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  1. Review the camera of JJRC X11 and these aren’t they same

  2. Very informative info. Col!🖐️🤣👍 Personally, I would prefer to have a more ariel dynamic look on my quads, instead of the box look, but if the cam is great and it flies ok, it a gocheers and thanks for sharing! 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ

  3. You are dead on! It's just like the yuneec breeze,Great flying drone but no gimbal. It is priced at $150.00 here in the US but put a gimbal on it and move the price up to $200-250 and I think people would really get into buying these great flyers.

  4. IMO Parrot Anafi would be the best value for a camera dronebut not sure you can get it for 200 quid so at that price I'm assuming you are referring to the Hubsan Zino.

  5. I agree with your view of the gimbal not being added to the drones. It's a marketing tactic. Great comparison video Colski

  6. Even cheap phones nowadays come with like four cameras (one on the front, three on the back) that each are better than the 20fps stuff they put in these drones.

  7. Great review as usual the part about why you think they arent putting any type of gimbal is so true. I think u stumble across their marketing scheme which seems to only produce a good flying drone at the sacrifice of camera technology. I do believe the camera facet alone will make it cost alot more. Eventually making people lose interest. So instead to make one model slightly better than the next.

  8. Hi col, good video mate.. I totally agree with you, for purely flying drones these are good, but don't get them if you want purely a camera drone.. I'm looking forward to seeing the 2nd hand drone you just picked up.. To be fair I can't see me buying another purely camera drone for a long time, my spark just ticks all the boxes for me, don't get me wrong a longer then 11-12 minute flight time would be nice, but it would have to take something very special and at a great price no more then £300 to make me change camera drones, it's good though that I don't need another camera drone because then I can just stick to getting other RC models instead lol don't tell the wife.. Happy rcing bud 👍

  9. I tend to agree with your comment regarding manufacturers purposely not fitting a decent camera, there’s a couple of YouTube postings featuring the new Mjx with a slight nod to Anafi and DJI in the leg configuration but again have fit no gimbal, I am sure the manufacturers do monitor public reaction via reviews when they release new product brushless motors are now the norm but why not up the camera quality ? Like youI haven’t a clue.

  10. Great video and information thanks for sharing cheers have a great day ahead

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