S9W Wifi camera drone. Αναθεώρηση, δοκιμαστική πτήση

S9W Foldable, Wi-Fi, digital camera quad overview, check flight Get it right here : Gearbest:S9 Micro RC QuadcopterRTF https://gearbest.app.hyperlink/IWA3eqZU1I Spare components right here: …


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  1. Can someone tell me how to switch the control the way your drone will go ? If I try to make it come forward it goes backwards and if I take it right it goes left I have another drone that the control does the same thing

  2. What kind of app you usually use to connect your phone with the drone? I mean not the remote app, just to connect the cameras. Tqia

  3. What app is this. I just got the same Drone but don’t have an app to link to drone or camera

  4. Elvis this is Tater Wayne, wanted you to know I have an S9 drone like you but I put f36 quad props on it. It's a lot quieter stable and faster. I will put on video later today or if not tomorrow looks pretty cool

  5. U didn't use the voice command..my dude.if u can get a good signal with the app..it does work check it out

  6. Γεια σου αδερφέ.. I just buy this but unable to fly. Motor rotates and and it start rolling on ground can any body help

  7. Please help! I bought this drone and I have no idea how to get the app or use the wifi camera

  8. Γεια σου, how can I rebind the transmitter please?

  9. Hey bro I have a question for the S9W what size props blades are they and where can I buy thank you for the info

  10. Γεια σου,
    Can this be controlled with a Taranis Q X7?
    What protocol does the Transmitter use?

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