Yuneec Q500 Quadcopter ReviewWhat You Need To Know!

On this Yuneec Q500 Storm Quadcopter Evaluation I’ll go over every part you have to know together with actual world usability, numerous take a look at footage, pattern pictures


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  1. those small buttons are actually used to calibrate the drone.

  2. you said the DJI standard was a piece of garbage could that have anything to do with the fact that you made a stupid mistake and lost it and don't want to admit it I have the DJI standard and to me it's the best of the to the q500 K that I have a nice drone but it doesn't have the return to home feature when the battery gets low that it will return on its own so when I'm doing some serious flying I use DJI and there are other reasons I use the DJI I only use the q500 when the grandkids are here and I'm just playing around where I can keep it in sight and don't have to worry about losing it

  3. Νίκαια αναθεώρηση. I bought one and enjoyed flying it. I flew it one morning in December when all the trees and frost on them temp around 15 degrees F. When I turned off the drone the on/of switch broke off. Contacted Yuneec about it as I had the drone only 3 εβδομάδες. They informed me the warranty did not cover the switch suggested I use something sharp to turn it off and on. Tried this several times then the switch quit working altogether. Had Electronic store see what they could do, switch is soldered onto mother board, nothing they could or would try to do. Returned drone to Yuneec waiting to see what they will do and the charges.

  4. i just got the q500 4k. looks very nice and has alot of cool stuff it can do. but i havent had the chance to fly it yet.

  5. Νίκαια αναθεώρηση, love that bird. I should have bought that instead of the Mavic Pro.

  6. Nice revue, Just picked up a 4K unit for $250.00, it was damaged with a burnt motor and speed control, $75.00 and it's good as new, I'm Partial to my Mavic Pro but for the price I couldn't turn it down.

  7. Mine always indicated that the battery is low , and I charged the battery until the green dot showed and it still says the battery is low even dough I just charged it . Someone help plz ?!

  8. Just watched video as getting my Q500 next week and this was great to watch and very informative. Wish we had more areas in uk we could use our drones but anyway thanks for this one and happy flying!

  9. Just watched video as getting my Q500 next week and this was great to watch and very informative. Wish we had more areas in uk we could use our drones but anyway thanks for this one and happy flying!

  10. When you say lens correction what exactly are you doing to correct the image?

  11. What 20 dji humpers disliked this perfect video? This was a great video. Showed what this thing could do and the camera is so nice and stable. I was about to buy a parrot anafi or bebop 2 power but might as well snatch a yuneec

  12. First let me say that your review was very informative. I am just starting out with drones and would like it to be pretty versatile until I can afford to upgrade. I am wanting to start with real estate, construction survey and them mapping. Could you tell me what you use for post and your opinion of how you think this drone would work for what it is I want to do? I don't r Ally care for the views of the faster me they look fake. More like models than real. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Ευχαριστώ και πάλι!

  13. This is why I want one so bad,I've seen them on amazon pretty reasonably priced

  14. Ευχαριστώ για τις πληροφορίες. What kind of dog do you have?
    Φαίνεται πολύ ωραίο..

  15. Μεγάλη βίντεο, I just purchased the Q500 4K last week, Great quad. Σας ευχαριστώ Jay !

  16. Lens correction is a must in post. Otherwise not bad.

  17. I can get the YUNeeC Q500 4K for 599 euro now in Germany

  18. Hey guy really liked your video made it very easy what I did not understand is when you said you did your AutoCorrect are your screen correct how did you fix that you have to have a program for that or just move the lens

  19. Thanks for the excellent, low-key presentation.

  20. Thank you for this video! It helps me make the decision on buying this particular model! Again thanks!

  21. You don't need a new roof Thanks for the video

  22. I know a guy that looks just like that dog lol

  23. There has been lots of comments on other reviews about the orange colorization when shooting in the sun. You may have mentioned it, but I do not remember you saying anything specifically about that, even though I noticed quite a bit of orange distortion of the colors in your videos. Is this something you consider a problem?

  24. Amazing footage and thanks for the informative upload!!!! Just where I was looking for.

  25. Μεγάλη αναθεώρηση . I have the same drone the only thing I disagree with is flight time. Stock battery I get 17 λεπτά. After market 7100 meh I get about 20 λεπτά . Nice job on the video.

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