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The next hyperlinks will take you to the AMAZON web site the place you should buy this battery: Notice there’s a low cost promo code included which is able to work for a restricted time.

Καναδάς: HTTPS://www.amazon.ca/Powerextra-Storm-Clever-Battery-Substitute/dp/B072PRRBDF/ref=sr_1_2?Δηλαδή = UTF8&qid=1501118996&sr=8-2&key phrases=hurricane+h+battery
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Date: 27/07/2017 12:01AM PDT – 07/08/2017 11:59PM PDT

UNITED STATES: 1 Pack: HTTPS://www.amazon.com/Improve-Powerextra-Storm-Clever-Substitute/dp/B06Y5MHWRZ/ref=sr_1_10?Δηλαδή = UTF8&qid=1501119499&sr=8-10&key phrases=hurricane+h+battery
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Date: 07/27/201712:01 AM PDT- 08/31/201711:59 PM PDT

2 Pack for UNITED STATES: HTTPS://www.amazon.com/Improve-Powerextra-Storm-Clever-Substitute/dp/B06Y57JQYQ/ref=sr_1_11?Δηλαδή = UTF8&qid=1501119499&sr=8-11&key phrases=hurricane+h+battery
6% Promo code: NW9QJBNG
Date: 07/27/201712:01 AM PDT- 08/31/201711:59 PM PDT

Particulars on checks performed on this video:
Take a look at #1: Storm H has no RealSense or IPS module engaged. Digicam was turned off and never powered.
Take a look at #2: Storm H has no RealSense or IPS module engaged. Digicam was powered on and recording.

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  1. Thanks for doing the tests. Interesting results as there are those who say that the Yuneec battery is a 6300 inside and wrongly labelled!

  2. Good news, we have the Powerextra H battery available from Amazon UK.

  3. My battery failed too far to return to the ground controller. It landed itself in a forest. It's not reachable, so be aware of this flaw. Yuneec should have programed distance limitations as to the battery life similar to their height limitation.

  4. Looks good my friendone problem, neither Amazon US or UK won't ship to Oz!

  5. By chance wouldn't have an updated Amazon promo code for the 2 Pack? I believe the one posted expired on 8/31/17 🙁

  6. Funny thing Yuneec labeled as 5400 yet when I charge on a non Yuneec charger I have seen them taking up to 6800mah on recharge input meter , I have done the test on another make of charger with the same results , so I think Yuneec is mislabeling the batts , don't know why though maybe to get under the transporting limit for air freight ? whatever I don't find them a long lasting battery and will give low voltage on high throttle , as you say low C would do this , might be time to try one of these batts.

  7. Further to my last comment I have ordered one to try out (UK) so no promo code but the price has dropped 34% on list price so still a lot cheaper than the branded Yuneec one , I tested my 4 original ones and they all got 17 για να 18 mins on a hover test while recording 4K video.

  8. you are wrong, you are considering the fact that the batterys that had more discharge capacity ( also know as c) are heavier than a battery of the same mah capacity but lower c discharge, ούτως ή άλλως, 3d print an adaptor for this battery
    7000 mah and 400 γραμμάρια

  9. Interesting video! I have been binge-watching videos on the H for a few days, as I am very interested in getting my grubby hands on one, but almost every video out there is at least a year old. This is the first one I have seen which is 'current', so it is good to know that the machines are still out there and have not faded away

  10. excellent videos
    please a video to solve the problems of acquiring gps in the typhoon H
    there are a lot of problems with this recently

  11. Will this battery work with this charger and the new Typhoon H Plus

    Venom Pro Typhoon H 4-Port LiPo Battery Balance Charger with Dual USB Outputs

  12. Did you test the Internal resistance on both batteries first?

  13. Εξαιρετική αναθεώρηση!!!! I just ordered this battery, Ευχαριστώ.

  14. Φοβερό βίντεο, i could imagen if there was no wind you would get 15 minutes more.

  15. Is there any way to test that the capacity is truly what it advertises on the battery? Other than the voltage⚡ I'd also be interested in the battery life comparison since one has higher voltage than the other I would think the one with the higher voltage would burn out/fry up quicker over time. This is all speculation. If the powerextra has the same battery life I have to applaud them but I am not an electric engineer. Can anybody in the comment section with more knowledge in this help me out with some answers?

  16. where is the battery percentage indicator???? I can see how much of drone battery left over

  17. Two of my 3 original yuneec batteries puffed up in the middle and need to replace them. Thank you for the video review just ordered them on Amazon, hope to get them soon and fly again with more than just 1 μπαταρία.

  18. Had a PowerExra puffup on my Phantom they were first rate about it. Sent a new one and asked me to dispose of the bad one. I was surprised but glad that they didn't except it back. I think they're a good company to work with. Not had any problems with the replacement battery at all. Going to buy a couple of these once winter breaks and I can fly on a regular basis again. Καλά, seem to be no more on Amazon a much larger battery is there now. I'm not familar with this company at all.

  19. These are no longer available – Ποιος ξέρει
    Searched all over

  20. Links do not take you to Typhoon H battery, if it was so good, why did they discontinue? Any input?

  21. People need to rethink how the higher weight of a battery effects the drone. Typhoon H weight with battery 1,695 and my Typhoon with a 8,050mah battery weighs 1,749. That's only 3.1% more weight the drone flys with. Μου 3% heavier drone flies with 28% more battery capacity and that is figuring the stock battery is 6,300mah if I use the labeled 5,400mah battery, then it just to 49%. Not sure if it directly works like this, but I would assume you should take 3.1% away from those added capacities. Someone school me if I am looking at it the wrong way because this makes the most sense to me. Μου 8,050 battery adds 54g to the entire drone because it isn't just a flying battery.

    8,050 mah pack adds 28% capacity and 3% more weight to the entire drone. Έτσι 25% more flight time?

    Plus the 8050 should hold a higher voltage for 25% longer which is what I actually care about more. I don't run my packs all the way down and bring the Typhoon H in not too long after the first warning signal. I guess I use about 3/5ths of the packs capacity.

  22. Thank you I had to send back 3 new typhoon h batteries back. all came in swollen

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