The DJI TELLO Drone, is it for you?

The DJI Tello is $99. Is it one thing you would be all for? On this video I cowl what the Tello has and what it doesn’t have that can assist you determine if it’s a drone for you.


Φακό: 17 – 50mm φακός F 2.8: HTTPS://
MIC: BOYA Lapel Mic: HTTPS://
ΦΩΤΙΣΜΌΣ: Στούντιο Softbox: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2GZTPX6
TRIPOD: Manfrotto: HTTPS://

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  1. Tello is my last name. Αυτό είναι όλο.
    Have an awesome person reading this.

  2. Can you mount a Hero 5 black on it with any success?

  3. Δροσερό … might be fun to fly and not feel like a criminal

  4. I really enjoyed your editing/cuts for this video. Εξαιρετική πληροφορία.

  5. If its 99dollars why does Gearbest asks for 137us??? In my opinion it´s a piece of crap that will fool a lot a people to think they have a DJI product that in fact was made by another company…. BAD ALL AROUNDBut thanks for the cool info, all the best

  6. A lot of people are saying that Ryze is DJI, because they both have the same mailing address. People are thinking that DJI just wants to distance itself from being seen as a "toy" drone company, and so created a Ryze branch for that purpose. Kind of like how there'd Ford and Lincoln luxury or Toyota and Lexus or Chevy and Cadillacsame company, different branding for image purposes.

  7. So basically it is a Parrot Bebop with out GPSBecause litterally is the discription for the Bebop

  8. Hey Captain Dronethis is the first video of yours I have seen. Σπουδαία δουλειά! I subscribed and look forward to seeing more of your videos in the future!

  9. Interesting product at that price. For a "toy" drone still not sure it beats the spark/mavic "clones" at around $50.

  10. I bought a mavic pro will the Samsung A5 will this work for me

  11. Shame you can’t use an existing DJI controller with it. For Mavic, Spark and phantom owners this could be a second indoor drone they could add to their collection and use their existing remote

  12. So it's similar to all of the Parrot Mini drones, like the Rolling Spider?

  13. It's not a DJI product to start. They used some DJI tech along with some Intel tech.

  14. Γεια
    This is the first video of you I have watched and SUBSCRIBED !!!
    Do you have any social media where I can contact you like Instagram or Facebook? Παρακαλώ

  15. Spark is not 100% DGI . All the parts in it are outsourced . Just like the chip that is in it . I guess DGI has a new subsidiary

  16. This is basically a rolling spider. Or should I say this is what the rolling spider should’ve been . Or should I say technology caught up with the powerful rolling spider motors , Because the frame motors blades is the same platform very small variations to the frame. Glad technology caught up, because the rolling spider could’ve been bad ass . I guess you can say it was ahead of its time

  17. Great little piece of tech at a superb price point. Useless infoTello in numerology means 4 … ενδιαφέροντα.

  18. Μεγάλη βίντεο, but you misspelled "gimbal" στο 2:07.

  19. I have a parrot’s a great little drone 10 mins flt tme bluetooth conn.its really stable too.only prob is camera on the front.

  20. Wtf your drone is stuck so micro SD gone 😂😂😂

  21. Hi captain,Could I fly the tello with my Samsung galaxy core prime which is version 5.1.1.

  22. If its app is like DJI's, does that mean you have to take a test before you can update the firmware?
    also can I use a tablet instead of a laptop or desktop to update Drones in general?

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