X12 DroneIs this the MAVIC AIR MINI?

Pondering of shopping for a DJI Mavic Air? For those who want some flight apply than the Goolrc X12 drone is the one to get. It has been designed to appear to be a Mavic Air and even folds the identical method. It flys remarkably properly and handles properly within the wind.

You should buy the drone right here (use the coupon code):
Κωδικός κουπονιού: ZJW41

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Mavic αέρα DJI: HTTPS://amzn.to/2HDeC3Q
Τ.μ.. Touchdown Pad: HTTPS://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FKKM7CS

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  1. Another good beginner drone. You can sure find them. Τρομερό.

  2. Very close copy of the Mavic Air. Their ad lists “one key return”. I wonder how well that works and by what means? If it doesn’t have gps or camera sensors, what is it using for return to home? Για $40, it could be a nice gift to introduce someone to drones.

  3. I have an Eachine E58 which is a copy of the Mavic Pro. The X12 Drone is very similar except it is replicating Mavic Air. Όπως είπατε και εσείς, it is a very good drone to learn to fly. I have lots of fun with it. I think it is a good idea to buy this kind of drone before investing in a more expensive one. Thank you again for your superb review.

  4. Actually looked at your t-shirts.. they look cool.. love the black.

    What does premium tee mean?

  5. it is a good drone if the company fixes auto-drop feature and fragality of the back legs.

  6. Just bought it w/ 3 batteries..My Inspire 2 is gonna be jealous..

  7. Every beginner should start like this to learn the basics. Mavic Air and similar drones are like a Airbus A380, full of technology and the pilot don't have to do nothing. Beep beep here and beep beep there.

  8. That's a great beginner drone that has similar controls to a higher price drone. Might be another one I add to my collection for people to try with first, cause I truly enjoy showing people my drones and either getting them flying their own or at least educate them a little so they understand how fun they can be. Keep up the great job Steve keep them informational video coming.

  9. Great drone for less than $50. Can't complain much at that price tag. BTW, it's not available on Amazon India but is available on AliExpress.

  10. Captain this is a very fragile drone good that it crashed on grass otherwise it will crack/rip off back legsI'm saying it because I own it from 1.5 months ago and I already broke back legI doubt that exactly 1-2 weeks right after I had mine, Tomtop just started selling spare front, back legs and more spare parts for this dongmingtuo droneYes it's cheap I bought it for $34.78 with Tomtop pointsBut it is a cheap crap and any beginner will totally brake it in a seconds after the first crash

  11. I have a Mavic Air and would like this as well lol
    Could be the little brother of my Air

  12. I still have the hardest time when the camera is pointed at me. My brain does not like to reverse all directional commands.

  13. It is better than Mavic Air, Pro and Phantom 4, isn^t it?

  14. Για την τιμή, this is an amazing drone. Ok, no GPS and the camera quality is 720p un-stabilised, at it's price point a great drone! I like it and could be tempted just as a quick flyer.

  15. Dont buy thisarms break on first crash on a hard surface. Motors cant even be changed b/c no screws holding it together in arm (glued together lol) There are a lot of better choices out there at same price like visuo mini et. al.

  16. …. Hello Captain 👨‍✈️

    Are you aware of this topic and video ???

    We need to get together on this issue


  17. I personally don't own this one but there have been lots of bad review videos on this particular tomtop Goolrc. Cheaply made.

  18. I just ordered one for my son. The coupon number you posted is wrong

  19. Καπετάνιος κηφήνας….btw sorry it's out of topic, do you know about this drones? https://www.xdynamics.com/evolve-overview/

  20. Γεια σου καπάκι, I've never own a drone & I'm looking to get one now to make videos on historical buildings, I'm a student so I can only afford a budget one, which one should i get? help 🙁

  21. I think technology is finally catching up with dji (price is coming down)

  22. Μεγάλη αναθεώρηση, Ευχαριστώ, do you think that if I attach a GoPro camera, the drone can support it and fly with it? Thank a lot for your help

  23. What a cutie and lovely clone of Mavic Air~ Nice review and good vid~ Thx

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