My native seaside island is below 5 toes of water. The spring thaw blended with steady rain has brought about a 100 12 months flood in components of Canada. This is only one of many areas affected by the flooding. Tragically this island is an eco-system to the wildlife who’ve all now been displaced. The seaside and island are fully gone!

Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario. Filmed in order that this loss to flooding is memorialized for years to return.

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  1. 0:49 Looks like the Beaver is on a cruise.
    1:59 seems like he missed the cruise departure.
    6:48 Wow look at all the Little People houses.

    Nice smooth footage and sound trackGlad the flooding doesn't happen every year.

  2. Fantastic video! Συνεχίστε έτσι!

  3. Ωραίο βίντεο! Συνεχίστε έτσι!

  4. How are you impacted by the new Canadian drone regulations? Are you able to fly freely?

  5. Thanks captain for your sharing, can you take one more video may one month later the water is gone and show us the difference , the normal state of the island

  6. I just took a video of Gatineau floods.peep my channel 🙂 what settings did u use for the mavic pro?

  7. haven't seen you with your typhoon h lately..

  8. great video as usual. I've learned a lot from you. I've been flying muli-rotors for around two and a half years but your tutorials on the TH video helped me to tame that beast.

  9. φάντασμα 4 pro with horizont issue ? what happens DJI ?

  10. Just found your canal by searching mavic vs phantom 4 σύγκριση.
    Nice channel!
    A few questions refering to the SD card:
    which one do you recommend for 4k and 60fps videos?
    And how much storage takes 10 minutes filmimg?

    Sorry for some english mistakes, I´m from germany!

  11. Πολύ ωραίο βίντεο – σας ευχαριστώ για την κοινή χρήση! Have a nice day!!! Δυστυχώς, high water

  12. Ευχαριστώ για το βίντεο! The Ottawa flooding has taken its toll on the roads!

  13. Thanks for recording this. I know the island inside out from the ground but just watched a drone video of this year's flood and came here to compare. Sadly the 100 year flood is going to happen more and more often

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