This is the hx115 and weve got an el rs module uh working on my old fr sky remote. This stuff is pretty cool lets dive into it. Music. First lets talk about elrs because thats, what really makes this stuff unique? The lrs is another protocol, long range low, latency great stuff, and this is a little nano module right that i got from beta fpv, so im going to get a better fidelity of signal with this than i am with just a typical fr sky remote. So the advantage here is better fidelity, better latency, better signal quality, thats, pretty awesome and its nice that theyre starting to make these things really small. I mean look at this. This is a 2.4 gigahertz version. Um, you can get 2.4, you get 900 megahertz uh, but 2.4 is great for like micros and stuff antennas tend to be. Smaller. Hardware tends to be smaller, so thats. What im going with you can basically think of it as open source crossfire. So this is really exciting: stuff thats actually moving the hobby forward binding. Once i sorted out, my issues was actually really simple. I plugged this into the ers configurator. I tell it hey, i got a binding phrase and then it just binds up right. I dont have to push buttons or hold anything down and i can move my module from remote to remote and itll stay bound, super cool stuff so lets dive into this drone, which is the first elrs drone ive flown.

This is the hx115 and its a 1s long range drone, which i dont. I dont know if that really makes sense, because, with a one last battery, youre not gon na be able to get far enough for long range. Plus i had some issues with the video transmitter. Now this video transmitter goes up to 350 milliwatts, but mine was being pretty darn flaky. So no, i wouldnt really call this a long range drone, but i think in the future we will probably see some better options. Now i guess you could fly this on an 18650 but based on the flight performance i got out of this battery. I wouldnt really recommend it now. I had some issues getting this set up initially, but i got some help from darren over at everything: micro fpv. If you havent seen his channel, i got a description down below youre gon na want to check that out, but super helpful guy loves micros and was able to kind of point me in the right direction. I had soft bricked the flight controller, so i had to basically reset it and then everything worked well enough. Now, if youve seen his review on this, he didnt like the way that it flew. He said that it was basically overpropped and i have to agree it. It really is this: this is one of the more disappointing drones ive flown in a while um. These props are just too big uh theyre three inch props should be probably a two and a half inch or 65 millimeter prop and youd have better luck.

Now i didnt have any of those laying around, or do i i might have some on the wall here – that i could i could scrounge up and throw on here, but they got to be press fit so that kind of limits. What you can do here as well all right so lets get the hx 115 long range 1s drone up in the air right, so this guy from bit fpv its about 120 or so, and the redeeming quality on it is its got an all in one flight Controller with the el rs receiver built in now, the el rs receiver is fantastic. You can see in the upper right hand corner. I have lq or link quality right, thats a little different than rssi, but basically its pretty much locked in the whole time. I fly right im out flying this 350 milliwatt vtx far before i lose any of my signal quality right. So yes, so when that in that aspect sure it could be long range. If i had a better vtx now, my vtx was pretty darn flaky uh. I was really kind of disappointed in its performance. You know i dont have a meter to check that its actually outputting 350 milliwatts, but then after this flight i couldnt get. I couldnt get this thing more than a couple of feet away. So the vtx not great. Now, in terms of flight performance, you know ive said it before ill say it again, its its over propped under motored um.

You know you just get a ton of bobbles and flutters um, even even just kind of in changes in altitude. You kind of see that shaking up and down thats gon na be pretty consistent throughout my flights. You know so thats its kind of disappointing some interesting things like the f4 flight controller, being a micro, usb c connector. I actually kind of like that. We also have a bt 2.0 battery connector, now thats better than a ph2 0.0. But in order to for that to work, you have to have the right batteries. Now you get one of these 450 milliamp hour bt2 batteries, but you can pick up more from beta fpv. I actually got this six up charger from them as well, so i can charge six of those batteries. I have a little switch here to flip from 4.2 to 4.35, so thats kind of nice and i can even charge standard ph 2.0 batteries here, as well, so kind of a nice little accessory all right so back to the drone here, weve got 1102 18. 000 kb motors and, like i said i think these motors are just too small for this quad. You get a lot of flutters and jitters, and it just doesnt fly very well at all. Now you could tune it and you can use smaller props. Now darren recommends the baby tooth pids. I didnt bother because my vtx burnt out, i dont, know whats going on ive had terrible luck with this particular drone, maybe its me.

Maybe this is a one off, but i do really like the frame and i do really like the flight controller. One of the things thats really nice about this is this flight controller. Has that elrs built into it? So i have to add a receiver, so i think what im going to do is this is a nice frame. I think im going to get some different motors and ill rebuild a better quad. So weve got a good start here, but at the end of the day, this just isnt going to cut it. You like this, you like the internals, you, like the components, sure go ahead and pick one up links in the description down below, but note that i recommend and most people would recommend smaller props in a different tune. If you want to deal with that, theres – probably better options out there at least there will be, if youre into long range. I still think the four inch long range quad is the way to go. I just did a review of the recon 5. A 5 inch long range drone, but i still think this 4 inch is kind of sweet spot in terms of long range flying anyway. I am really excited about this elrs technology. It is pretty awesome and its going to push the hobby forward. Hopefully this was helpful if it was uh give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel.