On this video I take the Hurricane H and the Mavic Professional out to an area discipline and a really chilly Spring morning. I’ve simply accomplished the newest firmware updates and my purpose is to make sure the drones are flying as they need to.

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  1. love the Typhoon controller that is what I would call a controller, after the Mavic, it always remind me of the Game Gears handheld..

  2. FYI, the Typhoon H Pro has its antennas poking out of the Typhoon Shell for stronger signal and the ST16 had 3 antennas instead of 2

  3. hello captain I am gonna buy a new drone but I am still searching what do u recommend which one is better generally?

  4. I have both drones too. I love flying the Typhoon H, but the size of the Mavic is great when travelling. The one thing I can't stand about the Mavic is I must fly with a phone or tablet. Αυτό, κατά τη γνώμη μου, is a stupid design decision so DJI can pretend their drones are a good value. Once you have become accustomed to the Typhoon's controller/screen the Mavic is a massive letdown. They are both fantastic machines as long as you understand their strengths and weaknesses.

  5. What are the field of views for the cameras? Seems as if the Mavic is a little smaller? Does that make a difference for you? Επίσης, do you feel like it's better using your phone as a screen and everything?

  6. With your test on the H, did you have any other issues with the height after your firmware update? And are you certain it was caused by the temp change from your car to the outdoor temp? I did an update on mine and every time ive flown it since when i try to descend it does a quick drop then goes up which i find weird and kinda scary, kinda wondering if my issue is because of the barometer not getting warmed up to the outside as well

  7. What would your recommend? The Mavic or the Typhoon H? I personally kind of like the Typhoon H based on appearance alone. The Mavic looks cool, but I have a small drone already. I have the Hubsan 5H01s and want to upgrade in the next 7 μήνες. The Mavic controller looks cheap vs the Typhoon.

  8. Please do a segment on the latest update. Ευχαριστώ για τα βίντεό σας. Επίσης, can you do something on UAV Toolbox for Typhoon H. I think it was in one of your videos?

  9. is it me or the video footage from H and mavic pro are almost the same quality for auto set up?

  10. Another great video Was wondering what you use to film you when making your videos I was using my iPhone but can't put the video with my yuneec video I take and put in my dell comuter I use filmora for my movie making software would like to get a camera to video me so it would be easier to make videos for my YouTube channel hope you help with this thank you for your help

  11. Well had to send my Typhoon h pro back never have had good luck with it since I got it I hope they will fix it flown it about ten time around my house

  12. Boy that Typhoon H seems extremely unstable when its supposed to be just hovering there. Is that normal? My little Spark is Rock Solid Stable when hovering.

  13. You’re one of the most objective I’ve seen when it comes to not always saying DJI is Best no matter what!! How refreshing

  14. The Mavic is sooo much better than the HLook how steady that bird flies…. awsome. Unfortunatly even though the H looks very very cool, its specs are not as good as the Mavic. For just one example, range and transmission signal of the H are no where near as good as the Mavic, 1 mile vs 5mile I believethats a massive difference, and even though not many people fly that far, it is more about having the better live transmission feed back too the pilot. No drop outs or freezes in the live feed.

  15. Is the downward IPS something you can buy separately or does it come with the drone? I bought mines Dec 2017

  16. Does the typhoon have Airport restrictions or any type of geo fencing on it like DJI software does?

  17. Isnt it dangerous to hand catch a drone?? especially full size ones like these?

  18. The last com. was new H, & had a struggle with firmware updated now done & it flies well, V pleased.
    My father was from Ottawa so I know it get f'in cold that why I chose the Mediterranean..keep it up, Ευχαριστώ και πάλι.

  19. Do the typhoon h +. I really like your reviews and need a drone for real estate photography and still can't deside what to get.

  20. Steve- when you're talking into camera can I ask you what's the kit you're using? I'm thinking my old Canon 5d2 with a Pentax 28mm might do okay even if its top whack is 1080p loads of DOF and a decent aperture range up to f3.5. – with a Rode shotgun mike on the hot shoe. How's that sound?

  21. Yea know living in Canada may have some thing to do with the fact it's cold where you are in this video. I've heard rumor that cold weather tends to follow places where you would find snow to…Lol

  22. If I were you, I would like to take my place in front of the ingle at home and lay my legs straight on the sofa in those cold days. 🙂

  23. I like how you do the reviews no bias completely fair and honest i own the typhoon h pro and mavic pro both drones are great and i earned a lot from them as a wedding film maker

  24. Γεια σου, my typhoon h isn't going straight up when i start to fly it. It tilts to one side and I actually broken a prop. I have flown helicopters where I would adjust the trim but is the typhoon h need trim adjustment?

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