The AMAZING LUME CUBEs attached to a Drone (day and night flight)

The Lume Dice’s are extremely vibrant, a lot in order that you could possibly really movie along with your drone in very low gentle & features like Energetic Tack and Comply with Me would work. On this video I try the Lume Dice’s on a drone.

Lume Dice web site: HTTPS://

Yow will discover the Lume Cubes on Amazon and Finest Purchase:


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PHANTOM four PRO could be discovered right here: HTTPS://
Τ.μ.. Touchdown Pad: HTTPS://
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Ήχου: TASCAM DR - 10L: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2HCl1wh

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  1. You never ceased to amaze me with your videos and so are the gadgets especially the Lume Cubes which are so CUTE. Say it CUTE LUME CUBES! Haha there you go!

  2. Πολύ δροσερό! I really like that light painting with the camera.

  3. I've just bought 4 strobon strobe light size of a coin two red and two blue. Visability is 3 μίλια. So small and no affect on the drone what so ever. You should do a review of it. Great video btw captain 👍👍

  4. As I have two Litra Torch Cubes will the Lume Cube Drone attachment fit Litra Torch Cubes for my P4P Drone? Ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων

  5. Μεγάλη βίντεο …..just checkedthere available at Amazon.

  6. I like the bracket of the lume cube you can actually attached to GoPro sessions or additional thermal cameras

  7. No wonder people are reporting UFO sightings lol

  8. I just ordered some led propellers for my DJI phantom 3 πρότυπο. I cant wait to fly at night again with lights. Did you see this video of my quickshots I did at the ocean with my wife? : HTTPS://

  9. Interesting flashlight CD! And you had a creative choice in filming the P4P with 2 lume cubes. Well I am a flaslight-aholic and I tried to find the specs on the accu. 20 minutes full 1500 lumen makes about 1400-2000 mAh. But what battery is inside that light? I could not find it.

  10. Thanks for the ideas. Always wanted to be a ufo pilot.

  11. Those are super cool! I think I'm going to pick up at set. You can actually do a lot of other cool stuff with those too.

  12. Love my Lume Cubes! I have mounts for my Phantom 3 Pro and Mavic Pro and use them regularly! Here's a link to one of mine!

  13. Maybe if you took your sunglasses off when you fly you’d see your drone better. 😎

  14. Πολύ ωραία! And a lot cheaper than other units I have seen. But if you really want over the top LEDs on a drone, check out this video, with a 1000W LED lightit's totally awesome!!

  15. Hey people don't be fooled, I have a set of lume cubes and it makes the drone very heavy, it puts way too much stress on the motors of the drone, after a week of flying with lume cubes your drone will not fly the same.


  17. I would like to see how well it would work at night…. i know you may not want to fly at nightBut just put the mavic on a table and shoot something 10, 20, 30 – 50 feet away as an image and see what you get.

  18. We caught you!! You have an assistant w/ camera, wondered how you were filming ! Ωραία.

  19. Damm you all ta hell lol , another one of your reviews and now I gotta have these !!!! Lol I’m gonna go broke watching your videos !!! Thanks again for another great video

  20. Just thought of a great idea ,,, probably not a good idea though …. attach these lights to a drone put it up bout 200 feet fly it over your neighborhood….. turn the police scanner on and sit back and listen .

  21. Hello Captian. Can you confirm that this company is legitimate to work with? I've been trying to call them and no one ever answers their phone and it goes to a repeated recording that the telephone is busy over and over again. I have also tried using the chat feature of their website and have not been able to get a response despite the very overt statement that "we reply immediately."

    I want to buy the Lume Cube kit that is available for preorder and is designed for the Mavic 2 Ζουμ. Do you have an email address for an internal contact that you are confident will reply?

  22. Great video👍If LumeCube works with Mavic 2 Enterprise & Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual🤔 and it doesn't drain the batteries too much, then we have a winner here.. coz now we can attach speaker & lights at the same time.. it would make Drone Search and Rescue a lot more effective👏

  23. Lume Cube are now saying that the attachment for the Mavic 2 might come undone and fly in the rotors, be careful.

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