Thank you. Applause now, unlike unlike dojo. Obviously that was not uh. Real dojo is real uh. The tesla bot will be real um, but basically, if you think about what were doing right now with the cars uh, tesla is arguably the worlds biggest robotics company, because our cars are like semi, sentient, robots, on wheels, um and with uh the full self driving computer. Essentially, the the inference engine on the car, which will keep evolving, obviously and dojo, and all the uh neural nets recognizing the world understanding how to navigate through the world. It kind of makes sense to put that onto a humanoid form, theyre also quite good, at sensors and batteries and actuators. So we think well probably have a prototype sometime next year. That basically looks like this, and its intended to um uh be friendly, of course, um and uh navigate through a world built for humans and uh, eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks were setting it such that it is at a mechanical level. At a physical level. You can run away from it and and most likely overpower it. So hopefully that doesnt ever happen, but um you never know so. Its uh itll be a you know, a light, a light, yeah five miles an hour. You can get run faster than thatd, be fine Laughter, so yeah its a round. Uh 5.8 um has sort of a screen where the head is for useful information um, but its otherwise basically got the autopilot system in it.

So its got cameras got eight cameras and um full self driving computer and making use of all of the same tools that we use in the car. So um i mean things. I think that are really hard about having a useful humanoid robot is cannot navigate through the world without being explicitly trained. I mean without explicit, like uh line by line instructions. Um, can you can you talk to it and say you know, please pick up that bolt and attach it to the car with that wrench and it should be able to do that. It should be able to you know, please, you know, please go to the store and get me the following groceries that kind of thing so yeah. I think we can do that and yeah. This, i think, will be quite quite profound because if you say like what is the economy, it is uh at the foundation. It is labor. So what happens when there is uh? You know no shortage of labor um thats. Why? I think long term that there will need to be universal basic income, um yeah, but but not right now, because this robot doesnt work, so we just need a minute so um yeah, but i think its essentially in the future uh physical work will be a choice If you want to do it, you can, but you wont, need to do it and um yeah. I think it obviously has profound implications for the economy, because, given that the economy at its foundational level is labor, i mean capital is capital equipment, its just distilled labor uh, then um? Is there any actual limit to the economy? Maybe not um.

So yeah join our team and help hold this all right.