Visuo XS816 Visual Optical Flow Drone (GearBest)

Visuo XS816 Visible Optical Move Drone Assessment (ευγένεια GearBest.com) Πτήση βίντεο & πλάνα στο τελείωμα. Visuo XS816 (1-μπαταρία): …


8 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Cool been waiting to see more on this oneI have the battle shark and the gpsnice droneslook forward to trying this one as well

  2. Καλή αναθεώρηση. Πολύ καλά. Αλλά! You need to let a quad like this hover in place at different heights to show how well the optical flow works. Also a simple range test that shows whether or not it flies at least 100m would be nice.

  3. I love these game pad style controllers. Very comfortable in the hand! Μεγάλη αναθεώρηση όπως πάντα! Looks like you live down south, what with all the palm trees. Here in Wisconsin, its 35 κάτω από 0! Να περάσεις καλά!

  4. What's up nice review of the drone seems to be a nice flyer…👍…👌…

  5. Καθόλου άσχημα… Looks like a collectible.

  6. Good review and the drone has red lights in the rear too YAY 👍😎❗

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