ΠΑΠΑΓΆΛΟς ΑΝΆΦΗ – The GOOD & BAD – Πρώτες εντυπώσεις

I am a really skilled and very long time drone pilot. The Parrot Anafi is for essentially the most half a extremely good drone. Nevertheless, it does have some quirks and issues that I shortly found throughout the unboxing and flight.

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28 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Parrot drones have been flying away and wasting money

  2. The power up remind me of those security drone in the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion.

  3. HDR modehas a green screen effect..kinda looks neat


  5. I was MTB yesterday, I own the DJI P4P Obsidian huge and loud, but the camera is the best for me, someone was flying a Parrot and what I really liked was how quiet it was compared to Mavic or any DJI drones. Thanks for the video you help me with my decision in which Ipad to purchase on one of your drone videos. Fly safe from Germany!

  6. DJI vs This. MY DJI Spark is Rain Proof, This looks like it will burn up if you took it in the rain. Not very sealed

  7. After Watching the Video, DJI set the Bar High. No Thank You to this Drone. The DJI Spark Fly More combo at over 150$ Cheaper is better than this drone. I would have like to see a distance test though.

  8. Your DJI UNDERPINNINGS are showing, και πάλι. That's why I unsubbed you. Nothing compares, according to you. Narrow. Try not to be so obvious

  9. Γιατί 99% of drone reviews are so retarded and cant put drone footage in video =
    This is literally useless video.

  10. Do you need to use the controller or can you use your phone? I had a Bebop once (it slammed right into a creekRIP) and I could fly that with just a phone.

  11. In app purchasesThat’s how they get ya 🤔

  12. How do you sync your audio with your video so good Thanks Rich

  13. Man you're a legend, I really like your reviews, they are so well done

  14. Lol…your little "Gold fish brain" Πολύ αστείο! And a great review.

  15. I had the most horrible back pain ever watching this video got some relief, thank you sir..

  16. Really liking this 🔥Anafi🔥. 👏🏻👏🏻

  17. I've read some negative reviews about the support for the Parrot Anafi. Have you experienced this?

  18. I was hoping you could answer a quick question for me regarding the Parrot Anafi and the RTH feature. Setting the scene (hypothetically) of flying in the mountains and launching the drone from a valley point with a destination to look into another valley.

    Say I have set the RTH height from the default to 100 μέτρα, which is the maximum allowed by the Anafi.

    As the drone crested the mountain top, which is approximately 200 meters higher than the launch point, then as the drone descends into the next valley, it loses signal with the controller and initiates a RTH.

    Will the drone rise to an altitude of 100 meters above the launch point?
    Will the drone rise to an altitude of 100 meters AGL?
    Will the drone rise to an altitude of 100 meters AMSL?

    I am concerned that the drone will rise to the set altitude of 100 meters from it's current position AGL and begin the flight to the launch point. Αλλά, that may not be high enough to clear the mountain top and may cause a complete loss of the drone.

    Basically, does the drone follow the terrain and maintain 100 meters AGL (be it 20 meters or 120 μέτρα) until it can safely land at the launch site?

    Ευχαριστώ, love the channel!

  19. Hi @ CAPTAIN DRONE, what's the maximum altitude & radius that parrot could fly?

  20. These drones are notorious for drifting on their own

  21. Supposed to look at drone not fly via FPVor have a spotter.

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