Αυτό το αυγό 5-Λίρα έχει ένα drone κάμερα 4K στο εσωτερικό

Learn the CNET overview: http://cnet.co/2bVFwHg Its design could be not like different quadcopters, however the PowerVision PowerEgg is simply as highly effective because the

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  1. better battery in the Power Egg v2!!!! its going to be amazing innovation, i swear

  2. Every Cop car should be equipped with one that can be deployed on every response call to further enhance transparency with public encounters.

  3. I doubt this will ever make it to production.

  4. a kogo to podnieca? jedenastolatka z wypiekami, onanizującego się przy tej z chujawziętej muzyczki???

  5. muj chuj – 320 g – posiada 7 (siedem) dup!!!

  6. The design is not the best for your first drone that you hope will help Drone fan like myself respect your company and only 20mins of flight time for 1300 dollars I believe most pilot will pass on this one. When most company are moving up the flight time and I believe eventually will have 40mins of flight time for quadcopters sooner than later

  7. This product is awful. I got one of these expecting to feed a family of 10 only to find out the thing is a drone. We all went hungry that day, hungry for 5-pound eggs.

  8. More moving parts make it cost more to service and what can go wrong with it.

  9. A range of three miles? So basically 1.5 miles there and back from wherever it's flying, δικαίωμα?

  10. The shaking gimbal and camera make me wonder how good the video quality is. Παρόλα αυτά, it is a refreshing industrial design.

  11. Can it make portals ? And what if I get a defective unit, can it be my friend ?

  12. Nice design but a thousand plus for something with a 20min battery?

    Drone companies need to call Tesla!

  13. that camera looked like it was jiggling like crazy

  14. This looks like a dragon ball z prototype from capsule corp!

  15. 3 mile is a great distance however i must wait for reviews.

  16. so the egg hatches into a drone..

    Josh.. may i suggest something, i think you should start putting drone reviews into 3 categories.. beg..mid and expert , similar to cnet segments some years ago, that way it will be easy for people to know if its good for them.

  17. For a 1000 dollar egg I expect it to be gold plated and diamond crusted

  18. This is a very innovative design choice. Looks promising.

  19. Another innovative Chinese firm, they're truly dominating the drone industry now

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