So, first of all, im going to say if you havent already subscribed, please subscribe, we do a lot of stuff with rc cars, rc drones, of course, airplanes and even electric skateboards. This is probably the fourth or fifth one ive reviewed on the channel. I love when i get an offer to be sent one of these, because these things are so much fun. I grew up skateboarding when i was in high school and junior high, and so the opportunity to hop on and ride around with my son or by myself is so much fun. This guy is built for a big person. It holds up to 300 pounds and its got two 900 watt motors in it for a total of 1800 watts, so its quite a bit of power. Now this is a belt driven board. Ive had both belt driven and hub driven hub motors, the belt driven, are a little louder, but theyre also more powerful and more torquey. You can get a lot quicker acceleration off of this thing than you can. A hub motor hub motors tend to be a little smoother, but not as quick on the acceleration, whereas the belt motors just kind of rip right out from under. If you under you, if youre, not ready. Okay, just for comparison, i thought id give you uh the difference between the hub motor and the belt motor, so heres the hub motor Music. You can see that took a little while to get up to speed now heres the belt motor Applause brake.

So basically, the hub motor is quieter but takes longer to get up to speed than the belt motor does. It has a top speed of 25 miles an hour, purportedly and, i would say, thats, probably with somebody a lot skinnier than me on it and then its supposed to have a range of 17 miles, which again, probably not quite that was somebody that is my size And weight on this thing, but again, 300 pounds is what they say. This thing will hold its got: a slew of leds, put into the side here that are different colors when you turn it on that kind of light up. This deck also has a fair amount of flex to it. I stood on it last night when i was charging it and just kind of bounced up a little up and down a little bit, and it does have some give the reason you want. That is a its a more comfortable ride and b its going to last longer, because if its really rigid your odds of breaking, it are a little higher, especially when you weigh what i weigh polyurethane wheels. And then it comes with this remote right here, which is pretty standard for these. The remote is bound to this skateboard and you have a wheel here that you turn for uh throttle and then you pull it backwards for braking, so you can actually brake as youre going along you just kind of do it gently as youre going and itll kind Of slow you down and then eventually stop it.

If the thing starts to roll away from you, you can also just boom hit that and itll stop Music. Yes, Music brakes, Music gas brakes its got three modes, low, medium and high, so different speeds for different skill levels and then its got a power indicator here on the side that tells you what the battery level is on. It probably want to wear this with your wrist through the strap, so that in case you drop it or fall, you dont lose it. It does have a micro usb charging port right here, and this has a standard um. Well, it has a charging port for a transformer that transforms ac to dc and charges the battery thats in here. So if you are going to be commuting or riding with this thing, uh its not light its 23 pounds of weight uh with the battery and everything so its its a pretty heavy uh device, you can carry it. I do like some of the skateboards that have a little handle built into the deck, so you can carry it sideways easily, but the hope is, you, dont have to pick it up and carry it that you can actually get out and write it Music, one hint That, i think, really helps save the battery is not to start from zero, but to give it a few good kicks and then then turn on the electric that way, its not starting from scratch. Its uh actually got a little bit of speed before you get going.

Music, Music, so whats my impression after three days of riding this thing, uh excellent, i mean the thing: is the tech just keeps getting better? This is my first new electric skateboard ive gotten in two or three years, and you can tell the difference. The battery life is fantastic im on day three of riding and uh riding about half an hour each day, and i havent recharged it. I dont know how many miles i put on it, but uh you know with my weight it should really whatever it is, should be doubled and its very smooth, its very punchy, which i think is a result of the belt drive and just a joy to ride. I mean electric skateboards are kind of magical if youre into skateboarding at all its a really fun thing to do so. If youre looking for that quick punch, the belt motors are definitely the way to go. This one is way punchier than any of the hub motor boards that i have, but if youre looking for something a little smoother and quieter hub motors, are a good choice, just check them both out. I think this ones also particularly good, because it is uh. It has two 900 watt motors and so for someone of my weight, 200 plus its a very good option: hey check out the deer, hello deer. They have a variety of boards, different sizes, different motor speeds, uh designed for different purposes. More deer.

Excuse me, but this one right here is great for me because of my size and weight. I think the 900 watt motors are really good thing to push me around and, like i said its got a lot of get up and go when you want it im in medium right now, its not even in high Music id love to hear what you think About electric skateboards in general, all the electric mobile stuff one wheels and such leave a comment below and ill be sure to read it and reply. If you like this video – and you want to see more stuff about electric skateboards and all kinds of cool stuff, including drones, please subscribe to ready, set drone and well see you next time, thanks for watching Laughter, Music Music, as you can probably tell sections of this Road are kind of rough too, and it does great uh its really fun to ride on smooth concrete, but this sort of bumpy asphalt its not bad kind of vibrates your feet.