This is a premium full hd webcam, with some incredible features that are going to. Let you take your streaming or your video conferencing to whole new levels. Lets talk about some of the main features. First and foremost, we have an all glass pro quality, f, 2.4 wide angle lens. Behind that we have a state of the art optimized for indoor lighting sony, starvis sensor. This has an advanced image engine with an ultra fast processor. That is going to mean you get great noise reduction as well as tons of customizability for the camera that you can store on board on the flash memory. So it stays with the camera when you move from device to device to device, and all of that together means youre going to get beautiful, uncompressed artifact free 1080p video at 60 frames per second, that works great with obs, but also works with zoom and teams and Skype and facetime and many other programs, but enough about talking about it, lets see it in action all right. Here we go on the elgato, face, cam and right away. Youll notice, my studio has dark walls, bright lights, lots of colors, and this camera is doing a fantastic job handling it all. The sony starbucks sensor in here is the real deal and it doesnt have to work this hard because it has this all glass. F, 2.4. Wide open lens its letting in tons of light, it means the picture is just going to be better.

One thing about this lens, too, is it is fixed focus, which means things are closer in focus things far away are in focus. It doesnt have to hunt for auto focus and go in and out of focus like youll see with some cheaper webcams. Everything just looks great and the processing power in the camera mixed with this camera hub just gives you so much control and flexibility here were able to adjust the contrast depending to fit the mood and the saturation of how much color you want or not and dial In the sharpness, and even the automatic settings here are doing really really well and if you want to you can turn that in and you can dial in exactly the right amount of brightness that you want. Or if you want to tweak the white balance. To be a little more blue or a little more orange, or you can just leave it automatic as well as turn on the noise reduction, if youre in a situation where maybe you dont have as much light, and you are seeing a little bit of noise, this Will smooth out your skin too top pro tip and its an 83 degree angle lens, which is about this wide im about two feet away from the camera you can punch in as well all the way up to 24 millimeters, which im not sure, recommend. Overall, i think this is a fantastic package and the quality on this looks really really good.

Well, there you have it.