that are widely available, so you'll be able to find spares for this particular drone, so that's about it. That'S, the Emax easy pilot let's, take it out in the field, even though it's an indoor flyer, we're gon na fly, it outdoors see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quick up to 101 and we were at it one of my favorite Flying fields to fly the Emax easy pilot. Now I already have the battery inserted in this we're ready to go. This is a spare battery. I got here because I want to try to do two flights today, we're gon na try to line a site flying first and then we'll do a PV firing. However, I will be recording the fpv video from the drum using my Viper goggles. Now the Emacs goggles do not have a built in DVR in them, so that we're going to need to use my Viper goggles to record the fpv video.

So, okay to arm the motors, you bring the switch back like so and we're gon na start in beginner mode, where I am going to be steering it strictly using the right stick but to get into the air we need to give it throttle pad up and Down wait: I need to turn this on. First, two books make your shorts on okay it's on transmitter is on, you know, arming beginners mode and then giving it throttle and then centering the throttle just pick a center position and will maintain altitude now notice. I only got control of this drone via the right stick. So if I push forward it turns – and I turn it like so see so very easy to fly this in the house right now – I'm flying it outdoors because there's no wind today, but this will not work outdoors if there's any wind folks in this position here, But in this position it is extremely easy to fly around the house. I was doing it last night: let's go up a little bit higher, give it a little more throttle, turning it around and that's. Why? I think, just about anybody could find this. You know an FTE mode indoors with with this method, this beginner drum beginner positioning, it's, very, very simple, the very slow drone in beginners mode. So it should be easy to move over easily around the house. Let'S bring it up close going forward coming over, showing it up close, pretty cool, okay let's go into intermediate mode intermediate mode.

Now, we're we have an actual mode to control, so we got a yacht with the left. Stick as you see here, I'm turning it with holistic, and we can slide to the right and slide to the left now using LR on control and again. But we still have altitude hold you just place it somewhere in a near center position and it'll fly. But the idea of being with the altitude hold the beginners don't need to worry about the throttle management adjusting the throttle to keep it in the air, like you do with a a more advanced drone. Now I'm gon na go into advanced position and I'll show you what I need to do now advanced expert. Now I got full throttle control over it. You know, and now I got to adjust that throttle to maintain altitude and it is a little bit faster. We'Ve got more pitch Authority, you know it's still not super speedy, still good enough for beginners to fly it's. Just it's meant now to teach throttle control. But again there is still stabilization on this, so there is no acro ability. There is no flipping that we'll be able to do with this, so those are the three positions beginner intermediate expert, now let's put it on the pad and let's start FPE flying it. So let's put it on the pad folks, yeah I'm, just gon na end it there and disarm so hold on folks, while I put on the goggles okay, I am going to be using the Emacs, tiny op goggles here to fly this drug and still recording with The Vipers, so I got the goggles on now and let me just a little bit so I can see better and arming the motors and we're going to start off in beginner mode so taking to the air pushing forward you don't need to adjust the throttle.

You should be good to go, let's see how well I can maneuver this little drone like such Oh hit the tree now the transmitter on this is not the best, but it's working coming through again let's come down a little bit lower, no longer dollars over okay. Going through the trees again, I ain't gon na try that hard one here that wasn't a little too tough there. We go through that. If you have to go above this tree – oh my god, you heard her snoring earlier this morning and if you pop up the sleeves notice, you don't lose it so now, let's go into intermediate we're gon na be actually flying mode. To now put up a bit higher to take it up above the trees, I'm still in max position, airborne the intermediate now coming over our heads and still very slow, but now without doors, I'm gon na go to advance. Now I think, it's for speed on this thing. I got ta maintain the throttle. Oh, that battery is gone now. Let me switch the batteries. Folks will continue on okay, I could put a fresh battery in there now we're gon na fly it in an expert boat. See if we get a little bit faster and longer flight time out of this, but arming the motor or putting an expert mode arming the motors and again I'm gon na have to amaze to swallow myself. Now, when I hear a bit turning the drone and again I'm gon na just immediately happy to just the throttle myself, this pad let's bring it around ourselves here, it's, not as fast drone.

As you see your folks not meant to be the beginners garden, even in expert mode it's, not super fast it's still relatively easy to fly for, like beginner pilots as they progress, they should be able to easily adjust to this and go a little bit faster. Okay, through the house work from the trees or wherever you're maneuvering yourself around. Oh, do I do that hold up. I was gon na go get along with you, don't say to you too difficult to maneuver right now, it's getting you a little slow, so I might need to calibrate my gyros a bit but I'm gon na just flag, slow like this. I don't want to hit that tree. I know it's gon na want to hit that tree coming around slow now, I'm good I'm good, the need to calibrate the gyros so pushing forward as hard as I can't hear or reset the gyros. Actually, it see if I can land on that landing pad I'll get close to it, they're City now I'm gon na. Let it sit there for a second and while sitting there, but I hit the right stick six times that should reset the gyros let's see. If I can take off from that position there, that tree is got me wanted to go through it. It has picked up a little drift right now. Well, I'm, not gon na try to do that tree until I land in that landing pad and reset the gyros on a proper flat surface then wants to fly backwards right now.

This is drift, yellow it's going folks. I got full forward pitch on it. Okay, beginners drone we're gon na put it on the pad I'm gon na, put it on the pad real, quick and again demonstrate how to recalibrate the gyros. If you get a drift like that on a flat level surface, this is approximately a flat level surface. You move this right, stick up and done about six times two three, four: five: six more: the merrier okay. So we should be good to go again. Let me double check with disarmed okay, so this juror should be calibrating. This should be good to go now. Give it another shot, goggles back on making sure I don't hit me channel training, button channel, changing button and going to expert mode again. Here there we go now. I got some speed on now. I could put some speed on this thing. Cuz, the jammers was building up a drift, and that could happen with a lot of these. You know lower end drones and you get a drift build up and the way to counter that is to recalibrate the gyro, which I showed you how to do I'm, not gon na try to go through these harder positions. Fair with this, because, even though it's the witless kind of a witness day, there is still a little bit of wind in the air by us here around that tree. So you know it goes slow enough that most most people should be able to fly this even even an expert mode because I'm doing here, an expert boat is just beginners mode, really with full full throttle control normal throttle, control mode too Music.

Some speed it's about as fast as it goes folks now there's a little bit of wooden in my face right now, it's trying to fight into that so that's why it goes better. Dad winds it up with let's go up. I show the area the fire showing you can't fly up higher if you want to do such with this coming back down loosen throttle. So all I think this is actually an excellent beginners FPV setup, one of the better best that I've seen so far I've seen a lot books. This is one of the better ones. One of the easiest I I got ta say that out of all the other FTD beginners STDs, Michael F, nation's drones, this one's the easiest to fly out of the bunch, especially that was that beginner mode where they're just using me off, got control only and the Motors start to get weak now, that's about it I'm gon na land, it there okay and do my final thoughts on this over there pass my dog uh. She had a nice nap this morning, so um easy pilot. It really is, you know, easy easy to fly. I got ta say the Emax easy pilot. I actually recommend this one for those for beginner fpv fliers wanting to learn fly fpv. This one is pretty cool, especially that you get goggles to go with this. So when you advance past this, you can still use those racer goggles with other micro fpv racers, since this is standard 5.

8 gigahertz goggle. So i hope you enjoyed this flight. Quadcopter 101. Sign me up. Hi, quadcopter 101, here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right next to the Subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.